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  1. You don’t really understand limited sample size and statistical probability very well
  2. Plus, Wentz decided to leave. His revenge game will be Oct. 30 @ IND. He comes to PHI on Nov. 14. That game will have more juice than today’s game
  3. I don’t think Lawrence will ever be as good as Herbert is now, and I haven’t seen anything yet that would make me rank Hurts above Tua
  4. Nah, he was mostly a goal suck that hung around centre ice waiting for outlet passes. I’ll give him credit for one very important thing — the things he did well, he perfected. The things he couldn’t do well, he didn’t waste his time with. Complete optimization of his skills
  5. Pujols is a product of steroids; his accomplishments are met with a yawn.
  6. Looks like it was scored against a high school team; every single tackle attempt was an arm tackle. Go check out some Walter Payton highlights
  7. You’re assuming the Eagles defense plays on the road like they do at home, which hasn’t been the case the last few years. Also, Hurts has never played two really good games consecutively; I’ll be quite impressed if he resembles the Hurts of Monday night.
  8. I like them, but they’d better not be dumb enough to wear them with the orange or black uniforms. It would look better white helmet on white jersey, with a tinge of black or orange
  9. That INT was on Gainwell for standing in the wrong spot for an easy throw to be made, Hurts for attempting a screen into traffic, and Gainwell again for not catching a ball that hit him in both hands.
  10. What am I missing? Why would the Panthers give Burns up? They've already exercised his 5th year option, and have an owner with huge pockets.
  11. Sounds like they run a tight ship over at Belk in SC: Worker was dead in Belk department store bathroom for 4 days
  12. Hmm .... the way I heard that fable the frog was Natalie Wood and the scorpion was Robert Wagner -- except Wagner walked away scot-free, because the duck named Christopher Walken pretended he didn't see anything, and flew away.
  13. I agree, I don't think Hurts works any harder than the average NFL QB. Hopefully his outside business interests (clothing line, speaking engagements, etc.) don't detract from the on-field product he puts out there each week. Not limited to Hurts -- I found it comical the 'pumping of tires' on all players through the offseason. Maybe it's a product of the more intense media coverage nowadays, but take IND as an example. All we kept hearing was what a profound impact Matt Ryan had as soon as he walked into the facility (on water, it seemed). The only thing he's done on the field for the Colts so far is crap the bed. 60% passing, 1 TD and 4 INT, winless against two of the worst teams in the NFL. It's still early, though.
  14. They're going to get it handed to them against ATL, and in their last 3 games of the year in HOU. Have to hope they get enough wins against the Nats and Cubs to carry them across.
  15. Wish I'd have done that instead of wasting 2 hours watching No Ending For Old Men
  16. I think we're getting too far into the weeds based on a one-game performance from Hurts. Because it was on MNF, the national sports media is all over him with praise -- when they forget Hurts had a 27-for-35 game with 3 TD passes and 0 INT against ATL in Week 1 last season. That performance was an outlier in Hurts' overall 2021 season. I didn't think Hurts played all that well against DET in Week 1. Ran far too much, targeted AJ Brown predominately without distributing the ball, and his inability to move the offense in the 4th quarter was part of what helped the Lions comeback. This is why I'm trying to base my opinion on 6-game portions for this season. Hurts is neither the 56% completion ball hog he was against the Lions nor the 84% field general he was against the Vikings. The truth will be somewhere in the middle. As Eagles fans, we hope it's closer to the Week 2 performance.
  17. Judging by Hurts’ advanced splits it’s mostly scheme. He’s thrown 43 passes in the first half of games and only 20 in the second half. The Eagles led by 17 points in the second half of each game, so they may well have called a more conservative ground attack to take time off the clock while moving the chains. I thought Hurts didn’t play very well in the 4th quarter against the Lions. Against the Vikings I think Sirianni just stayed conservative as long as the Vikings weren’t scoring.
  18. Defenses adjust very quickly and don’t like giving up TDs. If Hurts demonstrates his preference inside the 10 is to run then defenses will scheme to stop it.
  19. I didn't really care for the arms-folded pose after his TD throw to Watkins during the game, but I guess it's a different generation now.
  20. My wife works at a medical clinic that does all elective esthetic procedures not covered by insurance -- botox, butt lifts, laser, etc. Still lots of people with too much money to spend.
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