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  1. This is Fox @ 1pm Sunday. Not sure why they wouldn't show Seattle @ NO in Philly rather than Atlanta @ TB.
  2. You see it as a compensation. The coaching staff sees it as a feature to be leveraged in its scheme. It's led to 4-0.
  3. Yes it does. And adding that to the original post would have been great, because we can now discuss the merits of your argument. That said, there is still the question of the environment of each players' first 22-starts. I believe this was pre-Diggs for Allen. Also, you could debate that Allen had a higher ceiling that was waiting to be attained. Whereas, we really don't know how good Hurts can be.
  4. Not sure that Allen would. Mahomes and Russ are headed to Canton. Is that the standard now?
  5. I really didn't care. I was looping in the criticism from the Vikings game, where Hurts was ished on for trying to score.
  6. It's not hero ball. It's an f-ing component of the offense. Our run game works because the threat of Hurts running occupies at least one defender, allowing our OL to execute double teams and get to the second level. Further, the runs I've seen criticized were where Hurts was attempting to score. Show me a play in the middle of the field where Hurts is putting himself in serious risk.
  7. AWESOME! Hurts is as good as Josh Allen was three years ago. Try again.
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