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  1. Our EMB brothers and sisters are hardly "strangers" and post count is everything. Predictably, you don't really know anything "for a fact", you're just regurgitating nonsensical Newsmax talking points and quoting a guy who spreads false claims (aka "fake news") about COVID (yeah, I googled). And "your mother's basement" zingers went out with Rich Kotite.
  2. A fact? Okay, enlighten us with the facts. And not some blog nonsense, real facts from legitimate, recognized sources. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hmm. He reminds me of someone...
  4. Their actions speak louder than their words. To your point, they took him in the 2nd, benched Wentz and made him their starter, passed on Fields to take Hurts' go-to guy at Alabama, brought in sage veteran backup Flacco and, so far, haven't made a move on Watson. Not sure what more they can do.
  5. Ertz reported for camp today and will be on the field tomorrow. What happens next is anyone's guess but there are worse things in the world than Jalen Hurts having both Ertz and Godert along with Sanders in the 12 grouping, which "they" say Siriani likes a lot.
  6. Link? And Eskin, for all the annoyance, is more plugged in to the Eagles organization than anyone in town. Being on their payroll probably helps. We'll see soon enough.
  7. Reports now are that he's over his issues and has been working out at the facility with his teammates the last couple of weeks. He's planning to report and is expected to be on the opening day roster. Following an offseason that featured a ton of trade chatter around tight end Zach Ertz, the Eagles stood pat and the three-time Pro Bowler is now expected to report to training camp, according to multiple reports. https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/eagles-sirianni-hurts-ertz-gannon-20210726.html https://twitter.com/howardeskin/status/1417885654323769350?s=20
  8. That's the point of the way the cap is structured by the league. GMs always spread money around from year to year. The big difference is in 2022 the cap goes up to $208 million from the $182 million it was cut to this season.
  9. It would be a franchise altering move whether he plays well or not. They would mortgage their present and future to get him. That's a game changer, one way or another.
  10. Trading for Watson would be a seismic event in the history of the franchise. That changes everything.
  11. I really have no idea what to expect offensively - partly because of personnel and partly because of scheme. Nick supposedly loves two tight end sets yet the Eagles have been poised to dump their best tight end for months. He likes to create mismatches near the line of scrimmage by getting the running backs involved in passing game but the Eagles RB room doesn't seem stocked with guys like Sproles who do just that. He emphasizes Yards After Catch which could actually be a plus for guys like Sanders, Smith and maybe even Reagor. And, of course, the whole thing needs Hurts to play reasonably well, make smart decisions and be accurate.
  12. Players report a week from tomorrow with their first practice the next day. I, for one, cannot wait regardless of the prospects this season. Top 5 offensive storylines: Jalen Hurts. Nothing else matters if he can't rise to the occasion. DeVonta Smith: When was the last time a rookie came into his first Eagles camp with expectations like this? Offensive line: stories from left to right, starting with who's starting at LT? On the other side, will Brooks and Johnson return to form? Coaching: there's some natural skepticism inside and outside the facility about the new coaching team. Should be fascinating to watch. (tie) RB and TE: The RB room is pretty full - I think there are 8 RBs on the current roster -and Ertz is still an Eagle. Something has to give. Thoughts?
  13. This charts head coaches only - first gigs. It’s an interesting take. I admit I’d never heard of Nick until he was named HC here but the Paul Brown tree has a hell of a lot of innovative offensive firepower.
  14. It's a good ol' pre-training camp TATER brawl. It's hot, tempers are short; Happens every year.
  15. On the coaching tree Siranni is a direct descendant of Bill Walsh from the Paul Brown line - Walsh's mentor and the father of modern football. Pretty good pedigree.
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