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  1. Looks like Aaron Donald was more effective in that assault than he was against the Eagles last year Even against our garbage replacement OL he got zero sacks and basically did nothing
  2. Crazy uncles gonna crazy uncle. I can't wait for the draft to wipe this out for a week or so.
  3. At the Parade Trey Burton singled me out in the crowd and said "THAT GUY RIGHT THERE! WE DID IT FOR YOU!" So I don't give an F he'll always be my hero and be welcome back
  4. Seems like an outsider speculative take that is based on how he's reading those events, as opposed to an insider take based on knowledge gained from those inside the organization.
  5. I didn't like this year's draft. We need a beast gamechanging edge rusher more than anything and this year it didn't look like there was any worth a 6 So I was in Team Trade Back. I still wish we got more value out of this trade down, though. If the Dolphins pick isn't top 10 in the next years draft this is a loss. And the pick tradeup didn't even get us to the top 100 either
  6. I;m happy for DeSean, he gets to play in his hometown and wear blue (he's a Crip)
  7. Hurts' jacket Siri's jacket is for guys with a special kind of energy
  8. And I was in Buffalo for him beating the Eagles in 2011 Though in that game the Eagles died by running back
  9. I did not expect so many people here thinking that Reagor is a solid block for building I think he showed next to nothing last year. I'm not sure he'll end up being here past his rookie contract. Maybe even gone sooner.
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