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  1. I got a chuckle listening to Gil Brandt on NFL Radio last night. They had him ranking the QBs in each division, and last night he was doing the NFCE. He started from the bottom and he named Daniel Jones, then he named Wentz and said "he has a chance to move up the list" -- which I took to mean "He's better than Hurts, but for the purposes of this broadcast I'm not going to say it" For the NFC West he ranked Kyler Murray below Trey Lance. Says Murray is more concerned about money than his team.
  2. Howie should have just pointed to JJAW and said "THAT was our 2019 2nd round pick and he's still employed; do you REALLY think your contract isn't guaranteed for 3 years???"
  3. In the end, Hurts will either succeed or fail; I believe he'll be much the same QB that he was last season (for good and bad). I don't see a lot of capacity for further growth and development -- I may be wrong, and would be happy to be wrong if that's how it turned out. My fear is that Nick and Howie might see something that isn't there and give a contract extension that isn't warranted. The Eagles aren't going to keep Hurts just because the fans want them to or his teammates want them to -- he has to succeed with what he's been given. Where Hurts has to get to this season (IMO) -- 66% completions, 25+ TDs passing, 12 INT or fewer, cut down the running to under 20% of his pass attempts. Where I think Hurts will be this season -- 62.8% completions, 21 TDs passing, 13 INT, still running at 30% of his pass attempts.
  4. I like it. Set expectations high, and those who don't perform will be gone faster. As it stands right now, Sanders is one guy I'd let walk after the season.
  5. They have SEA picking NINE (lol) and taking a QB. If SEA doesn't bring in a QB before Week 1 this season -- they're a top 5 lock, because they are tanking.
  6. Exactly. The franchise lives off of the original 3 films with Harrison Ford, Alec Guinness, Carrie Fisher, etc. and it should have been left there. The acting in the subsequent films was so god-awful it was to the point of comical. It was as though they were reading their lines from cue cards.
  7. I don't expect Hurts to play all 17 games this season; he runs to contact and I think he'll end up missing 3-4 games. There were 8 QBs last season with more than 600 attempts -- Brady, Herbert, Mahomes, Allen, Carr, Roethlisberger, Lawrence, Stafford. Pretty much the list of QBs you trust with the ball in their hands. Basically, that's 35 passes per game for 17 games. Part of it will come down to how big a part in the RBBC does Hurts want to be? Last season the Eagles had 494 passing plays to 550 running plays. Hurts ate up 139 of those running plays all on his own. I think those totals need to flip, which would mean Hurts has to throw the ball on at least 50 of the plays where he took off with the ball. If he'd done that last season he'd have had 89 rushes against 482 passes, which would be an 18.5% ratio -- about where he needs to be. In short, Hurts needs at least 550 pass attempts this season if he plays all 17 games.
  8. For perspective, in 2021 Allen had 122 carries against 646 passes, for a 18.9% ratio Also for the 2021 season, Hurts had 139 carries against only 432 passes, a 32.2% ratio Not sustainable IMO
  9. I would agree with #1, but my fear is the Eagles will talk themselves into an extension even with an 11-6 season and a wildcard round win.
  10. Deliberately provocative tweet. I guess that means trolling. The only QBs slated currently to be over $35M for 2022 or 2023 are Watson, Mahomes, Prescott, Josh Allen, Tannehill, Cousins, Ryan, Brady, Rodgers. It's hard to argue for Cousins' and Tannehill's contracts being good for the Vikings or Titans. ATL cut bait with Ryan over his salary, according to Arthur Blank. The only way for a $35M+ contract to be good for the franchise, he has to be a top 8-10 NFL QB. Even Hurts' most ardent supporters cannot claim he's been a top 8-10 NFL QB, or has shown any talent/ability to become one.
  11. Always consider the source. Edelman was Brady's bum-buddy, and Brady made sure Garoppolo was shipped out because he was a threat. Not a surprise that Edelman doesn't like Jimmy G.
  12. People in Canada are out protesting that Roe vs Wade has been overturned in the US ...... even though in Canada it's legal at all stages of pregnancy (regardless of reason), and publicly funded as a medical procedure under the Health Care Act. These people really should have been aborted before they were born.
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