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  1. I wouldn't write off the 49ers yet. I think Brock Purdy will do okay. He doesn't have to do much either.
  2. Michael Penix has been playing college football for like 10 years now, it seems.
  3. There probably are; I'm just very used to ESPN. And I don't like change. 🤣
  4. I agree. I'd like to get rid of them all together. I don't think ESPN's system allows it unless you have a small league though.
  5. This is also probably a good time to remind everyone we only have 6 playoff teams. Top two get byes.
  6. I remember playing with the divisions before the season and I wasn't able to get rid of them. I'm guessing with 12 teams ESPN forces you to implement two divisions. I'l give it another shot next year. It won't impact our playoffs or anything anyway. The division winners get in and the next four best records regardless of division get in.
  7. They might be. I still think I give a slight edge to the Giants' retros.
  8. I'm gonna replace Beast in the league next year. We'll take whoever wants in. Love you @Original Sin but I just need a more active owner. Hope all is well.
  9. I think we could see more players stay in school an extra year with NIL. The elite college football players should still want to get to that second NFL contract as soon as possible, but there's not as much incentive for mid and late round picks.
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