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  1. But he plays good defense, didn't you hear? Delusion is Wentz-like, possibly worse.
  2. Sixers remind me of those early 2000s Eagles teams. Never gonna win the big one with this group, regular season win total be damned.
  3. Let's say JJAW shocks the world and looks like a competent WR this year. Would you more give credit to Sirianni and Co. or place blame on Doug and Co. for not getting it out of him sooner?
  4. People go their whole lives not loving anything as much as you love Carson Wentz. Congrats, man.
  5. I'm fine with a QB on a 2nd round deal having something to prove. Saw some good things, saw some bad. If he stays at that level, he'll be easy to move on from. But a $20+ million guy with that much to prove? That's a hell no from me. Good riddance.
  6. Good call, read that one too fast. Fair point on Pro Bowls lagging behind Pro Bowl worthy production. I don't think he's a poor option if you're looking to write about a wild card type PB candidate. Only guys you could really rationalize are him or Mailata.
  7. Athletic freaks who flashed the year before are pretty natural breakout candidates. Don't know why he felt confident in going out on a limb for Sweat but not Mailata. Goedert, Sanders, and Smith are the clearest choices though. With a viable CB2 across from him, I'd put Slay here too. I predict a massive jump from him in Gannon's scheme. Speaking of Sweat, has there ever been a definitive report on the long-term outlook of his knee?
  8. Real test of Dillard's maturity will come if he loses the camp battle to Mailata.
  9. Agreed. Comparing Goedert and Waller is apples to oranges. Different positions.
  10. No team could afford a monster contract like that this late in the offseason
  11. I know he's probably a camp body, but that Michael Walker guy they just signed has some pretty interesting highlights. Would definitely have more special teams value than all the projected #4 or #5 WRs on this team.
  12. Obviously, he was a year younger a year ago when they drafted Lamb 🤦‍♂️. And Cooper was coming off a 16-game, 1100+ yard season, and the Cowboys had recently spent a 1st rounder for him and signed him to a massive extension. Spending a first rounder to replace him 2 or 3 years down the road is a luxury pick. So obvious and your ridiculous overthinking of it is hurting my brain.
  13. 25-year-old who's played at least 14 games every year of his career is this massive injury risk worth spending the 17th overall pick to replace?
  14. With that logic, every position on every roster is a sneaky need at minimum
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