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  1. if you followed the link from here it should hopefully work… i’ve ordered a few this recently using the link hopefully getting some credit also… just ordered another 130 worth of stuff this afternoon so hopefully
  2. sure hope not dude talks to much when he does make a tackle he act like he won the super bowl or something. Earl Thomas is looking to make a comeback isn’t he? i remember when we traded up in the draft for him
  3. i had this dude in several of my mocks for the eagles this off-season in like the 5th round extremely glad we were able to pick him up!!! i know @Ray75 liked him too
  4. since we didn’t draft a punter is this worth looking into?
  5. anyone else see this?
  6. we added barnett at de and they might even consider bg as an add hehehe
  7. yes this is the only player i’m hoping for yet we met with him he is worth a chance for sure!!! i thought he could have been a 4-5th round pick
  8. yeah several cbs i liked on the board in that 5th early 6th round but i know they like the guys they added off trades last year so i’m not mad they went other directions. Calcaterra could also be a beast if he can stay healthy definitely worth the chance at that point. to bad we didn’t get a punter but oh well
  9. there is no cap it’s fake… if they have to they will just add several void years to the deal to spread out any cap hit
  10. there is still several starting safeties who haven’t signed in free agency yet.. honey badger tops the list
  11. i can get behind both of these 6th rounders though i did like some other players they had shots at.. interesting no de’s or oline
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