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  1. So been giving some thought to this "transition" season along with the Sirianni / Hurts argument. Although right now things look bad, I believe that we should be looking for improvement, rather than a finished product on week 7. To be clear, I am not a believer in Hurts. And to my point above, is he any better than he was in 2020? Or even in October over September of this season? He still can't see the field, escapes clean pockets, and misses open receivers. Here is a item from Dave Zangaro regarding his accuracy... Now on to Sirianni. I am still out on the game planning / play calling. But there are signs that he is improving as a game manager. Remember how penalties were a sign of poor coaching, well we've averaged less than five per game over the last three weeks. That is fourth lowest in the league over that time period. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/penalties-per-game There was angst after the SF game about red zone. Well, we are currently 6th in the league in RZ touchdown percentage. And there were concerns about inconsistency with aggressiveness. Well, we are tied for first with BAL, NYJ, and LAC for the most 2-pt conversion attempts (5) and we are the only one of these teams that has converted 100%. Do I think Sirianni is the guy? Not yet, but at least he is showing signs that he is growing into his role.
  2. Heading into game 13. 12 games out of 17 probably won't be enough. Wentz needs to play game 13. Which means that the Colts need to be competitive after 12 games. There is a good chance that the Titans will be 7-5 and the Colts 5-7. I doubt they bench Wentz with 5 games (Hou, NE, Arz, LV, Jax) left at that point.
  3. Any doubt that we've been blessed to have Kelce on this team? A legendary Eagle. I look forward to the trip to Canton someday.
  4. Solution... The tradition started in 1938 when Herbert "Fritz” Crisler left Princeton University to coach football at the University of Michigan. When he arrived on campus in Ann Arbor, he brought his winged helmet concept, which he developed at Princeton, along with him. At the time, Michigan’s helmet was a plain black and brown leather helmet. Crisler’s new design consisted of a blue helmet with a maize (yellow) wing, and three stripes running to the back of the helmet. One of the benefits of the new helmets was to assist the quarterback find his receivers downfield. In the debut game of Michigan’s winged helmet, the Wolverines shut out the Michigan State Spartans 14-0 on October 1st, 1938. (Also, notice the use of bold to emphasize.)
  5. I would have used bold instead of italics there. IMO, italics is more used to separate/distinguish rather than emphasize. Always happy to help.
  6. There are at 52 with Goedert still on the Covid list. It should be McCain and Jack Anderson, now that Lane is back.
  7. College football spread in the desert. Cards -17.5 over the Texans.
  8. Looking forward to the beginning of the Tyree Jackson era.
  9. So we are 18th in DVOA per Football Outsiders. (Offense - 18th, Defense - 18th, STs - 15th) 8 out of our remaining 11 games are against teams worse than us using this metric. The Chargers are just above us. Dallas and NO are in the top 10. PLAYOFFS!
  10. Compare him to whomever you want, the traits have been there for a while.
  11. Kinda need to do that for first half only. In 2017 especially, we would get out to leads by throwing the ball and then run for the most part in the second half. As Andy would say, "You throw to score, you run to win."
  12. They need this to get to the point where the players are in on a change as well. He's too well thought of in the locker room to do it too early.
  13. Expected Points Added. Basically, not all yards are created equal. It accounts for down & distance, field position, score, etc. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/8379024/nfl-explaining-expected-points-metric
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