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  1. Rivers made his retirement announcement. Howie gotta figure something out!
  2. Can we get better than a 2nd for him? I think if Wentz will be the starter, what's the point of having Hurts rot on the bench? I'm not for this as I wanna see Wentz play under new leadership first. Just a thought that crossed my mind.
  3. I actually had planned to put that in as I doubt he would leave the booth. But slipped my mind. Wonder if he ever thought of it. Like, couldn't win a SB as a player, but maybe as a coach. Those that can't do, teach... Those that can't teach, teach the Jets.... 🤣
  4. Which is why I think they need to trade him. Question is, will the new HC want Hurts, or "his" QB?
  5. I know this may sound nuts. It took me a little while to get past the history. But I think Tony Romo would be a good OC. The way he breaks down the defense and what the offense is about to do or should do on the fly is pretty impressive. Like him or hate him, dude is easily right 85% of the time.
  6. Might as well throw in Cox for 2,3,4 or 5
  7. I dont think people think he would be a good coach, but rather Lurie might wanna hire from within. Just speculation.
  8. If both are available. This would be ideal and would prove the FO understands the needs of this team... not holding my breath.
  9. Chase > Smith. But with our luck, which ever one we take, the other will be the stud. With that said, who knows if we even take a WR.
  10. Look at the very 1st post after yours. This proves my point...
  11. You post something without any proof. You're the slacker.
  12. Last time we hired an OC for a HC from KC, we won a SB 2 seasons later..... just saying.
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