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  1. Yes, because he would be going into his last season under contract in 2022. Rodgers has said this will be his last year in GB. The idea is he'll be TRADED after this year. He's under contract, not a free agent.
  2. I'm actually kind of excited about the team this year. I don't have high expectations at all, but they really needed some change after the last two years. DeVonta Smith helps.
  3. schuy7


    No doubt. He lacks composure defensively. He was surgical and composed back in 2016. He gets too emotional and rattled now. Still an awesome fighter and that was a really **** way to complete the trilogy. Poirier is probably the better fighter right now, but I think everyone - even Dustin - would have liked to have seen a more conclusive ending last night. Hopefully Conor heals up.
  4. schuy7


    Conor isn't overrated. His only MMA losses recently are to the greatest lightweight of all-time and maybe the best lightweight in the game today. He isn't a good defensive fighter though. When things don't go his way, they go downhill fast as hell.
  5. They nailed the first round of the draft. Getting DeVonta AND a future 1st was a total home-run.
  6. schuy7


    My apologies. I could've sworn I saw a Conor IG post where he was leaving his family recently. But yeah, he definitely is still working with his boxing coach. Maybe not as much as the last Poirier fight, but he hasn't gotten rid of him or anything. He said as much in one of his media appearances this week.
  7. schuy7


    He was with his kids like a week ago, and he has worked with his boxing coach recently as well. He's only been in the US for a like 10 days.
  8. Obviously, it's hyperbole. The point is he hasn't shown any ability to run well or be technical enough to win 1 on 1.
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