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  1. So what leverage do they have now that they didn't then?
  2. I'm really Fing sick of the public discourse being driven by the fringe elements and social media amplification.
  3. The slope is getting steeper and slicker. I repeat, this is why the 2nd Amendment folks dig in their heels at the very beginning.
  4. That's the first I heard of it, but I also concentrate more on Scotch than Irish whiskey. FWIW my son asked his Irish bartender in Ireland for a recommendation and Teeling is what he came up with. If you can't trust an Irishman, who can you trust? I hope the bartender's last name wasn't Teeling.
  5. The William Shatner mask comes back to haunt him.
  6. The William Shatner mask comes back to haunt him.
  7. I actually spent some time living and working on a dairy farm. Livestock is a huge PITA; they don't care that it's Christmas, or that the weather sucks, or that you're sick. They still need to be fed and tended to. Growing crops is way easier.
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