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  1. If you are...I enjoy PBR, weed, ribs, homemade mac n cheese and long walks off short piers.
  2. EMB is my Twitter. You algorithming me @VaBeach_Eagle?
  3. I'm a man. I turned 39 today. Had a couple delicious blackberry whiskey sours and a great dinner with my family. Look at it @paco...just look. It's like those pink rum runners you drank to impress @binkybink77.
  4. Pigs game. Hot as balls but it was a company thing and not so bad once the sun went down.
  5. Yup. It's not the park but the people who go there. Might have been one of the worst experiences in my life. In-laws got us a season pass went once and both me and the wife both agreed never again.
  6. Sesame place is hell on earth. World would be a better place without that theme park.
  7. Been battling them SOBs for 5 years. Good luck. You're not alone in the fight.
  8. That picture was framed on the wall in every one of my ms paint masterpieces.
  9. Gotta finish the chicken thighs on higher heat to prevent rubber skin.
  10. Headed there next weekend to a friend's place. Can't wait. Get the kids fishing a little.
  11. My wife and I had a girl and a boy then I got snipped...
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