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  1. So much for the "no wonder 90% of the Eagles are vaccinated" crowd that jumped all over Wentz the other day. I guess Kerrigan isn't a leader either
  2. Have you ever lived in a big city? Never make eye contact or talk to people who are talking to themselves
  3. Yes, he's injured, but they aren't worried about it according to reports
  4. nu-uh. The best way is to draft like ish for 10 years straight, bring receivers off the street, o-lineman from a retirement home, and draft a position you don't need with your second pick. Howie Roseman Lurie
  5. Let's not pretend like you wouldn't have gotten revenge at some point
  6. Jesus hurt both his hand and his feet over 2000 years ago, where you been?
  7. That's cool with me. And don't get me wrong I am fully vaccinated. But I see why these guys might not want to say
  8. Watching him drop dimes and lead the Colts to and through the super bowl would be terrible. Kinda like watching Reggie win one for the Packers. I was happy for Reggie but sick to my stomach as an Eagle's fan
  9. And you're being very naive if you even remotely believe it's the same thing.
  10. I used to laugh at the cowboys because Jones couldn't keep his hands off the team and he's a clown. Now I realize that Lurie is just as big of a clown
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