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  1. usually when the media starts asking a coach about benching a guy, a few losses later the guy gets benched.
  2. It's gonna be a while before we get a franchise qb again
  3. Easily, I would go so far as to say Adam Sandler might be better that our current starting linebackers
  4. This "era" also got us a super bowl. Or are you talking post Wentz era?
  5. Actually I am, but it seems like the team isn't. Would be nice to see if Minshew could suffice because from what I'm hearing the draft and got nothing.
  6. Trouble is he got to leave we're still stuck with the toxic aftermath
  7. I think he is. He's held up pretty well honestly. I get the feeling that lane isn't going to be here much longer and the last thing we need is more holes
  8. Why would we "rebuild" by cutting a promising olineman on a rookie deal?
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