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  1. Yup. OK Dak wasn't there. But everything was fine when they won 4 in a row with Rush. But how about their D? We put it on them. Parsons was a none factor until Lane went out. It's all good though, I don't need the attention on the Eagles. Will be even more satisfying when we beat them.
  2. That's a lot of man meat to move around every snap on D. We already see the impact he's had on limited snaps. I'm sure come next year we'll see him on the field even more. Losing 20lbs (hopefully fat) should make him even more nimble.
  3. I meant to not sit starters when we have home field locked up.
  4. I've been saying it for a while now.... I wonder if Hurts takes a page out of the TB12 playbook and doesn't ask to be the highest paid QB and instead allows the team to have cap to build the team. TB12 GOAT never been highest paid. 10 SBs 7 rings later, I'm pretty sure that's worth it. And for the Karens...don't give me any crap his wife was rich too. He obviously didn't give a crap about that.
  5. Gannon better have Jones on his mind as a runner too. Gimpy Tannenhill (spelling 🤷‍♂️ )had a few runs that were aggravating.
  6. Need Minnesota to lose. We need to win the next 3, and 1st round bye is in the bag with 2 games left. Probably should try to beat NO bc of our draft pick. Aside for that NO and NYG are meaningless. I just glanced quick and that seems to be the formula as at worst, we would be tied with Minn but own the tie breaker.
  7. Not sure what was changed, but blocking was certainly better. Not sure if that was us or Tenn wasn't good. I'll wait 3 weeks before making a conclusion. But it definitely was better today.
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