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  1. With the 170th selection of the 2021 EMB Draft the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS SELECT ALARIC JACKSON, OT, IOWA. @20dawk4life and the Steelers are on the clock.
  2. With the 145th pick in the 2021 EMB Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select ROBERT HAINSEY, OG, NOTRE DAME. @ibleedgreen1990 and the Jets are on the clock.
  3. I definitely should have included Leto. In all honesty, I wish we would have gotten to see Leto’s Joker. It definitely seemed bad, but maybe it would have grown on us after hearing the Robin/Batman beating the Hell out of him backstory. I also wish we would have gotten to see this dark Snyder timeline.
  4. That’s a good point. I can see how you might have thought I was talking about Patty Jenkins, Superman, and (possibly) Affleck.
  5. With the 127th pick acquired from the Arizona Cardinals the Jacksonville Jaguars select CHRIS RUMPH II, EDGE, DUKE. @20dawk4life and the Steelers are on the clock.
  6. We have agreed to the trade in principle. Just waiting for it to be approved.
  7. I’ve got a trade offer in with @Outlaw. I’ll try to keep checking in until he responds.
  8. Imagine winning life’s lottery, being cast in a major superhero franchise, then constantly whining and pretending to be a victim every three weeks.
  9. Does anyone’s WalterFootball site still load? Once the ads got incredibly out of hand I completely stopped going there.
  10. On a side note, search for the Bert Kreischer / Jay Mohr story on YouTube. Apparently, that guy sucks, too.
  11. When anyone says "5 starters from one draft class is imperative” it’s best to click out of the thread.
  12. They just gave up a decent haul for Sam Darnold. This might take QB out of play at #8.
  13. With the 106th pick of the 2021 EMB the Jacksonville Jaguars select HAMSAH NASIRILDEEN, S, FLORIDA STATE. @IFB DOG... Dolphins... again.
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