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  1. If Hurts could play like Bradford in the preseason, it would be a great sign. We know Hurts can run and generate big plays off platform. The sustainable part is running an offense on schedule and forcing the defense to defend the entire field. The problem with Bradford is that he didn't have the big plays with either his legs or his arm.
  2. Thurston Howell, the most tragic figure in tv history. Stuck on a deserted island with Ginger, Mary Ann...and his wife.
  3. If Hurts plays Friday, the Jets should be a pretty good test. Their defense was bad last year, but they have added two first round picks, two good free agents and get Lawson back from injury. It will only be two series at the most, but if Hurts can move the offense, it would go a long way toward indicating that he has made progress.
  4. EJ Perry back with the Jags. Let the "did we sign the right udfa to mop up preseason games" debate begin!
  5. Obviously media reports of Lawrence getting better are not to be believed. The true test is whether or not their fans see improvement on his fundamentals based on twitter clips.
  6. No one is saying they didn't change the offense. The question is whether changing the offense led to success, or if playing crappier teams led to success. We played 5 playoff teams in our first 7 weeks and 0 playoff teams in the next 9 weeks. Maybe that was the reason we won more games later in the season, rather than any genius move by the coaching staff.
  7. It will be interesting to see how we come out in the preseason game. Assuming the starters won't play, it bears watching how they use Dean and Taylor at off ball lb as opposed to the two Johnsons at the overhang position. Tuipulotu, Williams and Wilson mirror Davis, Cox and Hargrave, and Jackson is the Graham/Sweat DE. So we have the ideal personnel in place to run either a 4-2 or a 5-1.
  8. The coaches will also know if the routes were open or not. They will look at the tape. They will give Hurts feedback. Him just throwing it to throw it would add nothing to that conversation.
  9. You criticize his processing and decision making, and now you just want him to yolo his way through a drill. Very odd. Again, the coaches can show him these things on film.
  10. As far as running during 7 v 7s, that is overblown. They tape all of those reps and go over them. If Hurts is missing open guys, it will show it. If he is correct not to throw it, it will show it. But there is no difference between throwing a ball away, which other qbs do, or "running it." Hurts is simply showing he didn't see anyone open in the time allowed. As far as running in 11 v 11s, the ones from last night I saw were on read option plays, and he has to practice reading the defense in those situations. Lastly, why should you care if he gets injured. You seem to think any qb on the roster is an upgrade.
  11. Based on the tape from last night, that's what the defense did. I saw a lot of 5-man fronts with an extra player in the box. The deep ball to AJ Brown was against single-high coverage and the lone safety couldn't get there in time. Brown and Goedert also had catches over the middle that would have gone for decent gains of 20+ yards against stacked boxes. I do think it's funny that you think the defense isn't showing Hurts the same kind of looks he is going to face all year long. How cute.
  12. Also, as far as the 180 on offense, i am not convinced that necessarily helped us. In our first 7 games, the oponents scored an average of 25 points. In the next 9 games, they averaged 16. The narrative that our offense suddenly got better seems flawed to me. Yes, we ran the ball more, but the biggest reason we won games seems to be the fact that the other team wasn't scoring.
  13. As far as vanilla plays, i am a little lost on that. I get in a preseason game you run a vanilla offense, but that refers to gameplanning. But the plays are the plays. We aren't practicing plays that aren't in the playbook, right? Plus, the coaches want joint practices. They see them as valuable, which is why they have them. You may not see the value, but you aren't a coach. Ultimately, we were a 4 win team going into last season who impressed in joint practices and went on to make the playoffs by beating bad teams. Exactly what we should have expected.
  14. We also faced bad qbs in the joint practices, so your point about the joint practices seems incorrect. Also, Hurts wasn't great against our own defense, and we can all agree that as a passer he wasn't great. So I am struggling to see how your argument that joint practices are meaningless is accurate when they seemed to give us a pretty good idea of how our season would go last year.
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