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  1. Just read a projection on worldometers that shows 208,155 COVID-19 deaths in the US by November 1. The projection was based on current levels of restrictions. It also projected the total deaths would be around 160,000 with universal masks — which we know won’t happen. The same site showed 55,442 new cases just today and 993 deaths.
  2. It can be a slippery slope for sure. Here in Canada I’ve been seeing a lot of news stories and seeing a lot of Facebook posts from friends online recently, "piggy-backing” on how rough discrimination is against black people in Canada. I try very hard not to open a can of worms and point out to them that, when it comes to systemic racism in Canada, everyone needs to take their place in line behind our indigenous people — be it natives, Inuit, First Nations — no group of people has it nearly as rough. There’s not even a remote comparison. I guess it would be racist of me to tell them to kindly wait their turn.
  3. Wouldn’t Hitler have been something with a Twitter account
  4. Jonathan Martin is as nutty as Incognito. He’s not in the league because he retired from a chronic back injury — since then, he threatened to shoot up a high school
  5. Not so much disgusting as extremely uninformed/misinformed. He’s trying to post something pro-black rather than anti-Semitic .... but surely he must realize 1) Hitler viewed anyone non-Aryan as inherently inferior, and 2) Hitler never had any exposure or knowledge of US history or society
  6. I wonder if it’s the first $200M guaranteed deal. 10 years at $39M per year would be a huge deal — for both sides, really.
  7. Sort of like Buddy Ryan’s quote on Cris Carter "all he does is catch touchdowns” my opinion of Samuel was similar, all he did was catch INT. I’d evaluate Samuel as a smarter Marcus Peters, but not a great CB in the least. Darrell Green was a great CB. As has been said, a lot of QB just didn’t throw his way. Samuel probably figures Joe Montana wasn’t a great QB either.
  8. I really hope next season will be Mills' last as an Eagle. Of course, I've been hoping that for awhile now.
  9. That episode is their most famous — my fav was the one where they took the business trip to Dayton for the Vicki Von Vicki jeans account.
  10. If he changes the name at all it will be strictly for business reasons; it’s only even a consideration now because he has sponsors walking away due to public pressure. The new team name will be whichever one his ad execs tell him will bring in the most money through merchandising, sponsors, etc. Also, Admirals was an NFL Europe team
  11. Washington — Generals, Admirals, Warriors, Senators or Nationals makes the most sense to me.
  12. Maybe he was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future ......
  13. Best part was the Steelers got bounced by the Dolphins the following week anyway, so they didn’t profit from it a whole lot — unlike the BS of the Tuck Rule, where the Pats went on to win their first Super Bowl, in a game they shouldn’t even have been a part of — truly barf-worthy 🤢
  14. What does it hurt? Full disclosure — I’m not American, but it sure seems like if there are activities surrounding the national anthem that folks find offensive, it might be a great idea to go to the fridge and fix some snacks and return for the kickoff rather than get worked up about it.
  15. I drive a 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid and love it. I’ve also owned a 2016 Genesis G80. The current Genesis G70 and Kia Stinger are two of the best drivers cars on the road if you don’t want to get fleeced buying a German sedan. I used to own a 2010 Mercedes E550 and don’t miss it much.
  16. I was just speaking with my brother who is working with a lab that produces Remdesivir — they’ve set the price at $520 US per vial, and the treatment regimen is for 5 days (6 doses) at a total cost of $2,340. Yikes. He also says it’s currently being administered only to those with life-threatening conditions. He figures ramping up mass production of the drug will take much longer than Bill Gates and others have speculated. They aren’t doing any work on COVID vaccines where he is, but he told me the various vaccine trials he’s seen wouldn’t give more than 2-3 months protection against most coronaviruses; to be protected a person would need to look at getting at least 2 vaccinations per year.
  17. Bonilla was a better producer offensively than Barry Bonds was in PIT from 1987 through 1991. Switch-hitter with good power, but his defensive game was lousy. The folks who try to rewrite history by saying Bonds didn’t benefit greatly from his steroid abuse do the game a great disservice. Before steroids Bonds was an excellent multi-tool player who combined speed and power, but abusing steroids bloated his numbers at least 25-30% from his pre-steroid abuse. Ken Griffey Jr. was always a better player — and clean. Mets should have known better than to throw money at Bonilla because he was all offense and little defense by the time they signed him. He was a decent player with the Mets, so it wasn’t the worst FA signing, but he was on the down side already.
  18. Speaking of Rob Reiner — Norman Lear is still alive also; 4 weeks away from his 98th birthday Lear was an absolute giant of television when I was growing up — All In The Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, Sanford and Son (great show), Good Times (hilarious), One Day At A Time (thanks for Valerie Bertinelli), and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman — which I barely remember.
  19. Damn straight. Some really long runs from a few of my fav celebrities. Betty White is 98, Bob Barker is 96, Jimmy Carter is 95 and still building houses(?) .... Norman Lloyd is 105; he looked ancient when he was in St. Elsewhere in the 80s
  20. I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t know any of the background on the booing "Santa Claus”, either. IMO booing those little kids who couldn’t find Easter eggs was much more egregious 😀
  21. — need to put Pete Carroll at 3rd, right behind Counterfeit Bill and Andy — I’d be inclined to drop Tomlin right out of the top 10 – surprised that Shanahan is top 5 already and Mike Vrabel isn’t on the list
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