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  1. I’m cheering for Hurts to develop, but everything he’s saying and doing through OTAs and training camp indicates he will be the same player as last season.
  2. I think Minshew will get some preseason game action to keep him sharp, on the better than off chance Hurts gets dinged up early in the season. Can't have Minshew going in completely cold. Sinnett and Strong will both gets lots of preseason time, unless the Eagles wish to bubble-wrap Strong while they're building his knee. Both should be easy to put on the practice roster; any team claiming them would need to add them to their active roster.
  3. Did those two have some bad luck? Stranded on an island for 3-4 years with a married guy in his 50s and 3 other guys who .... apparently didn't like girls ....
  4. Two series would be good; an entire quarter would be even better. Saleh has already said his starters will get some time -- I wonder if he asked Sirianni to do the same. Sometimes coaches want to evaluate their guys 1s vs 1s. Harder for Saleh to do that if the other coach refuses.
  5. Watson sat out last season by his own choice; he told the Texans he would never play for them again. He was never suspended by the Texans or the NFL. His legal issues made him un-trade-able, which was why he didn’t play at all. The Dolphins attempted to bring him in at the trade deadline and would have played him, but he couldn’t get his numerous lawsuits settled.
  6. The union already bravely and nobly spouted they would accept whatever the judge’s ruling was, when they knew damn well the ruling would be 6 games. The NFL wouldn’t have bothered with any appeal if 6 weeks was tolerable. The offer on the table was 12 games and $10M. Goodell (through his designate) will rule at the entire 2022 season and if Watson is smart he’ll settle at 12 games. If Watson was smart, however, he’d be starting Week 1 without the need to pay off 20+ Instagram masseuses
  7. The issue isn't Hurts using AJ Brown as his WR1; Brown is being paid $100M to be that. The "too much" becomes relevant if the QB becomes predictable and easy to defend while doing it. Whether that's the case will be dictated by the efficiency of those targets -- completion %, yards per target, TD/INT, etc. As I said earlier today, if it's excessive enough that Hurts is throwing into double coverage, heavy zones, etc. to target Brown then his interceptions and completion % will bear that out. Conversely, if Hurts' production goes way up, the team is winning, and the offense is more dangerous then no one should care where the targets are going.
  8. It means not one single Philly beat writer has reported that Hurts has improved his pocket awareness, field vision, throwing mechanics, understanding of the playbook, processing ability, or pass distribution skills .... so there can't be any other QBs around the league who are actually putting in the work to get better at the things they need to get better at.
  9. Meyer was probably nice enough to leave him his number in case he needed some moral/ethical guidance
  10. There were a lot of questions about Deshaun Watson's arm strength coming out in the draft, and his combine numbers were one of the worst in the last 15 years. Having him on a top 10 list of "throw power" is laughable.
  11. Generally your WR1 should get the most targets, but if Hurts is truly locking in on him as his first read to an excessive extent we'll see his INT numbers climb this season. Defenses will be smart enough to bait him.
  12. I remember people using Kelce not playing as an excuse for why Hurts didn't play last preseason -- so, scratch Hurts from Friday's game (as though he wasn't scratched already)
  13. You don't get the #1 overall pick just by accident. If it's not the Bears I can't imagine who it will be.
  14. Well you're half right; he still led the Eagles in carries and yards ....
  15. RIP Olivia Newton-John ..... the person who made Grease watchable.
  16. While wearing a red jersey and being protected from contact. His dash to the end zone against people who couldn't touch him, then celebratory heave of the ball into the stands (because he accomplished something?) was the height of tomfoolery.
  17. I think you're going to have to resign yourself to Hurts starting every game he's healthy for. Those first 6 games will be interesting, though. At DET should be a win, but the Eagles have had problems with DET other than last season. MIN should be a win; let's see if the defense can slow down Cousins, Jefferson, Thielen, and Cook. At WASH will be tougher than people think. Home to JAX should be a win. At ARI could go either way. Home to DAL is a good measuring stick game. I see either 4-2 or 3-3. If the Eagles are under .500 after those 6 games -- better nail everything down.
  18. I liked the first throw from the clips I saw; I think it was a corner route to Goedert (?) .... I didn't like much else. The throws I saw to the middle looked strictly like checkdowns, and I don't think many were completed.
  19. That crouch he gets into pre-snap probably doesn't help his 6'1 frame much, either. No way he can do much pre-snap recognition of the defense in that stance.
  20. Watching those 11 v 11 scrimmages was discouraging, if not surprising. The Eagles have made a big investment in Brown, Goedert, and Smith to have a guy playing QB whose attitude is "it’s my ball, and I’m keeping it until someone makes me give it to someone else”. If Hurts is set on running that often in the regular season it’s only a matter of time until one of his wheels gets wonky again. Unfortunately he doesn’t possess the other skills necessary to compensate for compromised mobility if he plays injured, so the entire team will suffer. It will be interesting to see how defenses game plan for the Eagles offense. The thing about the wildcard game last January is — everyone watches the playoffs. It will be surprising to me if every team doesn’t stack the box and dare Hurts to throw downfield.
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