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  1. Rumor is out there that when/if Bradberry gets cut, both Commanders and Eagles will aggressively pursue him. I’m wondering how much it’ll take to land him and if Eagles even have the cap flexibility to sign him. He won’t be cheap IMO but after a heck of an offseason and draft, Philly is looking like an attractive destination for a guy like Bradberry. He’d have an opportunity to play opposite of Slay behind a (on paper) pretty good front 7 and yes, @eaglesfan0075 stick it to the G-men twice a year. 🙏
  2. Back in Minnesota. He’s not an option. Rhodes, Haden, Moreau, Fuller, Harris etc are but I’d wait to sign any of them and first evaluate what we have in all those young kids on the roster. Who knows…couple of them might surprise you. Maybe Giants cut Bradberry too…
  3. We both have been waiting for that to happen for two decades now. 😂
  4. Completely agree with Infam here. They stacked the roster with mid, late rounders and UDFA DB’s. At some point you have to evaluate what you have in them before you add a vet. Like Infam said; maybe one or two of those kids grab the bull by the horns and run away with the job but if you don’t give them a shot you’ll never know. The Eagles gave up to soon on multiple guys in the past. For example; Douglas wasn’t a good fit in Schwartz’s defense but was pretty good in GB last year, Poyer carved out a nice career in Buffalo, Rowe is an okay safety in Miami etc, etc. IMO it’s all about fit, scheme and being able to do your job. Some of these kids have the potential to turn into something here. Give it time, we have plenty of that to evaluate what we have and if necessary sign a vet (Rhodes, Fuller, King, Moreau, Alexander etc all looking for a job) or trade for one (Reagor straight up for Ravens safety Chuck Clark?). No worries here!
  5. Cine and Hill are definitely worthy of a first round selection. I do think it’s more likely they’ll address the position in the 2nd or 3rd round with a guy like Brisker, Pitre, Joseph or Cross.
  6. 1000 % agree. In my final mock I had the Eagles trading up to #6 for Gardner giving up 15, 51 and either Dillard or #83/101. Panthers want to take a QB, at #6 might be too rich, they don’t own a 2nd and 3rd this year, Ruhle on the hot seat and they need a LT. Plausible right?! The more realistic scenario would be that they trade up a couple of spots for either Johnson or Davis (the unicorn). Just giving up a 3rd rounder like they did last year. Although I’d love Hamilton, can’t see Howie taking a safety that high anytime soon. Like you said (and I know their history), they’ve never taken a safety in the first but if there was ever a time to do it, it might be this year with Hamilton probably slipping. Still...likely not gonna happen.
  7. Thx man! Appreciate it. Last year I truly believe they wanted Surtain or Horn but both Carolina and Denver probably didn’t want to trade down and they eventually settled for Smith. This year the class overall isn’t really good IMO. It’s deep at specific positions but lacks blue chip prospects. QB class is below average, deep at DE but no prospects at the top of the caliber of a Young, Garrett, the Bosa boys, some quality OT’s. Even the receivers are not as talented as the receivers we’ve gotten in the past two years. It got me thinking. With a boatload of draft picks including two first rounders, your goal should be to get an elite player, not just a couple of good ones. Like I said, this draft doesn’t offer a lot of elite prospects, only a couple. Gardner is not only one of them but also plays a position they a) have a desperate need at and b) tried to address last year but ultimately had to settle for a one year placeholder in Nelson. Carolina wants to draft a QB but doesn’t feel comfortable taking one at #6. They also don’t have picks in the 2nd and 3rd round. No wonder they already had talks about trading down. They could still come up with a QB they really like plus recoup the picks they lost in the Darnold trade. Unless they trade for Mayfield, they’re stuck at #6 and could force the selection. And yes! They need a tackle too! Dillard could definitely be included in a deal. Not only would Carolina recoup some picks, they still could take a QB at #15 and as a bonus land a LT on a rookie deal.
  8. Thanks pal. From what I’ve been hearing the Panthers desperately want to trade down. Remember; they don’t own a 2nd and 3rd round pick this year and taking any QB in the top 10 this year feels like a reach.
  9. According to the value chart, it would take #15, #51 and #83 to get to #6 but we’ll probably have to overpay to get there. Two first is too rich though. Remember; Ruhle is on the hot seat, Panthers likely want to take a QB but are not feeling comfortable taking one at #6 and Carolina doesn’t own a 2nd and 3rd rounder this year. I believe they want to trade down cause 1) they still can get a QB they like in the middle of the first; 2) they desperately want to recoup some of the picks they lost in the Darnold trade. So...if the Eagles want to trade up for Gardner, #6 is the sweet spot IMO. Remember...it was rumored not that long ago the Panthers were interested in Minchew? Eagles could include him in the deal! And how about Dillard? Panthers need a LT too. Maybe #15, #51 and Dillard or Minchew might get it done?
  10. We already talked about this. Really love it! Only knock would be that I’d be pretty disappointed if they neglect corner again in the first couple of rounds. Then again; Howie has a knack for disappointing fans with his draft antics. It would certainly not be the first time I’d be yelling at my screen "WTF are you doing?”. Although I like McCollum, you’d have a lot of mid to late round corners on the roster. What happens if Slay gets injured or rapidly declines? One of McCollum, Gowan, McPhearson etc would have to step up. A lot to ask from a corner taken in the 4th or 6th round. If there is a year Howie should seriously consider taking a corner in the first, it might be this year. Can’t neglect the position and hope a mid to late round guy sticks.
  11. Love it! Also very realistic IMO. Good job, man!
  12. Exactly! I’d be stunned if we take a LB in the first. Biggest holes on the roster are CB and S IMO. If we don’t sign Mathieu and don’t bring in a vet corner, they absolutely have to address both positions in the draft with relative high picks. Although I like Williams, Olave and Wilson, I don’t know if taking another WR in the first is the right thing to do. The situation is not as dire IMO. We have a No.1 receiver in Smith, possibly a No.2 receiver in Quez and a bunch of No.4 or 5 receivers. Adding a quality vet in FA would have been ideal but I don’t know if using a first on a wideout is the way they should go. We have so many needs. DE, S, CB, DT... It’s not funny anymore! You could make an argument CB, S and WR should be addressed with their first 3 picks. Any combination of the following prospects would do; Gardner (if they trade up), Booth, McDuffy, Williams, Olave, Wilson, Pitre, Cine, Hill and Brisker. But knowing the Eagles tendencies, they’ll take a defensive lineman in the first instead of a corner or receiver but I’d not be mad if they’d take Williams, Booth and Pitre with their first 3 picks.
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