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  1. Just realized it censored bit chute or is it the FBI trying to hide the truth
  2. BFit


    I honestly can't tell if she's standing with her legs apart, or if she's in a dress and theres a boot in front of her......
  3. It's most likely a new look falcon suit/wings with Capt colors on it,bl but damnit I still want to see it!
  4. Swat around here is at the county level, not sure why people think local pds have their own, or are outfitted like swat.
  5. No, taco bell's meat at least tries to look like meat....
  6. The real question is, does it come with ketchup?
  7. She told me she gets all her info from a website called ****ute. I didn't check it out too much, but it could be a good place to go for some solid entertainment
  8. Pretty sure I met eaglesva's mother the other day. Was doing work at her house and she went off on a 15 minute rant about how bill gates and his transgender wife are using covid to inject computer viruses into people with the help of the obama's (said Michelle used to me "mike obama" and has a higher CIA clearence than barrack.) And that they are in cahoots with Hillary (who is dead but has a body double) to traffic 10s of thousands of children to sub terrainian bunkers worldwide so they can be farmed for their adrenaline glands which are milked and sold to celebraties such as tom hanks and Ellen degeneres...... I think I covered it all.....
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