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  1. As of right now... as long as he is not the guy holding on to the ball too long, and not fumbling or throwing to the other team. He will be good enough. Too soon to tell anything. He has shown some flashes. If our oline can't stay healthy we will need someone who can scramble.
  2. When was the last time a 1st round QB (aside from Mahomes) won the SB? We need to stay put or trade back. We are old and over cap. Get Hurts the weapons, if he can't do it with proper help around him, then you move on. No one would do well with a beat up oline like we had. Hopefully our guys come back healthy and ready to play. Look what happened in the SB. The great Mahomes looked worse than Wentz.
  3. Healthy oline would help. Hard to throw deep when the QB is running for his life 2 seconds after the snap.
  4. How did they "fail" to get Lamb when he was taken off the board? You wanted them to trade up?
  5. But teams also understand he wants a massive contract
  6. I have mixed feelings about what we got. Mainly bc of the "reports" I was expecting more.
  7. Dude, Ertz was trash all season. When Hurts came in he was even more disinterested bc he just didn't care. The reason why Alshon looked good was bc Hurts knew how to use him, he trusted him and put the ball where only Alshon had a chance for it.
  8. Ertz pulled a Djax and played not to get hurt.
  9. I agree aside from the Covid comment. That affected everyone. We got a great deal for Bradford bc they got desperate. Unless a great deal falls into their laps. They should wait.
  10. Trade Seattle, Wentz, Ertz and Dillard for Wilson. 🤣
  11. Sorry if I don't know all the rules... Last year Colin Cowherd said if Wentz pays back money to the Eagles before the end of the of the league year it would save cap space. So my question is, is this still the case when the new league year starts? If Wentz does in fact pay back some money trading him for less than 1st's may be more "worth it"
  12. I'm guessing Howie or his agent is "controlling" Wentz. Truth be told, Wentz doesn't owe us fans anything. We will hear from him after a deal is made.
  13. While I agree. But SB LII had no defense. Well, not until the Graham strip sack. 🤣
  14. Really thought the firing of DP meant Wentz would stay. I really don't understand the firing since we are apparently trading Wentz.
  15. Considering he was one of, if not the worst QB in the league, that's easy to assume.
  16. We were handcuffing White, Wentz is handcuffing us. Right now he is worth something while healthy. Take what you can get while he is worth something to another team. He is done here.
  17. Throwing all stats out the window and including the only one that matters. Foles is the best Eagles QB ever.
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