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  1. Such a great podcast. The part about farting in the offensive line room had me dying laughing
  2. They should lay him into some mineral-rich sediment so he becomes Jim Fossil.
  3. While we don't get snow at the end of April there's still a good chance of cold miserable rain. We do get snow at the beginning of April, though- which is why (off-topic) there won't ever be another Wrestlemania here. (They are only held in stadiums now)
  4. good thing he caught that allergy in the 2017 playoffs
  5. Get ready for it, all NFL games will be on a subscription service -probably several subscription services- after the next broadcasting deal Be sure to set aside a few hundred dollars a year just to watch your squad. And there will still be commercials.
  6. OK let's just trade a lot of the picks for 2022, and take like 2 or 3 absolute projects with the rest not seeing any other value now
  7. When explaining this pick to someone yesterday I said "It's like we drafted current Jason Peters to replace Jason Kelce."
  8. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/milton-williams And here's the spider chart
  9. I'll hold my judgement on this guy until he plays. This makes him look good and might explain the logic behind the pick.
  10. It -is- a horrible pick when the guy spent more years injured than years playing in college Howie blew this pick harder than this dude blew his ACLs
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