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  1. You guys talk like you figured a guy in the 2nd game of his first head coaching gig should look like Bill Walsh every week.
  2. Game awareness again. Throwing the football 3 rows into the stands doesn’t speak well for football IQ when it’s 4th down. Hurts wasn’t open — throw it at him anyway; maybe the defense grabs him and you get a first down, maybe the defense loses the ball in the sun and it’s a TD ….. try running the damn ball in. It wasn’t the right call by NS for sure; I would have taken the gimme FG and kept momentum — but a bad job by players makes the coach’s decision look dumber
  3. I know I’m old, but ….. sneakers with a suit?
  4. Similarly to Mailata and Dillard, Sweat and Barnett occupy the same spot on the field. All of Sweat’s 2020 sacks came from the RDE position where Barnett normally does his work as well. Can Barnett play the LDE position when Graham is finished?
  5. It’s about football intelligence and having your head in the game at all times. Simple PD will give the team the ball at the 23-yard line, and his play just pinned the team back to its own 2-yard line with still over 8 minutes to go? Probably wouldn’t hurt them against Nebraska, but he should be doing 20 pushups after the game for being a selfish dunce.
  6. "intellectually impaired children" is more acceptable these days
  7. Seems like awarding a guy defensive player of the year when he shouldn’t have been awarded is the very definition of overrated. Polamalu had 49 solo tackles in 2010 when he got DPOY. There were two other strong safeties that season with 96 each. Polamalu had 7 INT for 101 yards that year — Ed Reed had 8 for 183 yards, despite only playing in ten games. So, in Polumalu’s best season, he made 1/2 as many tackles as other league leading safeties, and almost had as many INT as Ed Reed, who played just over half the games. If there was a stat for how many plays being way out of position, I grant you Polamalu would have been the league leader — but that’s not a good category
  8. Nate Burleson predicted on NFL.com that Jalen Hurts will account for 5 TDs vs the 49ers (3 passing, 2 rushing) and the Eagles will win to go to 2-0. TFWIW
  9. The discussion of safety play is certainly a change of pace from the spirited cheese debate of yesterday:
  10. If the Eagles get close to mid season without a rash of serious injuries it will be time to seriously question what the previous coaching regime (including strength and conditioning group) were doing.
  11. Jamal Adams comes to mind when I think of Polamalu. SEA traded two first round picks, a third round pick, and a player -- for a guy with 2 career INT in 59 career games. Malcolm Jenkins has better solo tackle/INT numbers than Adams does.
  12. I don't even think Polamalu was in the top 100 players of his era. He ran around like a chicken with his head cut off and spent a lot of time out of position. I know he was used by LeBeau as a freelancer, but I never saw him as an impact defender
  13. David Culley is a Head Coach too. I know, it's the Texans -- but he's 1-0
  14. EDGE and CB would be almost a given; if they use all 3 instead of trading out I would guess BPA. I know there are a few 1st round WR @4for4EaglesNest has been scouting.
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