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  1. Hurts threw for less than 150 yards in 4 of those games.
  2. He had 916 yards in his rookie season against #1 corners and Hurts throwing the ball. It was impressive.
  3. What’s the difference between a tinted visor and sunglasses during practice? It was about OTA’s and practicing.
  4. Hurts almost always has a slightly tinted visor. So when he is practicing without a helmet it would make since that he has sunglasses on.
  5. Why? What is wrong with wearing sunglasses when they don’t have a helmet on? QBs where visors during games. Mahomes has done it multiple times.
  6. Exactly. The words genuine and authentic don’t seem to apply to the people who say I hope he succeeds while criticizing every part of his character. In the same breath they praise other players for the same characteristics.
  7. Carson Wentz had actual ESPN segments about his charitable work. His food truck had local news interviews and multiple articles in both indy and philly. It was all over the place in the media about the stuff he was doing and it got a ton of love.
  8. That has nothing to do with charitable acts or making a brand for yourself. Hurts has some serious limitations in his game as of today. Hating him for charitable acts, branding, or writing a letter about a bad work environment is just nothing more than petty. This hate is the reason when a poster says "I want Hurts to succeed” it ruins all credibility to the statement.
  9. Athletes get attention. There is a difference between not liking him as a player and hating him for everything he does. It’s an agenda for many posters at this point. He even got hate for writing a letter about Washington’s stadium. Carson Wentz and Chris Long both had multiple media stories for their charitable acts. Wentz has his own clothing line. Yet the same hate wasn’t applied to them for that stuff.
  10. I like it too. Clean cut. The issue i had with the old one was the sharp corners, the curve, and the backwards Eagle when it all came together. They are eliminating the black. Eventually we will be back to the kelley green and i can’t wait!
  11. They Eagles saved 12M after what was cleared in 2021 and dead cap for 2022 in cutting Jackson and Jeffery. We rolled all but 900k of that over. Eliminating most of their dead cap. Ertz saved the Eagles 5.5M which rolled over basically eliminating his dead cap. The other 4 players are on the team and can contribute. They are all on very low deals for their positions. Their dead cap is irrelevant unless they get cut. Take Lovato. His dead cap is 375,000. His cap hit is $1,085,000. He is getting paid $1,460,000 to be on the team this year.
  12. We had to take on his cap hit in 2022 didn’t we? Which is more then Williams cap hit. We also were able to extend him with a 100 million dollar contract the next 4 years. Isn’t the future what you’re worried about? We could have afforded Williams. You’re just deflecting what I’m saying. I chose those 4 players because the other players are still on the team. Except Ertz, Jackson, and Jeffery. All of which we got cap space back from to help replace them in Goedert, Hargrave, and Brown. Rodney McLeod $2,140,000 I did forget to copy in Mcleod. He was here for multiple years and a good part of our defense.
  13. Because it was said we couldnt afford to sign a safety. We could have and drafted a WR instead of trading for Brown. They chose not to.
  14. Joe Flacco $1,940,000 Steven Nelson $1,508,000 Eric Wilson $1,372,000 Ryan Kerrigan $1,140,000 Sorry I’m not worried about this. And wont be in future years. I’ll be worried when we are in a Cowboys situation and have to trade someone that’s 27 like Cooper for a 6th round pick because of cap.
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