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  1. Well to be honest we dont need the contents of HB’s laptop to know he is a low life POS now do we?
  2. That’s the one w/o hot dogs. Gross
  3. I’d like to forget about them too. Especially the tampa bay one. But it still a successful run by nfl coaching standards. The only fans hard on AR are us. Everyone else respects him and consider him a HOF level coach. Which he may well be when its said and done of course those nfccg loses suck. They hurt bad. And we want to pit blame directly at someones feet. Whatever happened to blaming McNabb?
  4. Clearly that stupid fake punt was what triggered the ass whopping that followed. They were within one score at the time. Horrible decision at that point in a close game and it deflating the whole team apparently. It was awesome
  5. Point taken. Except... we are totally screwed here and now with our healthy franchise qb’s play. Rookie qb’s on crappy teams are out performing wentz right now The situation all around just isnt good at the qb factory and im not the least bit excited about our prime time game tomorrow night or the outcome. Ive lost faith that wentz can provide that spark we need. wts said this is one of those games where the eagles might have a season high scoring but the defense and st completely collapse. so many ways to fail tomorrow.
  6. Drafting a qb in 2nd when your franchise qb is just a few years in is asking for trouble. And i like hurts game. But it makes things complicated when your franchise qb is as fragile (in more ways than one it would seem) as wentz is
  7. Their (howie) the ones who drafted a qb in the 2nd rnd. Of course fans are going to want to see what hurts has when the starter is in the mix for worst qb in the nfl over 11 weeks. Money aside, wentz would be benched 9x out of 10. Wts i dont know what i would do as HC but i would certainly be running the ball more and rolling wentz out more and would have peters on the bench as much as possible. And be all up in wentz’s ass too and not be shy about it
  8. Threw into double coverage so already in trouble. And to a wr who is nothing what he used to be. Int written all over it
  9. He’s a b******. We always knew it. I like who we have in sanders. In a good offense he would be ridiculous
  10. Darby single handedly beating his own team. Give the guy some help already. Cooper owns him
  11. 2 big injuries to the the cowboys oline in the 1st qtr. martin looked pretty serious. Cowboys suck
  12. I trip because most of everything he says in his "arguments” mirrors the scam he is caught up in. for instance nasa is just a way to steal tax dollars argument. Clearly that isnt remotely realistic or possible. But the other hand, flat earth researchers/experts have a nice little gimmick that makes them sOme money from suckers who want to believe this weird and outrageous concept of a flat earth One of the oldest tricks in the book and has been going on since forever and people who are good at it make good money. This is totally realistic and possible and exactly what the flat earthers are tied up in. A scam
  13. There is only one thing that’s a lock this season and that’s that nothing’s a lock. Expect maybe for the Jets to lose. I’m like 25% on picking the spread this year and am not betting a single game until next season.
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