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  1. I hate that I like it, but the bud light one with the giants fan cut out is pretty good
  2. BFit

    Let's Talk Turkey!

    Cooked a whole turkey in a little propane smoker/oil-less turkey fryer, and a breast in the offset smoker. Finished the breast in the fryer to crisp up the skin. Both were amazing, especially for my first time cooking a turkey in anything
  3. BFit


    Changed things up a bit this week and added an under. Hopefully it'll change my luck, last couple weeks have been rough. I really want to pick that miami game, but -7 is a bit steep for me to be confident right now
  4. Good thing you can't get it standing in line at Walmart black Friday......
  5. Seriously the best bang for the buck I've found. I just hope it doesn't become too popular and have the price skyrocket or get hard to find. Grabbed a bottle of maker's mark 101 today. Gunna give it a try either tonight or tomorrow. Was really hoping to find their wood finishing series
  6. I'd be happy with it. The 1910 and 1920 are really good and I've heard the 100 proof is as well
  7. Haha you're right! Please don't stab me.....
  8. If you don't like collard greens, you're wrong....
  9. That's because people assume you're a crazy person when you start talking, and they don't want to set off your schizophrenia by disagreeing with you.
  10. What do you like in single malts that you don't find in blends?
  11. This. Got the 12 year last year for msrp through the state lottery. It's good, but not $500 good
  12. I'll have to check that out. Truth seekers drew me in cause Simon pegg is in it (as a secondary character) and his chubby friend (whose name escapes me) is the main character
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