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  1. Remember the Wentz cultists who said we would regret trading him? https://ftw.usatoday.com/lists/carson-wentz-colts-shovel-pass-interception-video-fans-reaction-nfl He’s hurt again too btw.
  2. Rookie head coach looked like a rookie. I didn’t like the hire when they made it but I’m not hitting the panic button after this one.
  3. Definitely feeling better about the defense. I continue to be pleasantly surprised
  4. If one good thing has come out of all of this, it’s that KZ has found a black person that he likes.
  5. Both are uncoachable entitled a holes. One of the reasons why Hurts is doing so well, is how well he takes to coaching. Not comparing the 2 at all, but Brady apparently takes really well to coaching. When he went to Tampa he specifically told the coaches to "coach him hard”. I suspect Maxey also takes well to coaching.
  6. One goes to Newtown friends, the other George school. George school might be an option for my son down the road.
  7. Its my standard. 12 highly ranking members of the department of defense are better equipped to handle the legality of and proper engagement with foreign military officials than a guy on a football message board. Well probably.
  8. He's got the talent, the work ethic, and the desire to be great.
  9. 12 other people on the call. Any of them could have reported it like they did with Trump's call.
  10. "Conservative" now is defined how much one worships at the feet of Donald Trump. You have your orthodox conservatives that have Golden Trump statues and shrines they pray to as well as purchasing the "Trump card". Then you have your middle of the road conservatives who will only simply vote for him and support everything he says and does.
  11. No, he really shouldn't https://www.politico.com/news/2021/09/15/claims-that-milley-made-secret-calls-to-chinese-leaders-exaggerated-sources-say-511918
  12. There was nothing illegal about what he did. 12 other people were on the call and proper protocols were followed.
  13. This one is right up there with "Masks don't work because I can smell my farts through my jeans"
  14. This. I send my kids to a religious school. I like having a moral foundation to their lessons and I find the approach preferable to the slop served up in public school that passes for curriculum. Even one of my best friends (the guy make a killing on selling horse pills right now) who is an atheist sends his kids to a Quaker school because he wants a moral foundation and the importance of service stressed in curriculum.
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