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  1. Remembered to use the amazon link a couple times now hopefully we get a little bit.
  2. Ran across this tidbit on Barmore apparently Sapp thinks the dude is trash and once he couldn’t do a drill sapp tried to have him do twice sapp just left the workout. https://nesn.com/2021/05/warren-sapp-ripped-christian-barmore-before-patriots-drafted-d-lineman/
  3. Think he had a decent stretch when he was the only half decent wr and an unknown.. as soon as teams got some tape of him they were able to shut him down.. hopefully he has been working hard and is ready to kick some ass.. that one month of being a top wr in the nfl should light a fire inside you.
  4. Pretty sure this is still active https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-eagles-message-board-emb?qid=bcded700d6e1e4f51c02f846dbcdd547&utm_campaign=p_cp_url&utm_medium=os&utm_source=customer
  5. What is the CB you speak of?guess we are stuck with what we have unless we pull a rabbit out of the hat and trade for Gilmore or something.
  6. Yeah between him and the safety/lb we got late both seem to be able to come down hill hard they have a chance to make it and do something in situations.
  7. Our new defense doesn’t use cb’s apparently we only need 1 on the field.
  8. QB Jamie Newman WR Jhamon Ausbon nfl.com has us getting these two
  9. You didn’t factor in the 1st and 5th round draft picks we acquired next year via draft trades.
  10. What were the numbers like? I didn’t have any issues at all with anything loading. we better go get some of these un drafted cb’s/ safeties
  11. ABC coverage was raving about this guy and they couldn’t believe he was still there
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