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  1. GMs always have conversations before the draft to gauge the cost of moving up/down. It makes the negotiations on draft night more efficient if the teams already have shared expectations on compensation when swapping picks.
  2. QBs in the draft are pretty much chosen in a binary fashion. If they present as a franchise type, they are coveted and go in round one. If not, they are bypassed until day three. There really isn't much in between. There have been 62 QBs taken in the past six drafts. 18 have gone in round 1. 4 in round 2. 6 in round three. The remaining 34 on day three. QBs get chosen out of the top 100 not because they suck, but rather they don't meet the franchise threshold and are escorted to the couch in the back.
  3. All adults are now eligible for a vaccine. Because of hesitancy, there is excess supply in the system. It would only take about 10K shots out of tens of millions delivered every week to get the league vaccinated. They could put together a program with the NFLPA to get shots in arms in May to facilitate camps in June. That said, as a citizen, I'd prefer the excess supply go to places like Michigan.
  4. "Founded in 2006, the DC DemonCats are one of Washington, D.C.'s four roller derby home teams."
  5. He said "former players aside"....so I interpreted "safety" as "safest".
  6. If you have some extra waistline, I'd invest in a Kelce or Cox jersey now. You can wear it when you go to Canton in about 8-10 years. If your still in shape, I'd wait for the draft to conclude. Unless you need one right now, then I'd go with Graham. It's really a sad statement that we don't have anyone under 25 years old that is a sure thing to be a fixture on the team for at least five more seasons.
  7. If they do use the 3rd from the Colts to trade to #9 AND get a player they would have likely picked at #6, THEN the two trades basically distill down to... Wentz for the Dolphins first in 2021, the Colts conditional second in 2021, and moving from #156 -> #123 this year.
  8. It important when you put together a team's draft scorecard that you provide league-wide context. Need to consider how well other teams do with their first round DL picks before drawing a conclusion.
  9. Too late. I already wrote your grade for the post down in ink.
  10. I think we need really good players. Surer things. The second half of the first round is where you find the Marcus Smiths, Agholors, and Reagors. #12 isn't a guarantee, but we need more talent.
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