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  1. So kneeling to pray is no good, but kneeling to protest something is okie dokie?
  2. I wanna see them add feet only volleyball - now THAT looks difficult
  3. F the dodgers and the Yankees - and the Padres too
  4. That and there are several tools who bully posters who have a differing opinion of theirs. Because, you know, BLOG regulars are basically like Vince Lombardi.
  5. I know there are a lot of people who are refusing the vaccine due to muh freedom, but I honestly think if the FDA gave full approval it would result in a surge of people getting it. Get it done!
  6. So which is it - you guys want the non vaccinated to perish, or you want us all to continue wearing masks to protect people? I can’t keep up.
  7. Not really Matt Moore - 4.56 Vinny V - 4.82
  8. Hell I still need the white noise to sleep - we have box fans that we run in the bedroom. Sleeping in the dead quiet is impossible for me.
  9. Yeah - it's a tough one. On one hand, having everything about your life put on display can't be easy. On the other hand, these athletes should know what they're getting into beforehand. Hope she gets the help she needs and goes out and kicks some Russian ass in the individual competitions!
  10. Career ERA 4.60 - he'll fit right in here
  11. Two torn ligaments in her ankle and she effing stuck the landing to beat the Russians!
  12. Careful - you'll trigger a lot of folks in here with this one
  13. I mean - I was in it last year. And finished second. But yes - I’ve followed it prior to that and have noticed his tendencies
  14. Only thing I know for certain is that no matter what happens, Agent will be in and will come up with a scenario where he is the "rightful" champion, regardless of the actual outcome
  15. I have no clue man. I know a lot of the people in the league rarely post anymore, so maybe some will drop out
  16. I think that depends on if they kick Redden out for forgetting to set his lineup, which allowed me to beat him and keep Agent out of the playoffs. Which really, he should get promoted to commissioner for if you ask me Also - I don't know if I'm officially "in" now or if I was a one year rental since the Indiana dude didn't check in until it was too late
  17. Yeah except when he was shaking it at the crowd which was like half the show. He didn't really try to cover it. I've watched quite a few of the 99 woodstock concerts on Youtube including theirs. If you don't wanna see Flea's dong (or various others throughout the documentary) then I wouldn't watch
  18. Listening to this "album" today - it's really good! Is there anything Grohl can't do?
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