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  1. Well...you do know Pickett’s numbers are pretty identical without having a Jefferson and Chase to throw to? The stats before the Clemson game last sunday; Joe Burrow, 2019 79.6% 11.5 25 3 2 Kenny Pickett, 2021 69.8% 9.4 21 1 3 Back to your answer; you loved Burrow’s but you don’t like Pickett’s tape/highlights? This kid is putting up identical stats without having elite receivers like Jefferson and Chase running around and you say you don’t like him. I don’t get that... The overall feeling that this class ain’t good has clouded your vision I fear. It’s still not great but the stats these kids are putting up ain’t half as bad as people make you believe they are.
  2. When was the last time you saw something speciaal in a QB?! Personally I hardly get excited by watching QB’s but I’m looking closely at traits who could translate well. I like Pickett in that aspect.
  3. We did go offense back to back in april so now it’s time to get some building blocks for your defense IMO. Even if you keep BG around, you don’t have a lot at edge. No doubt in my mind Eagles take one maybe even two in this class. It’s their bread and butter and the cup is almost empty. Same for CB, S and LB. They have to address it in next years draft. As for the QB; yep, on the surface this isn’t an exciting class but did anyone expect Watson, Mahomes, Rodgers to become that good? Has any of the QB’s taken in the top 15 in april convinced you yet? How about Wentz and Goff taken No.1 and 2? Jackson at No.32? Draft is a crapshoot especially at QB. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise if we can take one with one of our 3 top 20 picks and use the other two to get premium talent at other positions. Could be a franchise altering draft!
  4. You really think they keep starting Wentz if they have no shot at the division title or the play-offs ? Think again! If they’re out with a couple of games to go they either bench CW or fake an injury to preserve that first rounder. We’ll never get to see it once they’re out and in position to get CW under those 70 % of the snaps taken. Never ever ever...
  5. You want them lto have that feeling they’re still in the race for as long as possible. Otherwise we’ll never get to see that first rounder. As soon as they’re out of the running, they’ll start benching CW to preserve their first round pick.
  6. Let the hurt stop, please! The Eagles are unbearable to watch. Only silver lining is our draft position. Go Miami! Don’t think it’ll happen but Sirianni could be one and done if he keeps it up. Maybe the Eagles should flat out hand the job to Todd Bowles this time around if they show Sirianni the door instead of giving it to an up and comer with no HC experience. Maybe it’s just growing pains in combination with a lack of talent... We’ll see... As for Howie? Get used to him being around here! He’s going nowhere! I want to believe so bad that Hurts is our QB of the future but every week I see practically the same. There’s no progression whatsoever. Let’s face it; the kid’s got heart I’ll give him that but simply doesn’t have a few particular traits a franchise QB definitely needs to have IMO. A set of great eyes, a blind trust in the guys around him to get open, standing in the pocket and going through your progressions etc etc. I’m rooting for the kid but these traits just don’t come natural to him and will not come overnight, maybe never... Well...trade deadline is approaching. Should be sellers, right?! - Andre Dillard to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a 3rd? Why not? - Gardner Minchew to the Broncos for a 5th? Sure... No FA, no offseason. I’m not there yet but I do know this team needs a serious talent infusion. Their core is damaged beyond repair because some of these former building blocks are not what they used to be. Only natural, comes with age. The problem is that we don’t have a new foundation in place to take over the mantle. Let’s work on that in a 3 round mock! Trade alert! Jags offer us a 2nd and change to trade up from 5 to 2 to get their LT of the future in Evan Neal. Lions won’t pass on Thibodeaux and I can’t see Howie taking a safety that high. 5) Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan; No change here. Most dire need is still edge but this time I got tempted to take Karlaftis over Hutch a little but sticked with the Michigan product. 6) Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitts; Almost at the halfway point, we likely agree Hurts is not the guy. Wether Sirianni sticks or is one and done, this team will be looking for their next franchise QB. Pickett’s trajectory reminds me of Burrow’s. He could be the No.1 QB who emerges in this below average class. Still believe 6th overall is a bit high for him but it is what it is. If they fall in love with a QB, they have to take him. Even if they have to overdraft him a little. 18) Andrew Booth Jr., CB, Clemson; Sauce or Booth?! Whoever is there at 18 ish, we’ll take him... I believe the Colts will be in the play-off hunt till the bitter end but just miss out. 37) Brandon Joseph, S, Northwestern; Time to invest in the safety and LB position! Daxton Hill would be a good choice here if Joseph is off the board. 38) Brandon Smith, LB, Penn State; Was looking to take Devin Lloyd here but my guess is he might sneak into the first round so I took the next best thing at LB. 72) Zion Johnson, OG, Bosten College; Young reinforcement for the interior of our OL. 78) Alex Pierce, WR, Cincinnati; Eagles add a bigger outside receiver to their core.
