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  1. Depends how many sirs you gave dome to last night, right Captain Queef?
  2. Agreed! I can't remember if I posted about it in here, but it sort of blew my mind (I wasn't really expecting much). There have been many bad attempts to make this movie on what I consider to be a very scary character, but this hit the jackpot.
  3. That settles it. I'm starting it tonight!
  4. You're just full of wisdom and your own life experiences, aren't you Greg Looganus?
  5. It's from taking too many logs to the balloon knot Ben Dover.
  6. hputenis


    I can only assume you speak from experience dude.
  7. STFU you worthless pile of monkey sheet!
  8. This has 100% happened in my household on a Monday night before.
  9. Nobody believes you have buddies. Were you wandering around the produce section engaging in conversation with the zucchini again?
  10. My dad and I received our advanced open water certification in Grand Cayman when I was 16 years old, and it lasts our entire life. The diving there was absolutely breathtaking. Hovering 120 feet under staring down the cliffs of the Cayman wall is an exhilarating experience. Turtles everywhere, barracuda, sharks, and corral structures that blew my mind. Oddly enough, our best dives there were just shore dives right near the turtle farm and the Cracked Conch (great restaurant).
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