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  1. Just gotta remember who we played that’s all. but it’s nice to know we have options for now.
  2. Meh. Like I said. Too soon. Too much grief and sorrow involved. I shouldn’t even have said "too soon” because there’s actually never anything funny about the cold blooded murder of school children. Some things should never become a meme. Especially ones that are simply to get a laugh and not making a political statement. It’s all good. Just one mans opinion
  3. Too soon imagine if you I’ll, of being friends or family of one/or more of the victims.
  4. Picture tells a tale for sure. Kid probably never had a chance. im convinced that having children is a privilege not a right
  5. I despise the Hollywood establishment but despise career politicians far more. does dr oz fall under "actor” as a profession? That’s a stretch. this guy isn’t your typical actor. He has a trade and successful in it to the point he had a voice people think worth listening to on tv and got his own show. And that was successful
  6. I don’t believe tyranny is something that is genetically stronger in one race than another. we shouldn’t confuse race with culture. When it all is said and done these events of horror on mass scale are done all in the name of greed and power.
  7. I remember when it surfaced that he staged everything and thinking " that POS is trying to start a race war and/or riots” over time I’ve come to the conclusion that he was trying to get a boost in his career, sympathy, and the face of the the struggle of people who are black and gay. Very bold and very difficult to pull off especially when you bring accomplices into plot did he even conceder how humiliating it would be to get caught? Or more importantly how far or would set back the cause of race and lgbt community causes? one thing I’m sure he considered was the the ignorant woke left would stand my his side no matter what happened. If his plot succeeded he could have caused a whole lot of senseless retribution attacks and maybe worse. Police put a lot of resources into this because his status and the allegations. Those resources could have been utilized towards other real serious crimes. Three year max sentence is too light for this but that’s the max and it is what it is. But he wont even do 6months I bet. if I’m the judge I’m giving him 1500 hours of community service. I’m talking about clearing fire brush in the hills with a orange vest and hard hat and a government sammich for lunch. every weekend. let’s see 10 hrs two days a week. That’s 20 hrs a week. That’s 750 weekends. So he would be clearing brush for weekends for the well over the next 10 years seems more in line with the severity of his crime to me
  8. I was going to mention that angle (that it’s foolish to challenge whites to a race war) because it’s fact. But a bit of an edgy discussion. The lefties in here will literally loose their sheete over.
  9. Name me another job other than acting where you can accidentally shoot and kill someone and not hold any accountability. step 1. Make actors just as accountable as anyone else in the country step 2. No other steps required
  10. if I was blind I would have thought I was listening to trump
  11. Well I never owned a gun. Hate guns. But am 100% pro 2nd amendment as is. because tyranny. It’s that simple o don’t need to address any points because my minds set ok booger?
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