  7. Exactly! Some/any foundation for whoever the next HC will be... Pickett, Karlaftis and Booth would be a good start.
  8. I’m okay with Pickett, a DE like Hutchinson or Karlaftis and a corner like Elam, Booth or Gardner if we really do want to use a high pick on a QB. Good haul and could be a franchise altering haul if Pickett pans out. Then again, if Sirianni doesn’t improve as a playcaller...
  9. Not everyone with a high motor is named Barnett, my friend. I believe Enagbare is more in the Sweat mode. If Josh didn’t have multiple injuries in college, he would have gone way higher in the draft.
  10. 6’4” / 270 lbs Kingsley Enagbare has one of my favorite characteristics locked down. He is a high motor high effort player. If you watch tape, you will see him routinely make plays because of his relentless effort. Check his film against the Tennessee Volunteers last season to see more. Reports say he is an extremely competitive player and practices incredibly hard. Great characteristics for a player who we want to see more growth out of. I love his ability to stack up a blocker and make a play on the ball carrier in the run game as well.. He is strong and has a fierce first impact on his bull rush. He routinely pushes defenders into the back field. South Carolina utilizes him on stunts, allowing him to attack interior lineman as well and he tends to run right through them when he has a full head of steam. Coaches and teammates of his also mention his leadership ability often. He checks most of the boxes for sure. Enagbare broke out as a junior in 2020, putting up an 89.2 pass-rushing grade in eight games. He probably would have been a Day 2 pick this year had he declared, but he returned to try to build on that for a full season. At 6-foot-4, 270 pounds, Enagbare has the frame everyone is looking for at the position early on in the draft. Draft projection; late first round with a shot at cracking the top 20.
  11. 6’4” / 275 lbs Karlaftis is a big kid who plays with an exceptional motor. Where Karlaftis really wins though, is with his size and his strength. He could slot inside on certain schemes and his arm length means he can create great leverage and separation. As an athlete, Karlaftis has exceptional burst and explosiveness.For his size, he moves incredibly well. He displays excellent burst, can change direction smoothly,. Karlaftis never gives up on a play and he will chase down defenders with 100% effort. He can more than match up with bigger offensive lineman. Although he showcases good athleticism with surprising speed for his size, he isn’t particularly bendy off the edge. He lacks flexibility in his legs. Draft projection; top 15, maybe top 10.
  12. Probably the only QB I’d feel comfortable taking in the top 15.
  13. 6’6″ 265 lbs. Aidan Hutchinson is the breakout player of the 2021 college football season. He has 4.5 sacks through his first five games and has been a genuine terror for opposing offenses. There are many experts that are projecting him as a top-10 pick for his elite pass rushing abilities. It’s been an incredible bounceback after playing in just two games in 2020 before suffering a season ending leg fracture. Aidan‘s biggest strength is his ability to stop the run. PFF loves him as a run defender as he currently has a run defense grade of 86.2. His grade ranks seventh among defensive linemen with at least 104 snaps in a run defense role. Although he is a massive edge rusher, he is swift, and he utilizes smooth footwork and excellent hand usage to disengage from pass blockers and tackle opposing running backs. Hutchinson has unbelievable quickness, and his ability to move run blockers out of the way and penetrate the line of scrimmage makes him arguably the best run defender in the 2022 NFL Draft. Although he is a dominant run defender, he’s also a good pass rusher. He is a smooth athlete for his stature, offers surprising body control, and is lean with fluidity in space despite his long frame. Impressive presence along the line of scrimmage—he was tasked with predominantly playing the "anchor" DE role in Michigan's defense (Rashan Gary's prior role) but also took snaps at 4i, 3T, and 0T over the center depending on down and distances. A power rusher but offers a good release off the LOS when rushing as well, offering heavy hands and success to bubble the point of attack before transitioning to shuck his blocks. I exaggerate a little if I say he’s the 3rd Bosa brother to come out but I’m that high on him and with an empty cup at DE in 2022, this kid should definitely be on Howie’s radar. Draft projection; Top 10, maybe top 5.
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