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  1. It's never been more important for QBs to be able to throw off-platform.
  2. The implications are clear here. Orlovsky is a member of the EMB.
  3. Even if it's probably a bad decision, I'd like to trade for Rodgers just to know what it's like to root for a HOF caliber QB.
  4. I think the Lions' offense is good with Goff🤷‍♂️
  5. The left side has been very good. Kelce was...disappointing yesterday. Dickerson was rough early before he settled down too.
  6. This is where I am with that rep. If the iOL doesn't get caved in, Hurts can easily get out of the way.
  7. We do. Every team is going to miss their best EDGE player. We won the SB with Vaitai at LT. We weren't better off without Peters. We just survived it.
  8. I think we're going to miss him so much more than people realize. He's our best run defender at EDGE, the guy who plays the hardest, and does everything asked of him. More Barnett snaps is a significant downgrade.
  9. Great question. You can bet the max at multiple casinos (ex: $10,000 at multiple places), using the parley ticket you have as collateral. Or you can just "sell" your ticket back to MGM at say a 30% profit.
  10. Absolutely. This is a rebuilding/retooling year. Getting more/better picks helps the process!
  11. Hard to tell on the TV copy because you don't see the release, but he MUST be stronger when he's level with the CB. He shouldn't get pushed out. Did the CB do well? Yes, but he's a WR who gets paid too. I can see Reagor developing into a legitimate WR, or a disappointment. It's taken a lot of WRs 3 years to get it together. At least the physical tools are there (unlike JJAW).
  12. I'm a Lions fan tonight. Also, that fan should make at least a $50,000 bet on the Packers to win outright so he's guaranteed significant profit.
  13. He's right. The 49ers blitzed, so if Smith is double-covered, like he is here, the correct play is to the check down.
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