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  1. Good article. A 3-4 defense with Davis doubled and 4 linebackers would be stout.
  2. They had proof, all they needed was someone to hear the cases and a media that doesn't gaslight.
  3. I go to get proof, and then you will say what happened with the court cases, must not be legit. Then I tell you what happened with the court cases, and you talk about proof. This is circular reasoning that points more to siding with the current authority than with truth. I get it, it feels safe and cool to be with the establishment's narrative. Like you've achieved something, belonging to the current "authority". It's a common psychographic.
  4. So what did they rule? Either Latches or No Standing. Both of which are illogical. The rulings were based on process, not merit.
  5. Wait, the Orangutang adjusted to camera on itself...
  6. His departments never even reached out to see the evidence, which is also noted in the documentary. And Trump used what he had available. Barr is old GOP swamp. Bush era. Notice how Bush sides with Obama on everything today, at the same events? You cannot know if a case has merit before you hear it.
  7. That's a different process altogether, involving the entirety of each state's courts, which none even heard a single case on merit
  8. You mean the documentary that covered ballot stuffing on an industrial scale using the same kind of data the FBI uses to track people? Maybe actually watch what you are chuckling about, instead of trying to belong to some target segment that likes to feel legitimate through legacy branding. It's like coddling, but more pathetic.
  9. Reclassification meaning re-allocation. To be discretionary. And after what Machin did earlier this week, who would trust the Democrats? We'll see what the 400B actually goes towards and re-visit.
  10. How very not shocking the lack of understanding of details. Democrats always play politics. The only way this deal goes through is for the Democrat-run senate to get an extra 400B before the midterms. Republicans were ready at the table, but the democrats only care about the election. And like clockwork, several pages of people still falling for the Dem antics.
  11. I was making a joke, that RTK is a spider and came down from the ceiling to scare him.
  12. It was really 19. The 20th was a butt dial.
  13. I'm iffy about Safety, but Goedert's stats have been more about limitations of either the offense or the QB. TE2 should be fine, on par with other teams. I'm high on Gainwell, so I don't think RB is an issue. I am a little worried about a Bradberry-Nnamdi situation. Similar body type. aging, etc.
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