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  1. I went 50-36 last weekend. I thought what could've been on the drive home lol
  2. Should've taken the dumb clubs out of your hands lol
  3. Let's hope we can put up plenty of points next week
  4. Eat the dead money and move on. According to @downundermikeit'll be 15 mil
  5. Dickerson is a stud imo. I loved the pick and he'll prove the doubters wrong
  6. Only 3.7 mil savings according to @downundermike with 15 mil in dead money. If they were willing to eat all this dead money this year, just get rid of him
  7. Corral looks good. Haven't watched too much of Willis but I've heard the praise
  8. Rattler and Carroll probably 1 and 2. Scouts like Howell and Willis. I haven't seen much of Willis
  9. I thought he played well for him being thrown in there due to Brooks injury
  10. He sucks. "In my day that was just called a block" Different game now
  11. Now the injuries start piling up. We need to move on from Brooks in the off-season
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