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  1. A lot easier with the early picks of course but the jags are adding some serious talent with all of their picks so far.
  2. They aren’t very creative ones though. Just the same style as last year that say Trump No more BS. Just changed the year
  3. Saw my first few Trump 2024 flags around town over the last week or so.
  4. Why do you think it’s a $30 stock? It was trading at around $7 before the pandemic and was already a struggling company. If anything it’s overvalued now because of the meme stock status. Maybe it will pop up for a few days at some point but it’s a dying company. I guess you never know with the meme stocks though. GME should be a penny stock but it’s trading at $180.
  5. So at this point it’s pretty safe to say Biden has already saved the lives of at least half the members of the Eagles message board. What a GD hero!
  6. Seems to cause stronger reactions in younger people. At my hospital almost everyone had at least some side effects after he second dose of Moderna and Pfizer. Mostly 25-45 year olds. The older employees didn’t have any issues. Small sample size but I’ve heard the same from other places as well. I’m 42 and was shivering in bed for around 5 hours the night of shot two. Managed to make it in to work the next day because I’m not a millennial but it was a rough night.
  7. Try registering in large counties. My parents had to drive about 40 miles to a larger county. That county was getting around 7,000 doses a week at the time but the county they lived in was only getting 500.
  8. That’s what I got. Hasn’t killed me yet. Try to plan for not working the day after shot two if at all possible.
  9. Sorry, no. Those are all holograms.
  10. Wait till shot two. Definitely caught me off guard. Unless you’re old as hell. Old people don’t seem to have nearly as bad of side effects as younger people do.
  11. I don’t think you can really use logic when looking at AMC stock. It’s trading well above pre pandemic prices. It’s a meme stock of a company that was failing even before covid.
  12. I wonder if it will end up being a chance to meet a cardboard cutout of Trump like they did to students at Trump University?
  13. All reasonable people realized the outcome by Nov 5th. Trump was obviously not one of them.
  14. That pretty tame. You should head down to central FL. I see some great ones.
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