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  1. My favorite brunch spot over the last 25 years just stopped their brunch menu. I’m crushed. It was always a deal to good to be true really. Bottomless mimosas, bloody Mary’s, and home made sangria. Homemade tortillas and avocado and cheese green salsa. Bunch included a fresh cup of fruit w/ strawberries and tortilla soup. Desert included Mexican hot chocolate and Mexican sweet bread or flan Plus the main course. My favorite being the seafood pasta omelette or crab Benedict. Called Casablanca in venice
  2. The Chinese don’t even try. They just package anything and send it to America and our dumb arses but it
  3. If you can’t beat (or in Howie’s case fire) him, join him. go howie!
  4. It’s. 17 game tryout. With our d we can’t really expect to compete for much. He has zero pressure in that regard so he needs to be relaxed and focused on building chemistry each an every week and improving throughout the season.
  5. If I had to say right now the only player on the roster that you couldn’t trade for a 1st is hurts
  6. Everything is fun and games until a libitard becomes your DA. That’s what I always say.
  7. These smaller wrs get injured more as they get into their 30’s more than anything from what I’ve noticed. Guys like djax and Steve smith from Carolina for example. We’re able to stay fairly healthy early on. They and fast and wiggly and hard to target able to avoid big hits. You look at these little guys and wonder how they survive out there but they have developed a survival instinct since street ball and high school.
  8. I have had a few people rave to me how good it is so much so that I just stood there like ok whatever. they have fair portions and a huge menu selection. But it’s still just chain restaurant food
  9. Someone photoshop bill cosby onto the prince standing over Snow White about to kiss her. Stat
  10. Not a big fan of in & out or Cheesecake Factory. But I’ll eat them. They are overhyped for sure though
  11. K Has to be. But either way that "woke” lady is proud of her CIA affiliation. which is strange considering the CIA’s history and her "wokeness” clashes in every aspect
  12. One of your better posts toast. I think it is anyways. Trying to find something I disagree w/. Lol
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