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  1. Peace out on the Sixers - not worth my time
  2. Well it was a fun season I guess - or not
  3. Ball game folks - doubt I’ll even watch game 6
  4. Win or lose they should be absolutely embarrassed
  5. There’s plenty of time for Atlanta to pull this out - if they do it’s game over in game 6 I fear
  6. This is ridiculous- why can’t we step on their throats when we have them down
  7. My wife has worked in travel for nearly 20 years - she always said the Dominican was the armpit of the Caribbean Maybe it's popular because it's cheap/crappy? I don't know. I remember a bunch of people being poisoned at resorts there a couple years back.
  8. Legion of Boom? Purple People Eaters? Steel Curtain? Monsters of the Midway?
  9. I mean this is what this group of guys is. We will hover right around .500 all year - a few games above, a few below. At the end of the year, we'll be either 1-2 games above or below .500.
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