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  1. I am watching my girlish figure. No thanks! 2020 was the joke.
  2. Pandering to the far left also. Great job. 🙄 #Trump2020!
  3. At least he showed up without a mask on after mandating that everyone else wear a mask. Nice job throwing soldiers in the garage too. I’m not impressed so far. He’s just another political hypocrite hack.
  4. Indeed. He already demolished the party. Hopefully the rumors are true and he forms his own party for a return. In reality, he just needs to go away and stay away. I think that most of the country has had enough Cheeto to last a lifetime.
  5. He won’t go away if people and the media don’t just move the F on. He’s gone. Took his ball and cried all of the way home. Time to move on and focus on President Biden and his administration.
  6. Not if you’re currently maintaining good prostate and colon health.
  7. Biden hasn’t sent our checks yet. Ukn’ liar like the rest of the politicians.
  8. It’s ok. We’ve all taken the bait at some point or another.
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