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  1. The hook means someone's gonna cover Sunday but as poorly as these two teams are playing you never know. Hurts and Goff are statistically similar (although Hurts has more TDs and fewer INTs); Sanders will be out for the Eagles so they'll have to figure out what they're going to do at RB. Lane came out with an ankle so Mailata slid back to RT and Dillard came in and has acquitted himself fairly well on the left side. Hopefully Lane will be good to go Sunday. Line: Eagles-3.5/Lions Total: 47.5 ML: Eagles -$175/Lions +$150
  2. Yeah but Gruden ran the whole program - he's a complete D-bag but he was in charge of every aspect of the team. And he violated their trust. At some point, things like that becomes a factor. A possible letdown seems to be baked into the line.
  3. Eagles Nation will be well-represented over on Al Davis Way in Vegas (the city) this Sunday. That's an interesting number for the Birds on the road. Vegas (the team) might be due for a letdown after blocking out the noise and hammering the Broncos on the road. At some point, the adrenaline wears off. Vegas (the sportsbook) is keeping it close. Line: Raiders-3/Eagles Total: 47.5/48 ML: Raiders -160/Eagles +140
  4. ^^^this. And I'm glad athletes are finally talking about the importance of mental health. I'm from an unhealthy place and time where you kept that stuff quiet or were seen as soft or weak. Now, the opposite is true. Go in health, Lane.
  5. Quarterback schmarterback. You could put the cloned offspring of Montana, Brady, Manning and Marino out there but when your coaching staff hands the ball to the RB ONCE in the first half and drops into the shotgun at first and goal from the ONE INCH line you won't make any progress.
  6. Yes they did. On behalf of the house, thanks for playing and please exit through the gift shop...
  7. Closing thoughts before pregaming - and as someone who has to work relatively early, I hate prime time games.... This line opened at 6.5 which the public immediately pounded to the key number of 7. These teams are even defensively and both are 2-3 ATS. Per VISN: We've seen sharp buyback on the Eagles + 7, with many books juicing up the Eagles side and hinting at a fall back down to 6.5. Dogs are 45-35 ATS (56 percent) this season. Primetime dogs are 9-6 ATS (60 percent). The Eagles also have value as a contrarian home dog in a heavily bet primetime game. Tom Brady is 0-10 ATS in his last ten primetime games. Tampa has ruled out tight end Rob Gronkowksi along with a pair of defensive starters in Lavonte David and Antoine Winfield Jr. So the sharps are taking the Eagles and 7. If you're looking for a fun player prop, try Hurts OVER 279.5 yards passing. Tampa Bay has the worst pass D in the league and the Eagles will have to sling it to keep pace. Good luck!.
  8. Or it could be that aliens have kidnapped his high school coach and he's mounting an interstellar rescue. Guys, the pointless speculation is...pointless. From a football perspective what I'd like to know is how long they're going to keep him on the active roster. I'm not sure what designation they would use - Reserve NFI is the closest I can see - but considering how thin they are on the OL an open roster spot could come in handy if he's not coming back soon.
  9. That’s how I read it too and I think he’s right on both scores.
  10. And to complete the circle of absurdity, his lead blocker would be Gainwell…
  11. Vegas is built on temptation of one kind or another. It's their model.
  12. Too early for that unless he's done for the season. Lane is arguably the best RT in the league. But I do wonder how long they wait until they move him off the active roster and onto a non-football reserve designation to open up a roster spot.
  13. Because just facing Brady and his crew isn’t challenging enough…
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