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  1. But only 4 picks max. Can't leave the top ten. Per Howie, that's only where you'll find impact players.
  2. IMO, this was overcompensation for the JJAW vs Metcalf pick, where they took production over upside. Reagor was considered a late first round pick coming off his 2018 season. One example...https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/way-too-early-2020-nfl-draft-mock-draft
  3. Let them just be regular people for a while.
  4. I am jumping on PS2 bandwagon. Smith and Chase are awesome. But the NCAA is churning out really good WRs every year now. A top-flight CB is harder to come by.
  5. So the scheme made Douglas and Mills slow? And took away Darby's ball skills? And made Jones fragile? And made Maddox play outside because of injuries?
  6. Is there any hurry? Thought I'd give an hour or so for any more game comments over there.
  7. A belated comment regarding Schwartz... Jim Johnson had Troy, Bobby, Al Harris, Lito, Sheldon, and Asante while here. From Schwartz' tenure, only Slay belongs in that group. And only for one year. JJ also had Dawkins for his entire tenure, plus Michael Lewis and Q both made it to the Probowl. Only Jenkins was of that caliber. He and Slay weren't here at the same time. He did a very good job here with the secondary he had.
  8. Opened the new Blog. Also, when you're 6-10, you can't complain about what a 4-win team does.
  9. We are picking 6th with a ton of holes and no cap room. SuperbowlZzzzzz!!
  10. Heard this take... Doug is a good coach that is having a bad 2020, whereas Howie is a mediocre GM that had a great 2017. Thoughts?
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