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  1. That's adorable little Timmy. I hope your stocking is jam-packed with double-sided deeldoes for X-mas just like your butthole! Stocking stuffing ****ot! **On a side note, I have double monitors in my home office for work. I noticed that my response here wasn't typing, then I looked at my other monitor and noticed I typed "double-sided deeldoes" in a response to the expense reports distribution list at work. Glad I caught that......
  2. I caught him drinking my toilet water after I ate Chipotle again. I chained him up out back as punishment, but when I went out to check on him, the only remains were shackles, 7 strands of anal beads, dentures, 47 used condoms, nipple tassels, a few paper clips and some clothes pins. My dog is missing now too. If anyone sees him, do not approach. He is armed, dangerous, and will brutally rape anything that moves.
  3. We have about 400 waffle houses within a 10 miles radius of my house here in Mint Hill, and after rewatching an old episode of Anthony Bourdain in Charleston (where he goes to the Waffle House), it's time for me to get extremely inebriated soon and order all the hash browns.
  4. Sounds like you in your ripped pantyhose on the street corner with blowies and handies Lipstick Larry!
  5. This movie is an absolute gem. I've owned this DVD for years and still remember watching the movie for the first time laughing my arse off the entire time.
  6. The difference for us though is that when we were black out drunk, we didn’t wake up in the all male dorm snuggled up next to the heavyweight from the wrestling team Greg Lugayness!
  7. Anyone seen Troll on Netflix? I was gonna post it there in the Netflix thread, but I think it belongs here. I really liked it. I thought the actual troll was phenomenal. Scary ass monster and a pretty cool story. Not as good as Trollhunter, the found footage movie from 2010, but it is well worth watching.
  8. You thought it was from Chipotle didn't you? Been there man! I hope your butthole is recovering! Now that I think about it, it's not all that different.
  9. This movie looks pretty good. She looks rough in some of her pictures, but I'd probably let Maika Monroe sit on my face.
  10. Today is the greatest day of the year. December 1st! No more no nut November! Here's a live "shot" of me with all of your mothers, wives, sisters, and girlfriends today!
  11. Thank you for the kennel monster. I was gonna get a pure bred, but since you were gonna put him down by choking on your ballsack, I’m glad we found a new home for the wrinkly old stink finger.
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