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  1. Yeah, I would think he's around a $1M cap hit.
  2. I think he's at least a little better than Harris. Haven't seen enough of Epps to be sure. Either way, if one of Epps or Harris is a disaster, Tartt is at least a good fall back option.
  3. Might resign as an Eagles fan if that's our new logo
  4. Need this written in our new word mark font.
  5. Why is every team using the same font? So unimaginative.
  6. I heard this is the craziest wordmark in the last 30 years. Per sources.
  7. Not that it matters at all, but how is that an improvement? lol
  8. I'm looking forward to all of his shortcomings this year being blamed on Sirianni and Steichen.
  9. Boston just wants it more than Golden State. They're willing to work for each basket, Golden State wants it to come easy.
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