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  1. Juggy, juggy, wuggy.. that brown n**** takes it in the sluggy he claims to fire A scud, but all that brown dude do is eat mud he ain’t nevah been to Philly twisting curry bowls that n**** silly the Eagles glad they got a brown fan cause too many honkies make a round man
  2. Left….wacky, wacky, Right? Ya’lls eatin balls like you think the sheet is right bobeph is chillin in his crib, aww sheet momeph giving’ dadeph head blobeph rolls home on his unicycle, sheetin bricks and chuckin em’ at dudes on a motorcycle dogs is in my bed, this fat n**** ain’t gettin no head. dawgs is loud, blob is feelin proud, that disastah farts is blowin up a crowd uh, uh, uh… 1,2…1,2 yeah…wicky, wicky what? Ya’lls always smokin deez…..DEEZ NUTS!
  3. Listen two my sheet cause the claws is on listen to the Romo’s busting spawn all your Rambo then you go up the rive, listen to the abstract that freaky Paco i’m Bob rock and I tick and I tock and I can’t stop with the claw tock See I got heart like Toastrel sparks hitting’ gay sparks (not that there’s anything wrong with that) pass me the mic and I’ll be rock in’ the whole park
  4. You picked the black kid 1 because…Because politics. Ahole! oh, and the Puerto Rican 3rd. White boys last. Thanks for your vote, AOC!
  5. Was little Bo’s 21st b-day. This ukn kid had restaurants pulling for him. That ukn’ P is home and passed out! Since like 10:45! Ukn’ wimp.
  6. Hey A-Hole! I coached baseball and football for 7 years. For F in’ FREE! Take your 12k and jam it up your mother……meh..whatevs.
  7. So we can’t be real friends then? Dude. We are friends with many of the same people. What’s the problem? You fat friends don’t like fat people?
  8. Yikes. Sorry to hear that. Dude, you have no clue how many times I’ve seen you and didn’t say sheet. Giant that one time was too good to pass up. One of the facilities that I am responsible for is literally walking distance from you firm. we should just be real friends! 🤣
  9. It’s that State Street sheet now. Or whatever it is
  10. Hmmm…Maybe my days are wrong. Grabbed some pizza from Franks and as I was backing up I saw you talking to a mom in my mirror. 🤣 Yes. My wife dripped all over the 5th hole
  11. Trying to encourage my brother to stop by lmao That’s Blobeph btw
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