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  1. Was just looking at pro bowl voting...when was the last time we had multiple players get double digit sacks?
  2. Cris just compared ceedee lamb to one of history's all time greatest athletes in Wayne Gretzky. How many cowboy Ds can he fit in his mouth at once do you think?
  3. I thought the rule was if your butt is on a defender who's down, you're down?
  4. This Kanye West situation is wild. Don't get me wrong, what he said was despicable and unforgivable, but is anyone else getting Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler vibes? I mean, this can't be real, can it?
  5. Manning, Peterson, Moss, Gronk Edit: Just saw I picked the same as @garingovt2000. Still, this is the only right answer.
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