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  1. Believing Nick will not pull Hurts this season, I'm going to try to segment this season into thirds -- first 6 games, next 6 games, and final 5 games + playoffs. DET is a bad team and didn't account for Hurts running past the DL rush for some reason. The Vikings game will be interesting, and we play the Cards without Hopkins and the Turds (likely) without Dak, and another divisional game in WASH. A lot of talk going around that 'Hurts won't run 17 times every game' -- perhaps not, but I worry that he's running a lot because his ankle feels better, and no other reason besides that. MIN, DAL, and WASH all have pretty good defenses; if Hurts can continue to do what he needs to to win these games early, and put the Turds well into the rear view, I think that's what most Eagles fans should want. It will be an interesting next 5 games, and all are winnable.
  2. We just have to hope Howie doesn't leave to accept a plum defensive coordinator job ....
  3. Do you seriously think a running QB is a new thing?? In Canada I've been watching running QBs since Chuck Ealey in 1972, Condredge Holloway in 1975. JC Watts in 1981. They were entertaining, but they didn't win championships. When the games matter in the playoffs, defenses will shut down the running QB and make him throw the ball. It's been proven for 50 years. Doug Flutie was the best QB ever to play in the CFL. He played in the CFL from 1990-1997. He was mobile and scrambled and went off-script constantly -- but he did it for the purpose of breaking down the defense and THROWING THE BALL to win. Even on the wider field the most he ever ran in a season was 120 times, and that was against 730 passes (16.4% ratio -- Hurts is more than twice that ratio for his career). Warren Moon was the 2nd best CFL QB. He won many Grey Cups, from the pocket. He ran 13.9% of the time in the CFL. Damon Allen is the CFL career passing yards leader; he's Marcus Allen's brother. He was mobile and scrambled a bunch, but lasted 22 years because he threw the ball to the tune of more than 72,000 career yards. He ran 19.3% of the time. The problem people have with Hurts isn't that he's mobile; it's that he runs too damn much, and at the expense of developing acceptable skills as a passer.
  4. The worst part is 83.3% is 5/6. Hurts completed 18 passes, so the only way to have an adjusted completion percentage of 83.3% (5/6) is to randomly ADD completions. So they must have put him at 20/24 by taking out "batted passes, throwaways, drops, etc., etc.," and added completions on .... pretty-looking throws?? Maybe he gets completions assigned by running faster?
  5. Calculate using only the balls the QB throws to his best friend, blame the best friend of 33% of the balls he doesn’t catch, and subtract the total amount of TD throws
  6. I’ve recommended the NFL switch to a white ball, white goalposts, and white grass. Just waiting on Goodell to respond.
  7. I’m becoming more and more convinced of "can’t” as the games go by.
  8. Good thing Goff was damn near as scattershot as Hurts throwing the ball, then
  9. Run defense was much more problematic than pass defense or coverage. The poor tackling may have been a product of a lax training camp (for tackling to the ground, anyway)
  10. I think the Vikings are going to be very good this year, so ..... "THIS WEEK IS THE REAL TEST"
  11. First time I saw that movie as a kid was with a good friend of mine; he hated Nurse Ratched so much he was yelling at the screen lol
  12. There was talk of franchise-tagging him yesterday. It made me wonder if the thought sent you to an asylum
  13. Me thinks you may have to take blood pressure medication in your future. My game prediction is Eagles 28, Vikings 24 -- but that is only based on the Eagles defense historically showing up better at home. Their effort of last week will see MIN put up 40+, WASH put up 30+ .... The Jags might be 17 or less; they're not good.
  14. Nonsense. Even the national media narrative on Hurts is "they've put all the pieces around him; now we will see if he progresses enough to be the franchise QB" Many anonymous NFL insiders (coaches, coordinators, GMs) have expressed doubts -- "there's a cap", etc.
  15. Okay .... then why was Hurts' accuracy so crappy (18/32 = 56%) while Mahomes' was so good (30/39 = 77%)? I know you're not going to say 'because Hurts can't throw', so I'm curious as to the other reasons.
  16. We beat a 3-win team by 3 points; what's not to get excited about?? It was a win, on the road, in Week 1 where a lot of favorites crapped the bed. That's the good news. I was listening to NFL Radio last night and the hosts were downplaying the Vikings win over the Packers and talking about how much more difficult their game against the Eagles was going to be. I wish I shared their optimism.
  17. Most of the worst problems were on defense; they played like tackling has been outlawed
  18. He looked pretty good to me, considering it was his first NFL game. Have to remember Frank Ragnow is one of the better centers in the NFL and did a very good job against him without much help at all.
  19. Colts cut their kicker Blankenship for missing the FG attempt in OT. Never mind the first 3 quarters of the game that Matt Ryan slept through, I guess ....
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