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  1. I'm nervous because I told my buddy's that I'd shave into a fumanchu if minshew started a game this year......
  2. I tell people ask the time that selling my soul for that win was worth it
  3. 3 establises dominance, 4 is stealth mode, 6 is blackout territory
  4. I just added RedZone to YouTubetv. Wasn't crazy about the other channels that come with it and figured I'd cancel it after the birds last 4pm game but I've been watching this VSIN channel it came with religiously since I got it. It's all sports betting talk. Kind of like a bunch of live podcasts back to back, and everything is trying to find bets for the day/week.
  5. Real excited for the flash movie. Looks like he might get a real good costume upgrade. Wasn't a fan of his look in JL.
  6. Found a copy of @Agent23s secret spreadsheet for this year...
  7. Yeah but machines kicker scored way to much and if the rules were different agent would have won
  8. I get that. I'm not really a watch guy either, but I got that tic watch to see if I liked having one on and it grew on me. When my tic watch stopped charging dependably I found myself missing having one on. I think the big seller for me is that it keeps my off my phone. Getting a text before sometimes lead to clicking on a random notification, then checking my email, following a link from there and then 5 minutes later trying to figure out how I got onto Facebook
  9. I ended up getting. It's far better than the tic watch was. Don't wear it weed whacking though, I learned my lesson
  10. I never got around to seeing shang chi in theaters. We were just to busy. I'm hoping it comes out on Disney+ soon
  11. To the part you're alluding to, that caught me so off guard. I loved how from that moment in the movie till the end was like the last half of a good rollercoaster where it just throws you every which way
  12. That's a good point. I did like the phone booth movie too, so maybe I'm tolerant enough to stick through a movie like that. My wife didn't enjoy, but sure went to bed before the twists started
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