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  1. Hey Kz! I think I see some fighting in the streets! Oh wait, hang on....
  2. I think he knew the verdict shortly before the jury came back. Somebody told him. You don't get told you're going to jail for the better part of whats left of your life and simply nod and get up quietly.
  4. Prosecution was overwhelming. And the Defense was very poorly thought out. Every piece of doubt they tried to sew fell flat and in some cases backfired.
  5. U.S. prosecutors do not charge Portland protesters with antifa ties https://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-race-protests-antifa/u-s-prosecutors-do-not-charge-portland-protesters-with-antifa-ties-idUSKCN2502NQ ...
  6. Just sick and tired of it... as a white male, as a proponent of cops and the Police in general... I am sick and tired of this END RESULT of a DEATH after simple traffic stops. Yes I know, it's easy to say now because it's what's reported, it's cherry-picked. Still f***in tired of it. This is not going to be fixed by training and discussions. This is a systematic problem. More than 20% of the arrests on Jan 6th were people who are in law enforcement. This country must do something that digs out the cancer here. And I am not talking about defunding or abolishing... I'm talking about some kind of reform that results in these racist, bigoted officers, who currently - and have always - remained safe under the protective tarp of the archaic laws of police dept's and law enforcement protocols for decades, these officers are identified, judged, and relieved of duty. There has to be a better system for good cops who actually care about every citizen and care about right vs. wrong. I don't give a s*** about "feelings" anymore. This has to get done.
  7. What pisses me off is all last year and throughout an absolute s*** stain of an Eagles season, we had to listen to these brainwashed extremists and Trumpbots, members of this community... crowing about how the numbers weren't so bad, or how the flu has killed as much ... and meanwhile the deaths just kept going up! Honestly, it put me off even coming here for a long time. Some of them are still so dug in you can't even talk to them anymore.
  8. The other day in the trial, a doctor said he would die in exactly the same way George Floyd did. Just look at the thumbnail and put 2 and 2 together...
  9. Yup. Once you realize he's not trolling, and he really is that ill-informed... it's hard to disagree. And it's sad. Though I do feel like the only diff between him and this match guy is he doesn't spend nearly as much time on Q messageboards.
  10. @Kz! can't be bothered, he's too busy skipping over every tweet involving a white aggressor in order to keep us "updated" on the state of violence in America.
  11. Guy on the far right is thinking, "dammit, if my wife wasn't here, I'd be NEXT!"
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