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  1. I had a post similar to this typed out and erased it I think they are smart enough to leave it alone, knowing that they've created two of the greatest television shows in history. But hey, money talks I suppose - could be wrong.
  2. And I'll video the whole thing and post it on your profile page at FarmersOnly.com @GA4M!
  3. Durant is an injury prone diva who quits when things don't go his way - we just got rid of one of those. Do not want.
  4. Is it necessary to get vaccinated after you've already had it? @hputenis and @olsilverhair were patients 0 and 1 after a long weekend at Rehobeth during pride week
  5. You hoping Sleepy Joe will pay that one off for you too?
  6. I'd say the IRS is properly staffed but just like every other government agency - lazy and poor at their job.
  7. Guess we'll see what they're made of this week - I don't have high hopes
  8. You let him have his phone long enough to tweet that? Awfully kind of you
  9. Someone with small hands would say this ^
  10. I like the pro max for better battery life and storage
  11. I would sign Jalen Hurts to a 20 year extension at $50 million per year. Can't let a generational talent like that get away.
  12. He had a bunch of good ones before he had a hole blown through his chest
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