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  1. One year ago today, die hard Eagles poster @VaBeach_Eagle and friends stood up this new board when the old board closed abruptly. Tip of the hat to you all because the transition has been seamless and we get to talk the same dumb sheet to the same dopes we've been arguing with for years - decades, in some of our cases. Stuck inside during the pandemic this board became a fun part of my daily digital rotation, and many of yours, too. Thanks to all and cheers to another good year on the NEW EMB.
  2. Union politics. The NFLPAs position is that voluntary means voluntary but teams pressure players to attend anyway. They say the first phase of OTAs is strictly conditioning and a lot of guys think their personalized offseason training routines are better than what the teams want them to do. It's also now a 17 game season. It's not about risk. It's about control.
  3. This has nothing to do with work ethic, getting soft or COVID. This is an unexpectedly contentious issue between the NFL and the NFLPA. Players from virtually every team have announced they're skipping phase one of the voluntary OTAS. The Eagles players are trying to stand with their NFLPA brethren. And not every player will sit out - guys with workout bonuses will come in as will guys who will have to fight to make the roster. Phase one is only conditioning, anyway so who cares? Let the lawyers sort it out and get everyone in for Phases 2 and 3 when they start working on actual football.
  4. 6 AFC Championships? If Wentz could play we wouldn't even be here. He's out of the league in four years. Book it.
  5. If that happens the pick they got back in the trade becomes their third first rounder. It will be later in the draft but three first rounders, along with the rest of their draft capital, means they can do pretty much whatever they want.
  6. Guess how many offensive linemen the Eagles have drafted in the first three rounds in the last decade? Four. Danny Watkins Lane Johnson Isaac Seumalo Andre Dillard That's it. Johnson was terrific but now often injured and aging. Seumalo is an eminently average LG. Dillard looks like an injury prone bust and Watkins is a fireman outside of Dallas. You reap what you sew.
  7. I see it the other way around - Dillard has every hallmark of another bust but Mailata seems intriguing. OL is a bigger picture problem. The Eagles basically ignored it in the draft for years and are paying the price.
  8. Great point. The smartest guys in the room, always.
  9. Nobody's going to say it on the record because Lurie would destroy them but the articles quote two former players/employees and, I think, two current. And these aren't crazy, out of the blue stories. They track with what we've been hearing about Lurie and Howie for a long time now.
  10. If Dillard can stay healthy along with Mailata the Eagles would have two young tackles they like. And Lane should come back healthy. I agree that they need to address the OL, just not sure how high.
  11. There's been some excellent insider reporting about how the Eagles front office has become increasingly dysfunctional in recent years. I'm attaching links to stories in The Athletic and Inquirer that are must-reads for serious Eagles fans. Among the headlines: Lurie wanted Reich gone after 2016. Doug said no. Lurie was going to fire them both and make Jim Schwartz head coach until Wentz intervened. Every Tuesday after games, Lurie and Howie held a tribunal with Doug and basically beat him up: second guess every play call, clock management, personnel decisions. The atmosphere inside the facility is so toxic departments had to be moved across the building to be physically separated. Howie has reverted to the sneaky, slippery eel he was when Chip Kelly banished him from the football operation and he's paranoid about leaks. https://theathletic.com/2506187/2021/04/12/paranoia-mismanagement-and-office-politics-inside-the-eagles-downfall-under-jeffrey-lurie-howie-roseman/ https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/philadelphia-eagles-jeffrey-lurie-carson-wentz-20210413.html
  12. Last year it was 9.5 and we all know how that went. Divisional Opponents O/U Totals Cowboys: 9.5 Washington: 8 Giants: 7 https://www.thelines.com/odds/nfl-win-totals/
  13. Let's see if he even makes the team but the FO seems to like him.
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