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  1. If you are referring to Wentz, his vaccination status could have a significant impact on which round the Indy draft pick will convey. It is relevant to an Eagles discussion.
  2. BTW....Rodgers returning to GB makes our Broncos game a bit more winnable.
  3. Per Sirianni... - We're wasting our time with Hurts. - Smith dropped a ball, so we're moving him to third string. - I couldn't stop laughing at Ertz' hair color. - Dillard and Mailata keeping LT warm for Le'Raven Clark. - I saw the guys on defense running around, so whatever. - Howie is the best GM in the league.
  4. I can't image a fringe roster player not being vaccinated. Why give the team a reason to let you go, given the COVID policy this season.
  5. There is still a considerable amount of mask-wearing in the Northeast among the vaccinated. It is believed to be a residual of the trauma experienced in NY, Boston, etc. during the first wave last year.
  6. Yup. The answers are either "Yes" or any other combination of words.
  7. It's only the first day. If he is not ready for the games, then it would be a real concern.
  8. A couple of points I'd like to make. Regarding Simone Biles, one factor that I have seen focused on is safety. A gymnast can get seriously injured if they miss a component of her routine. If Kevin Durant "isn't there", he'll miss some shots and turn the ball over. If a world class gymnast "isn't there", she could land head-first on the mat or the balance beam. Toughing it out really isn't an option, IMO. Regarding the vaccine... Yes, we are learning that the Delta variant is nearly as transmittable from a vaccinated person as an unvaccinated one. I would note, however, that even with Delta the vaccinated person is unlikely be hospitalized and almost guaranteed not to die. Vaccines save lives. That is an undisputed fact. Please get a vaccine. We are all Eagle fans and we'd like you to stay around for a while longer. Now back to football...
  9. Vick had already been convicted, incarcerated, and reformed. He took responsibility for his actions, was remorseful, and was advocating against dog fighting. That all made his signing more tolerable. Watson is pretty far away from where Vick was.
  10. Thread owner, "Please stop the vaccine debate. Those that are informed know who they are. Those that aren't informed don't know who they are. It is fruitless. Now lets get back to Eagles football."
  11. This. I believe the cap hits listed include signing bonus proration. The acquiring team would avoid those.
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