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  1. Maybe 2025. We can get our hands on Arch Manning
  2. Next years class seems meh. There could be a guy that comes out of no where but I doubt it. You're looking at Slovis, Howell, and maybe Rattler as the top qbs next draft
  3. I would be ecstatic if we got a 4th for Ertz
  4. If Drummond and/or Griffen get buyouts I'm hoping the Lakers can scoop one up. Preferably Drummond
  5. You must have me confused with someone else. I've made it very clear I hate Fields. I have said I think Wilson will have a good career but never once said I'd like to see the Eagles draft him. I've been on the Chase wagon since we've had the 6th pick.
  6. I find myself torn now as well. I still want Chase at 6 but Lance is picking up steam
  7. We don't play the Bengals so I'm not sure who we can tie with
  8. Lance's arm strength is superior compared to Hurts. His mechanics are solid as is his footwork. Few tweaks here and there but nothing major. His only flaw I would say is he needs to learn to run out of bounds and not through people lol. He's going to be a helluva player imo
  9. You should watch more of Lance's game tape. He's clearly better then Hurts and has high upside. 2nd best qb in the draft imo
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