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  1. Yes, Davis was the perfect pick. Floor is really good run defender, ceiling is one of the most dominant DTs we've ever seen. Plus there was a significant dropoff after Hamilton.
  2. Hurts at 4 and Slay at 4 are egregious. Who's above Hurts this year other than Mahomes? They have Allen and Tua? Ehhh...
  3. Lol it's a tweet. Not like he had a press conference or anything
  4. How many passing yards would 2022 Hurts have against the 2021 Eagles defense?
  5. It's been fun getting to root for teams to suck the last couple years. I hope Howie can get another 1 in 2024 so we can do this one more time
  6. Wow I didn't realize there was this kind of buzz for a CFL QB. Apparently can't sign til February. I'd take a look if I were the Eagles; they can't spend big to replace Minshew.
  7. Almost seems like he realized he was getting killed that rep and decided to fling himself to try to get in Mailata's way.
  8. Titans had some of the worst OT play I've seen from any team this year. Just getting cooked on demand.
  9. Clean play by Epps. How else is he supposed to disrupt that play? Clearly going for the ball
  10. Dude's been on the roster for 20 mins and has a top 3 STs play for us this year
  11. Reddick's ability to win quickly has made a huge difference this year. Home run signing
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