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  1. No Inaugural Speech is going to measure up after hearing Amanda Gorman's epic poem.
  2. Fauci talking now at today's PC. Taking questions and he said something fantastic when somebody asked him something he had no information on.. "One of the things I guess in this administration is... if you don't know the answer, you don't guess. You can say 'I don't know." Tells you a bit about what Trump's guys were advising him...
  3. Ummm... Apparently, Flynn's brother was in the room when that call was made and they did not send the N Guard. mfer....
  4. From this afternoon but just saw it. Chuckled.
  5. So, I'm not a big country fan, so I have no idea if it's been out for a decade or whatever, but I really dug that Tim McGraw song. Seemed to fit the moment really well.
  6. I wonder if Michelle watched all the way to the fireworks.
  7. Hmm. No, they'd be making trillions of dollars regardless. It's so they can deliver vaccines. That'd be saving lives.
  8. Wait, so it's not because Amazon waited for a President they liked??? Man, Tough to Swallow...
  9. And you're sure they didn't, right? And you're sure Donald would even have taken the meeting, right? Have you watched how he acts towards companies and hoards credit for any and everything over the last 4 years at all? And no, you're only salty because you don't seem to have all the information. At least that's what I believe (some like Kz are just too dumb to know he's being lied to).
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