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  1. I will never like him but who is bashing him today? He did alright again.
  2. Maybe, but when we looked at the schedule the first 6 games were not supposed to be hard. It will be a few weeks before they face real opposition, but yeah they look talented.
  3. He is an upgrade from Wentz if nothing else
  4. Wentz pre mental breakdown the MVP candidate year was much better than Hurts. It's no secret I'm not a Hurts fan, but I'd even take him now over Wentz. If he keeps running he will get injured and they will start piling up.
  5. Thoughts are you have bad taste in jerseys. Should have bought a Dawk jersey back in the day.
  6. Bog would have been a nice addition from the Jazz if they were moving him.
  7. True. I don't see how he improves his flaws by this point in his career because to a certain extent you are what you are in terms of progression and seeing the field. He isn't Simmons in the mental aspects, but that's just how I feel when it comes to producing at a level until it counts. We'll see in the middle of the year when they play some tough teams.
  8. I'm sure I'm one who pushed you that way. Glad you believe in him. I may not like him, but I hope he proves me wrong.
  9. Not for a loss but I teared up when that pass fell incomplete in Minnesota and the confetti was falling.
  10. I'm not sure who got upset, but I'm probably his biggest critic on here and I didn't say a word about that. The first six games were always slightly easier than the middle. People will get excited both ways, but that will be a better indication of improvement than the first few.
  11. Even if he was he could just stand at the LOS and catch a few INTs from Wentz
  12. Yep. She went to the doctor and said I never want to fit in a coach seat again.
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