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  1. It says Tommy McDonald had a 237 yard game in 1960. That seems hard to believe as well. Brown had the most in a debut with the Eagles
  2. Just one game; easy to get lost in the small sample size. It was a win, which is the good news. JMO, the Eagles would have beaten 7 or 8 of the teams in the NFL yesterday -- DET just happens to be one of them. A lot to clean up and improve on both sides of the ball. Next Monday night they host MIN, who looked very efficient on both sides of the football. Going only on the two teams effort yesterday, the Eagles will lose next Monday night. I have a lot more faith in the Vikings ability to slow down AJ Brown than I do the Eagles ability to slow down Justin Jefferson. DeAndre Swift looked like Eric Dickerson yesterday against the Eagles defense, and Dalvin Cook is better than him. Hurts is going to have to outplay Kirk Cousins next Monday. Good news is it's a prime time game in front of a national audience, where Cousins historically doesn't play well.
  3. You can escape pressure and still throw. Hurts had 17 carries. DeVonta Smith had zero catches. Lots to clean up, indeed.
  4. I just fear what will happen when defenses start undercutting that slant route to Brown
  5. Maybe yesterday, but after losing to the Bears today I don’t think the Niners are going to let Jimmy go too far
  6. DET allowed 27.5 points per game last season. The offense putting up 31 today isn’t exactly breaking through. As I said heading into the week, I’m looking to Week 2 against MIN to see what the Eagles have against a good NFL offense. They have a lot to clean up over the next week, and I have doubts the QB taking off 17 times will be the best offensive strategy
  7. Hard to get excited about a 3 point win over DET. It was a win on the road in the first game of the year. Not much else to be happy about. The defense allowed 5 TDs on 5 Lions trips down the field. Not sure the Lions even needed to line up for a FG all day. The pick-six was the only bright spot. One sack all day against a stationary QB. The run defense was just bad. Got gashed by Swift most of the day. On offense the Eagles ran for more than 200 yards; that’s what they did last year and it was pretty easy again today. AJ Brown was the WR1 as advertised today; 10 catches on 13 targets. Very lacklustre effort from Hurts. A pedestrian 18-for-32 and again running far, far too much. 17 carries has to make people wonder if we have a QB, or a RB who throws. He was not very good at all in the 4th quarter, and nearly allowed DET to come back and steal the game late.
  8. I think the Colts are stuck with Ryan for two years, just to get off the QB treadmill, but I don’t think Ryan will give them any more than Rivers or Wentz did. They might luck out if the Titans have a down year; otherwise I think they miss the playoffs again. Also, when the hell did Darius Leonard become Shaquille?? All day on NFL Radio they were talking about Shaquille Leonard’s injury status and it took a bit of time for me to realize they were talking about Darius Leonard. At least he’s staying a guy, right? For now anyway?
  9. They punt their QB after each season, so I guess they need somebody to pay
  10. I believe what Donaghy said 100% because it’s what I observed on the court before he ever went public. Anyone who really watched the NHL playoffs between 2008 and 2011 could see a push for the Pens and Bruins as well. I won’t say anything about the Hawks run in 2010 because I was watching the Flyers, and wouldn’t have been an impartial observer about their opponent. To assume there isn’t any manipulation in pro sports is being naive, considering the enormous amount of money involved
  11. I’m gonna de-bunk that one. No one on earth resembled the size, mechanics, and playing style of Hurts more than Jamie Newman, and he was cut before having a cup of coffee. He must have taken a huge dump in Lurie’s private washroom — without flushing
  12. Who will be the first Eagles starter to miss a game this season, among the guys who missed time last season? Graham, Sanders, Seumalo, Hurts, Johnson, Mailata Other …..
  13. Brilliant! He did that to reach the Final 4 of the racist tourney. Probably had the founder deliver it in a white Uber
  14. I fully expect the Eagles to get their next QB through the draft if Hurts doesn’t take that leap. I don’t expect much QB movement this offseason; Jimmy G, Cousins, Tannehill — none of them are all that exciting as alternatives. The Eagles would likely grab an experienced bridge/backup until the draft pick is ready to start, much like Mariota and Trubisky are this season.
  15. Hurts' Week 1 performance from 2021 didn't carry through the rest of the season, unfortunately. I agree with you people will jump on the negative too quickly; I will try to segment the season in 3 parts -- first 6 games, first 12, and end of season.
  16. How often do you figure his "highlight play" from last week works in the NFL? 0% of the time? 1%? That's a sack in the NFL; a blitzing player isn't going to fall at his feet because he faked a throw. We'll see how far he progresses by the end of the season, but my bet is he's always going to be a running QB -- not dual threat -- running.
  17. Reminds me of that episode of M*A*S*H where Winchester was worked up because his sister was going to marry "beneath their social class", and Klinger told him "repeat after me; olive skin makes good kin"
  18. He's always just going to run and run, and run way too much. Zero interest at all in Richardson.
  19. I don't think race plays nearly as large a part in it as you think. It's a factor to some people (it always is), but if the team can't reach expectations this season the QB is almost always the player who is held accountable. That's why I like the national media "stroking the Eagles' jock". Expectations are good in sports; it promotes competition faster, even if the coaching staff may not.
  20. This is the crux of it. IMO those dollars should be reserved for the top 8/32 players at the position. Hurts certainly isn't there right now, and to what point does he need to improve this season? I would say top 8. Even if the roster is built (we're not there yet), the difference in caliber between Hurts and a first round pick at QB is likely less than the difference between Hurts and a top 8 QB in the NFL -- especially considering the financial commitment needed on an extension. I still hold to my belief Hurts isn't showing up to OTAs next spring without a new deal, so any strategy of having him play out his 4th year is flawed.
  21. Yes and No. Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson signed after him and neither got fully guaranteed deals, so I think the owners will succeed in treating the Watson contract as a "one-off". The salaries of QBs and WRs have jumped rapidly, and it's probably more useful to measure a QBs contract as a percentage of the team cap that looking at the raw dollar value. Folks who do pay more attention to the number will have to prepare for Hurts' extension (if it's from the Eagles) to be $40M+. Mahomes, Allen, Murray, Watson, Rodgers, Wilson, Prescott, Stafford, Carr have all successfully negotiated $40M AAV or more. Jackson will certainly be paid that amount. Anyone thinking a Hurts extension would be less are kidding themselves.
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