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  1. We’ll have to see how their careers play out. I suspect this season it will be more like Jefferson 1,100 yards and Reagor 850, but time will tell. Jefferson was always going to be the volume target between the two; the Eagles took Reagor to stretch the field and make more splash plays. Very few people believed Jefferson was capable of putting up 1,400 yards as a rookie. In the end it didn’t matter much — MIN went 7-9 and missed the playoffs even with Jefferson’s production. Having said all that, I don’t really see it with Bateman, either. Personally I’d prefer Tylan Wallace in Round 3.
  2. Teams draft for their own needs and roster building, not to snooker other teams — especially in the first round. CAR, DEN and DAL are the most logical spots to draft CB, although DAL needs OL/DL and DEN could go QB. Eagles should be content at #37 that there will still be good CB talent available — whether it be Farley, Newsome, Campbell, or Samuel Jr. if their guy isn’t there at #12
  3. If the Eagles are drafting OL anywhere in the first 3 rounds I think I prefer they just take a C for Kelce to mentor. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles have asked Hurts for his impressions on Creed Humphrey in case he’s on the board at #37. Josh Myers is another C who could be there in the 3rd round or later. Dickerson has a long injury history. Unfortunately there just aren’t any C in this draft who can block at the second level like Kelce does. I much prefer the Eagles get some skill position players with their first 4 picks, though — CB, WR, S all need a talent boost, and Stoutland can develop guys in the 3rd round and later.
  4. True. Some of these union stooges are desperate to keep their jobs, though, so they need to show some bluster in between the times the NFL pushes them around at labor negotiations.
  5. I’d prefer the Eagles not spend #84 to trade back up from #12 to 9, but if they evaluate someone like Patrick Surtain Jr. well above Horn, for instance, they might be inclined to jump in front of DAL to do so.
  6. .... and their schedule was marshmallowy soft; one of the easiest schedules in NFL history.
  7. It remains to be seen what Hurts will be as a passing QB in the NFL, but it is accurate to say Lamar Jackson is quite limited as a passer. He was a 57% passer in his college years, and in 2019 he was uber-efficient because of a trio of TE targets the Ravens ran the offense through. Both Hurts and Jackson are the same, in that if the defense closes off their running lanes as DAL did to Hurts, neither QB is ultimately going to be successful. Jackson has better speed and mobility; Hurts is stronger. As it stands now, I’d rate them pretty much the same in terms of my confidence in their passing abilities.
  8. Koramoah isn't an NFL LB; he's a box safety prospect. Far better off waiting until the 3rd round and drafting Nasirildeen -- that way you get a 6'3, 215 lb player who can play down in the box, and with much better coverage and ball skills. If an outside LB with coverage skills is the goal, trade back (or up) to the early 20s and draft Zaven Collins -- 6'4, 260 lbs and can run.
  9. I was watching TV the other night and the Seinfeld episode The Jimmy came on -- one of top 10 Seinfeld episodes of all time. They put a viewer discretion message on prior to the program; my assumption is dealing with Kramer's portion. Surprised the politically correct haven't gotten their way and had the episode banned yet:
  10. Either Mountain Lions or Demon Cats will be better than the name they end up choosing; you can bet your last dollar on that
  11. I’ve heard that Howie is calling the Falcons about the #4 overall pick so he can trade back up to take Kadarius Toney
  12. There’s not a lot of smoke around Barmore to the Eagles. Was Gannon at his pro day? Did Gannon talk to him or meet with him at any point in the process thus far? One guy did a mock and had him at #12 to the Eagles. Virtually every other mock draft I’ve seen has the Eagles taking Surtain, Horn, Smith or Waddle
  13. Should Howie be reassigned? Of course -- but he's not going to be getting fired by Lurie; people need to get past it. The Eagles are likely 2 years away from reassigning him. I couldn't care less about drafting behind DAL and NYG; they don't have the same needs as the Eagles do. The Eagles need WR and CB, among everything else -- but the value at #12 is WR and CB. The Giants have built their secondary and acquired numerous pass catchers in FA. DAL has more than enough targets. Both of those teams need big grunts on the OL and DL. If they don't fill those needs, then that helps the Eagles out. People whining because they think the Eagles could have had the #3 pick need to STFU -- they sound like Jets fans whining about not going 0-16. Of course there is clear cut talent at #12 -- you go ahead and do a mock simulation for me where the Eagles don't have one of Horn/Surtain/Waddle/Smith/Parsons on the board. Any one of those players is a vast improvement over what the Eagles currently have. Lamb fell to #17 last year; there's no way to be certain Chase or Pitts won't be there at #12
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