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  1. Wait till the kid falls and get's hurt and they sure home depot
  2. Our little school pulls it off. Hell I would even pay a little higher tax on gun purchases to help fund it if need be . I can't answer that. I heard this yesterday on the radio as I was driving home.
  3. https://www.kxan.com/investigations/uvalde-school-police-officer-was-first-to-engage-shooter/
  4. Not to mention that people who want to kill always find a way
  5. Sorry I have no experience with them, Al Capone
  6. Are you kidding? I would work overtime for that! Come at me bro!
  7. You can work from here to eternity and not overcome talent issues. Otherwise who wouldn't be in the NFL?
  8. I think the point was that we ran a lot and that minimized how bad his passing actually was
  9. Let's say you're right. Do you think it affected us drastically more?
  10. You'll get there, just stop posting on the message board all day
  11. Most of us that post in here during the day do. Not everyone is a fry cook at Burger King
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