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  1. @paco @mikemack8 This 5 minute short film just popped up on my hulu suggestions for "You might like," and I watched it. I honestly might not sleep tonight. Pandory is the scariest thing I've ever witnessed on my TV.
  2. I feel like this has to be on Elon Musk's Wikipedia page.
  3. Without looking it up, it makes no sense to me why he isn't more effective against the Eagles these past 2-3 years. We've had back-ups lined up against him all over the place, and he's quiet every single matchup. Then the following week, he makes Russell Wilson look like he's a middle school QB and single-handedly wins the game against Seattle while being tripled teamed.
  4. I'm so nervous about him in the playoffs. In order to get past the Nets, he will need to generate something on offense and this would be the easiest team to do that against. Impose your will dude.
  5. Maybe I should have phrased differently. He sure didn't love it in Philly after he signed his guaranteed contract.
  6. Here are the 2 semi-recent 1st round draft picks that come to mind. I'm hoping I'm wrong on #2. There should still be questions on Agholor, Marcus Smith, Barnett, even Wentz. Sorry........I thought you said "Who" doesn't love ball. My mistake. Carry on.
  7. Would you at least take the guy to lunch or have a conversation with him as a formality and to get to know him before Howie pulled the trigger? I wouldn't even call it an interview but more of a common courtesy for you as an owner to meet a potential head coach.
  8. It looks like Bolton crapped the bed today in his pro day too. Someone will snag Davis pretty early unfortunately.
  9. I don't think that's exactly what he is. He's been accused of banging Russell Wilson's gf/fiancee/wife in Seattle, and he was also sent home last year for a road game because he was acting like such a loser. Not to mention his skills seem to have deteriorated significantly.
  10. I'd have triple monitors on draft day in the war room that would be occupied by me only. PFF on screen #1, TDN on screen #2, and the blog on screen #3. All my decisions would be magnificent and catered towards the intelligent folks from the blog.
  11. That was a painful interview to listen to. Kincade is a nutjob, but it makes for entertaining radio.
  12. If he's crushing that chick with the Eagles jersey and Motley Crue haircut, he's oozin more than football.
  13. So if that article is spot on, which I'm assuming it is because of the reputable reporters, the Eagles true hierarchy is 1) Jeffrey Lurie, 2) his son that most likely didn't deserve to even get into Harvard, 3) his son's nerd friend from Harvard, then 4) Howie. Makes sense to me. This is exactly how I would run my multi-billion dollar business. Keep all the scouts and football guys as far away as possible.
  14. I know exactly where you can put it.......... In your butt!
  15. If our first pick is Barmore, there will be a broken Samsung in the house. As much as I love Fletcher Cox, the 2nd most dominant DT in football, he is still not even close to Aaron Donald. Chances are Barmore isn't close to either of these guys at the pro level. I just realized that I'm responding to the wrong person because of 1-4 glasses of bourbon. Carry on!
  16. This is more telling than anything in the blog. We all kind of know it already but this is player proof.
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