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  1. The Jets took over Flacco’s void years at least.
  2. Bench Hurts. Fire them all. @4for4EaglesNest and @downundermike I apologize for believing in this team preseason and arguments.
  3. Ive watched the Eagles since 2000. By FAR the worst team I’ve ever watched.
  4. If it requires surgery then he will be out for the year.
  5. So? They could put 11 DBs out there and we still wouldnt run it
  6. It doesnt matter who the QB is when we run the ball 1 time. Regardless if you like Hurts or not the coaching staff is not helping him at all.
  7. Better yet, anything you put in writing and send to anyone else should not be considered private. You give up all rights to your words when you send it to someone else. People need to realize that everything is on a server that a third party will always have access to. Texts, emails, tweets, facebook. Someone manages and has access to everything sent.
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