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  1. As a Raptors fan, I'm still miffed at the 76ers for refusing to pay any real assets for Kyle Lowry. He could have helped (duh).
  2. Top 10 pick from Miami is a great timeline.
  3. Dumb comments like this are why I'm less active on the board in the summer
  4. It's mid-June, so of course QB #3 is of interest. If he plays a single snap in 2021, our season is a disaster.
  5. They acquired and developed Troy Hill, Darious Williams, John Johnson (S). Given that Hill/Williams were UDFAs, that's very impressive.
  6. I really wanted Rochell in RD4 over McPhearson. The Rams know how to scout CBs so this is concerning.
  7. It's really hard not to get excited about Milton Williams. I'm not worried about the arm length. Didn't affect Geno Atkins or Grady Jarrett. Arm length matters at EDGE, not inside for 1 gap penetrators. .
  8. Clement was a good 3rd down back too! The problem? Clement blew out his knee, but Ajayi's degenerative knee condition got worse. We got unlucky that both suffered serious injuries in 2018.
  9. Titans getting Julio is a great outcome for us - Weakens Atlanta in Week 1 - Makes it more likely the Titans win the division, pushing the Colts down - Titans were not a realistic suitor for Ertz, so it doesn't remove a TE trade partner.
  10. JJAW getting snaps in the slot makes sense. He's not fast enough for outside.
  11. Agreed on that point, but the idea of splitting dead cap over 2 years is minimized next year as long we we roll-over cap. This is especially true if we trade/release Zach Ertz.
  12. On paper, yes. However, IF we roll cap over (as we should), then the dead money is cancelled out by the cap savings...so it'd be like we took all their cap hits in 2021. That said, I don't trust Howie to do that. Watch him do something stupid like sign Steven Nelson for 5M.
  13. A lot of those guys don't matter. Graham is already on the roster in 2022 btw. Kelce likely retires at the end of the year. The only "difficult" decision in that group is Barnett...who I'd still like to trade, but I think we let walk as a UFA.
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