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  1. Desantis, being a near demigod, has the authority to do whatever the hell he pleases.
  2. What does that have to do with you being OK with dog torture, Michael Vick?
  3. It's ok brah - some folks just prefer the deep timbre of a male voice. No need to get bent out of shape about it - we don't care
  4. No one cares - they don't care so much that they have to tell us EVERY DAY that no one cares. No one has ever cared less about anything than they don't care about this.
  5. Yeah I gave up on Fear as well. Only one I've stuck with is the original
  6. Yeah I could definitely see Baldwin being all like "gun goes PEW PEW" while waving it around like a child. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I feel for the family who lost a wife and a mother though.
  7. I voted no to see if OP will get mega-triggered and post another poll next week - or maybe even another one MID WEEK. Hell - let's go for a daily poll about the same topic that's covered in every other thread in TATE
  8. The crazy thing is - if you go back and read articles about the Eagles after they won the SB, they all said how bright their future was and how they were built to contend for years
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