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  1. I don't think there's anyone on the EMB who has the level of disdain for Hurts that reaches the point where they don't want the team to win because of his presence. RTK did get banned by the moderators, after all. He married himself to an erroneous position, and put his opinion as more important than the team's success.
  2. I'm in the minority in that I prefer the midnight green to the kelly green. The black uniforms the Eagles wear just doesn't work at all; ironically they would probably pop more with a kelly green or neon green contrast color. Black and midnight green blend too much. The black helmets would work better as a third road jersey against a white uniform.
  3. I was wrong about Mariota; I thought he was going to have a resurgence of sorts, and the Falcons would be a bit better than most people predicted. He's simply not a good enough passer at the pro level.
  4. You're wrong about the Kardashev Scale, too. Quit adding in Level 5 to 7 civilizations
  5. 76, 187, 23 ...... hold on, those are actually the numbers on the combination lock to my safety security box at the airport.
  6. He has to follow it up by going back on Monday and pretending nothing happened, like Costanza (Larry David to SNL)
  7. @LeanMeanGM Eagles 26, Giants 20 Divisional game, on the road makes it closer than it probably should be. Giants play the Hurts read option pretty well and hit him every chance they get -- look for Hurts to throw more. Similar to the plan against the Titans on both sides of the ball Bonus -- Bradberry with an INT against his former team.
  8. The Eagles defense is what it is because of their pass defense. They're a bottom-half team in run defense and first in quite a few categories against the pass. Pass defense is a combination of QB pressure and coverage ability on the back end. Slay, Bradberry, Hargrave, Sweat, Reddick would all be better choices. Even Brandon Graham has been at least as good as Edwards.
  9. Pulling them from deep in their rear ends I would guess. I'm not sure how much longer teams/fans will value estimated 40 times anyway; it's becoming easier to measure players' speed from game footage now.
  10. Checking the NFL Draft buzz website, and it lists 40-yard times for Zach Charbonnet as 4.41 and Bijan Robinson at 4.49. I like Charbonnet a lot, but he's not winning a foot race against Robinson.
  11. Talking about 2023 roster needs, what are folks' thoughts on Minshew re-signing in Philly? If he doesn't, then which of the retread QBs would Howie bring in to be #2 next season?
  12. Slow afternoon at work so I guess I'll start viewing 2023 draft prospects. Haven't looked at any yet, which must be a function of being 11-1 and without any present glaring holes. I would put the Eagles' 2023 needs as: DE -- book it DT -- very likely S -- the Eagles never draft safety early CB -- the Eagles never draft CB early LB -- the Eagles never draft LB early RB -- if Sanders prices himself out of range
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