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  1. Just a quick thought on suicide - I have personal experience in this area unfortunately and one thing I’ve come to understand (after a few cases) is that you’ll never really understand. People in that position are in such a different place as the rest of us, it will never make sense. Not the reasoning, not what lead up to it, and not the act itself. you won’t find comfort there, but understand there is little we could have done, we who are left behind can’t own it, and you probably never will understand it. And I’m really, really sorry for your loss.
  2. I’ll see your Lola Bunny and raise you a Jessica Rabbit (edit - I see your response above)
  3. In this market, there is no "argue it down." My transmission went on my car in the fall and I bought a "used" dealer demo car that had only 1k $ reduction off of sticker. I said "really, you want me to buy this with over 3k miles for just 1k less than sticker?" His response - you don't have to buy it. I'll sell it next week for full sticker price, no problem. And he was right, so I bought it. Sucks but that's the market today. You make bank on what you sell and then pay through the nose for what you buy as replacement.
  4. This is what separates the great ones for me.
  5. As a kid, I perpetually had ink or lead on the outside of my left hand from dragging it across whatever I had just written.
  6. I do a decent amount of charcoal grilling as it is and have done some "smoking” on a Weber kettle grill. Just so hard to keep temp that way since even indirect grilling is pretty direct. I do kinda feel like a pellet smoker is cheating a bit. I know it will get me good results consistently, but I’m not a person who does well dipping my toe in the water. I’m more of a cannonball kind of guy.
  7. thanks! I'll do some research that direction. The other one I saw is a Backwoods Chubby - they have one "home" model before the price goes crazy. Though I'm not quite sure I want a "backwoods chubby" no matter the price...😑
  8. heavy is what I've read and I worry a little with CharBroil owning them. Any recommendations?
  9. Hey all, to divert the conversation from nuggets for a moment, for anyone who has a smoker, any thoughts on the Oklahoma Joes Bandera Vertical offset smoker? I keep thinking the vertical seems like a better use of space and I like the flexibility with it. This will be my first smoker, and I don't want to have regrets on the purchase if I can help it.
  10. Oh, I forgot. f howie. F a center when We already have one. F not trading all our castoffs for premium picks. And f Howie again. better?
  11. Some of You guys act as if we were ever going to fill all of our holes - adequately at that - all in one draft. This team has a whole lot of needs, immediate holes and like center, soon to be holes. I would rather fill fewer holes with more impact.
  12. If you are focused on drafting for year 1 starters, you are way too narrow
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