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  1. Presidents aren’t elected in 2022, and there’s already a 2024 thread. I’ll bump it.
  2. Good day, folks! Beautiful morning here in the Sunshine State. 82° with a nice coastal breeze to keep the sweat that’s pouring out of your skin because of the humidity nice and cool. A central A/C system for the body. Busy day for me...sanding, texturing, and painting the walls in my son’s room. Motivation level is a bit low this morning, but soon I’ll be sniffing paint and all will be good. I took a flyer on Bafferts horse yesterday and won some cash. Weird Derby. Anywho......hope you all are happy, healthy, and headache-free. Here’s to you, and to Sunday Morning, coming down. 🍺
  3. Has president sh¡t- for -brains tweeted out any more insulting gems about the kids who commit their lives to fight and protect the rights that we all say we love and enjoy having?
  4. Says the guy who’s sources led him to Al Capones vault..
  5. When it comes to talking crap about the military, trump just "says what he says”. That alone is a confession. Worst pile of crap to ever call himself a leader.
  6. You don’t punch yourself in the tuber to get off 🤷‍♂️
  7. Because they’re more presidential than the president.
  8. Hey! Biden is building a wall around democratic cities, and the protestors are paying for it!!!
  9. I don’t know about indoors...they seem to need LOTS of sunlight. here’s how we start them out: and here’s how big they get when they start to produce fruit:
  10. He’ll get life. Trump will pardon him on the way out. By that time, he’ll be able to keister a Pringle’s can.
  11. The pineapple sprouts from the center of the plant and then kinda grows on top of it. When it turns yellowish on the bottom, you just snap it off. Then, cut the top off of the new pineapple, soak it in water until roots start and plant it in a pot....in a year and a half or so you can start the process all over!
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