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  1. Yeah. He's definitely scoping some tufted titmouse.
  2. So how many super bowls can we expect in the next 10 years?
  3. His photoshop thread on the old board should be enough to get him in the HOF.
  4. Meh...Florida is all old people and meth heads. That state needed a good purge.
  5. Lies. This is how us vaccinated be rolling these days...
  6. I guess because 2 heck maybe 3 of the top QBs in the game are mobile (Wilson, Mahomes and maybe Rodgers). And by mobile I don't mean running QBs like Jackson. Just guys that can extend plays with their legs and then make the throws. These guys aren't looking to run. They can pass from the pocket, too. But what makes them truly special is what they do outside the pocket.
  7. I mostly go to pick my wife up alcoholic slushies and get the kids milkshakes. Do order take out occasionally, too. Just like supporting an old fashion family owned general store. Not many around these days and they're good people.
  8. rambo

    Advise me

    Got to talk Philly sports with the Dr while my legs were up in stir ups and he soldered me up. It was the most awkward sports convo ever and I've been in TATE. Dr: What do you think of the Phillies chances this year. *smell of burning flesh emanates from my nuts* Me: About the same as me having another kid.
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