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  1. There goes our Super Bowl hopes....
  2. Rumor has it, paper was the winner in rock, paper, scissors. We now officially have a QB competition.
  3. Scott has to remain on the team! Vagiant Killer!
  4. I'll beat it even further..... Metcalf, Jefferson, Smith. With that said...I highly doubt we would have taken Smith. But we're imagining, so....
  5. Just like the water in the city is the magic that creates Amoroso rolls, the same water injures our players.
  6. Problem isn't so much giving up a draft pick. It's his salary. I highly doubt this happens. Howie is building a young team on O, starting at the skill positions.
  7. I think he lands with the Chargers. With that said. People say we don't know what we have in Hurts. Well, if he sucks with Julio, then you know what you got. Also would be a great person our WRs can learn from. We need a bigger bodied WR. If we can afford it, I'm for it.
  8. Exactly what Gym Shorts didn't, and did do. I've been saying that since he was hired. To be honest Gannon seems more like a HC than Siri.
  9. If we can afford him, he would be a tremendous addition! And we would have addressed every position in need. Howie would have redeemed himself. And it will all come down to the coaches.
  10. Camp bodyzzzzzzzzzz SUPER BOWLzZzzZzzz!!
  11. This is to get inside info on the WTF...
  12. Carson was never really the same player since injury.
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