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  1. I don't think anyone should. I wouldn't pay him $10M. What he and his agent ask for is another matter. It remains to be seen whether Hurts has a future as a starting QB after this season. Based on what he's shown so far, I sure hope the Eagles don't see it here.
  2. Hurts' contract status will be an obstacle to getting a first rounder for him; that's why I felt his trade value was highest this past offseason. Anyone wishing to trade for him is staring a $40M+ extension right in the face. I just don't know what team will want to pay that bill after this season. The Ravens are a possibility, but frankly I'm not sure Hurts does anything that Tyler Huntley can't.
  3. The first clip of the intermediate slant to Brown was Hurts' best throw all day. The second clip of the deep throw to Brown, I wouldn't have given that throw an A++ because DeVonta Smith at the bottom of the screen is an easier throw and a TD pass with a decent throw. Smith has his man beaten already, well before Hurts throws to Brown.
  4. Sirianni said himself before the season the offense needs to go through Brown, Smith, and Goedert. Hopefully he and Steichen go through film with Hurts each week and review each of his plays to coach him up on decision making. Personally, when I looked at all the plays where he left the pocket there were only 2-3 times Hurts kept his eyes upfield in an effort to find a target.
  5. Actually, there are two effective ways to defend a running QB such as Hurts. The first was what Tampa Bay did in the WC game -- bring your safeties into the box on each side and have them cut down the QB as he attempts to escape from either side. The second is simply to rush 4 guys who all stay in their lanes instead of going all-out for sacks, and force the QB to beat you with his arm with 7 players in coverage every snap -- one to spy Hurts to the right side of the field where he likes to run. DET blitzed effectively in the 4th quarter to get two 3-and-outs from the Eagles offense, but they lost contain on Hurts several times through the first 3 quarters and let him escape through the middle. They didn't do as good a job against him as other defenses will.
  6. So we can wait 5 years before determining if Hurts is worthwhile? Can you let his agent know?
  7. DET was 25th in the league last year scoring 19 points per game; very concerning the Eagles D allowed them 35 points on 5 TDs and no FG. 4-4 in red zone, plus the 22-yard TD pass over Slay. Gannon is one of these DCs who employs a defense that allows yards between the 20s with the two deep S looks, and the design of this defensive scheme is not to allow TDs. As you pointed out, the Eagles have been poor in the red zone as well under Gannon, and 5 TDs without making the opposition even try a FG is very concerning.
  8. @LeanMeanGM Eagles 28, Vikings 24 I'm hopeful that 1) Week 2 in the NFL is a departure from the bad tackling of Week 1, and 2) The Eagles will play better defense at home Game bonus prediction -- Hurts carries the ball more than 12 times.
  9. What does Hurts' contract say -- second year, or 3rd year? He's in his 3rd year of a 4-year deal -- without a 5th year option. That means he'll want a huge raise after this season. As for the "pretty stupid" part -- this seems to be you:
  10. I have this concern as well; training camp and preseason is all flowery talk and superlatives from all 32 teams about how their players are doing, how the rosters look, etc. -- then the real games come and will tell the true story of where teams are at. I'm willing to wait the first 6 games to form a true opinion. I'm very concerned Hurts chose to keep the football again as much as distribute it, but in Week 1 the Rams got blown out, Green Bay got beaten badly, the Titans lost to the Giants, and the Niners lost to the Bears. Strange things happened which should not continue. At least the Eagles got a road win, albeit over a bad team they let put up 35 points. I'm hopeful (maybe foolishly) the Eagles defense will tackle better, cover better, give more snaps to better players .... and Hurts will distribute the ball against a better opponent, and the Eagles might win at home in Week 2. We will see.
  11. There is nothing racist about the assertion. Hurts led the Eagles last season in carries and yards. He led the team again last Sunday in carries. That is a RB. That is a guy who wishes to have the ball in his hands way too often instead of distributing the ball.
  12. You just gave Hurts a complete pass for his play that season, under a bad team and exiting staff. The same thing doesn't apply to the other QB with the same team and staff? Talk about a quick loss of credibility on your part.
  13. That’s why I said all week I was looking right past DET to the Week 2 matchup against the Vikings. The Eagles will likely need to play well on both offense and defense to get a win.
  14. I don’t think it’s fair to say Hurts stunk or was excellent. He can run very well, but that’s not a sustainable offense against good teams. My opinion is 13 targets per game to AJ Brown will get slowed down rather quickly too. Hurts isn’t playing the QB position the way it needs to be played for the Eagles to contend — JMO. I came away concerned after the game because a) the Eagles are a much better team than DET, and should have won going away, and b) they clearly need a lot of work on both sides of the ball c) this resembled Hurts’ first career start from 2020 against the Saints. I’m not seeing the development or progression in his game that other folks do
  15. This answer is well and good after a win, but after a loss when the question becomes "why isn't your QB distributing the ball to his playmakers?" it becomes harder to be dismissive
  16. I don't get this narrative about "guys like Allen and Mahomes and Herbert are unicorns", like they're as uncommon as looking for a Yeti or discovering plutonium in the backyard. NONE of those QBs were even drafted in the top 5 -- you develop them. You find guys with elite measurables, and you coach and develop them. It isn't rocket science.
  17. Well, when they're cranking off 10 yards per rush there isn't much reason to abandon it.
  18. That's how TJ Watt got screwed out of the sack record last season
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