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  1. Like I said; if I have to chose between Pitts, Smith, Waddle, Surtain and Farley, I’d probably take Pitts from a pure talent perspective. I don’t view him as a pure TE . He’s a X receiver and elite TE rolled into arguably the biggest matchup nightmare this entire class has to offer. Handsdown one of the elite prospect in the draft! Top 5 prospect talentwise if you don’t take position into account.
  2. Tried to bring you something new and fresh with a new HC in town. Can’t wait to see who he’ll bring in as his staff. Hoping for Lynn or Hamilton and Gannon and I would love to see him keep Stoutman and Staley. Gone; DJax, Jeffery, NRC, Curry, Riley, Brown, Ford, Opeta, Gerry, Juringa, Sudfeld, Perkins, Clement, LeBlanc, Barnett (10 million saving), M. Jackson Keep; Singleton, Johnston, Ridgeway, Mills, Scott, Rodgers, Ward Restructure/pay cut; Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham FA; We’ll be quiet! We’ve nothing to spend! Maybe a role player here or there but nothing substantial. Draft; Trade alert! Eagles trade down with the SF 49’ers for a 3rd and a 4rd in 2021. 1) Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida; With fan favorite JaMarr Chase off the board and no prospect available this organisation feels completely comfortable taking at #6, the Eagles trade down and still find a way to get their hands on arguably one of the elite prospects in the draft. What Reich and Sirianni did in Indy was scheming to create favorable matchups because outside of Hilton, their WR core is just average. Sirianni won’t have to with Pitts in hometown Philly because he’s arguably the biggest matchup nightmare in the entire class, dare I say it; we’ve seen entering the draft in years. 2) Jaelen Phillips, DE, Miami; With Barnett becoming a cap casualty, we need to infuse our pass rushing unit with young cheap talent. Phillips might be too good to pass up at the top of the 2nd. 3) Jabril Cox, LB, LSU; A true off ball sideline to sideline LB is what Gannon’s (??) defense needs. 3) Rodarius Williams, CB, Oklahoma State; Finally an outside CB with size and decent speed to pair with Slay. 4) Drake Jackson, OC, Kentucky; Kelce’s heir. 4) Damonte Coxie, WR, Memphis; Yeah I know! A little late for a receiver but from what I’ve heard Sirianni is pretty good at scheming to his receivers strenghts. He’ll get the most out of Reagor, Fulgham, JJAW, Hightower and Watson. Hopefully!? Add Coxie to the mix and you might have something there with Pitts becoming the focal point of the offense. 5) Richard LeCounte, S, Georgia; True deep coverage safety and great leader in the defensive backfield. 5) Trill Williams, CB, Syracuse; Another CB?! You bet! 6) Sadarius Hutcherson, OG/OT, South Carolina; Keep coming back to this kid because he reminds me a lot of BigV. 6) Lorenzo Neal, DT, Purdue; Depth piece with Malik Jackson walking. 7) Rakeem Boyd, RB, Arkansas; Don’t like to use 7th rounders on RB’s but I believe Boyd to be a great fit here and don’t want to risk missing out on him as an UDFA.
  3. Me neither! Out of curiosity, started doing some homework on this kid this week. I know, that’s really late for a draft nut like me but hey, never thought a TE could be in play early let alone at 6. Until I read about and saw gametape of this kid. This is not a normal TE. It’s basically a X receiver on steroids playing the TE position. Heck, I would have no problem starting him at receiver. He’s such a unique weapon, doesn’t really matter where you line him up. If Sirianni will take part of the Colts playbook with him, we’ll use two TE sets anyway. Heard him talking about scheming to create favorable matchups, play to your strenghts etc. Well Nick, if you’d take this guy, even at No.6 overall, you won’t have to scheme for him. He is the definition of a matchup nightmare. Dare I say it, if Chase is off the board I would not be mad at all if they take Pitts over the likes of Surtain, Farley, Smith and Waddle. Talking about a handful of elite prospects in each and every draft. Well Howie, here you have one and he’ll be right there for the taking!
  4. We probably won’t take a TE that high ever but this kid is handsdown one of the elite prospects in the draft. The team that takes him will immediately have a top 5 TE in the league. He moves like a WR and has the hands and frame to catch everything thrown his way. Just elite!
  5. 100 % agreed! I compare Surtain to Marlon Humphrey. Solid CB’s you take in that 10-20 range but not at 6th overall. Let’s face it; the CB class is just okay but doesn’t offer a single elite prospect like Ramsey.
  6. Thedraftnetwork, Drafttek, all those simulators together, withthefirstpick, CBS etc. Stopped using Walter. Find them to be a bit off after the first two rounds. Basically what my friend @eaglesfan0075 told you. Always try to envision fit but that is impossible now without knowning who the HC and staff will be and what kind of scheme they’l run both on offense and defense.
  7. I like it except for two things; a) no offensive linemen taken and b) we need a safety who can play deep, not another nickel/box type.
  8. Love the draft, just don’t think a lot of prospects will be available where you have them going though and I can’t see any team out there giving up a 1st for Hurts. A 2nd is even a stretch. Now a 3rd sounds more realistic. Horn will probably be a top 20 pick, Samuel has a chance to sneak into the first (size is the question here), Humphrey is going in that late first, early second round range IMO. If you want to go corner in the 3rd, here are a few suggestions; Rodarius Williams, Josh Jobe, Greg Newsome but Asante Jr. won’t be there.
  9. Indeed! Problem is with all these defensive minded guys, if the emphasis is to salvage CW, who’ll they bring in to do that?! A lot of buzz McDaniels will be the next HC.
  10. Daboll is the best candidate available IMO. Bowles interviewing today.
  11. And that might be a reason why they’re interested in so many defensive minded HC candidates. An offensive minded HC wants to implement his own scheme and he probably needs a specific triggerman to run it. The majority might not be happy if the organisation forces Wentz on them and even asks them prioritizing salvaging him. A defensive minded HC will leave that to the OC and QB coach. Hence the interest in Saleh, Mayo, Bowles and B. Staley.
  12. Chase is a true X receiver, a dawg on the outside but you could deploy him all over the field. Smith will be more of a finesse player in the NFL. With that frame of his, he won’t be able to box out DB’s like he did in college IMO.
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