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  1. Why would anyone use a stock photo for that? Not saying it had to be a live shot silly, maybe just TRUE. Maybe if there was no picture at all and the writer wasn't trying to bias me with his STOCK photo, they would be considered a credible source. Sorry, this one is not. National File-got it. How many are we up to?
  2. The excuses you make for the self owning is hysterical. 😁
  3. Add National File to the slew of BS Kz puts in here day after day. How many are we up to now? Has to be over 100
  4. Yeah, but then he would be expected to speak before other high profile case or situation. In my mind that escalates things and the perimeters will keep changing and then nothing will get done. Simmer
  5. Well I doubt the press is privy to know he's probably already got word to her to STFU!
  6. I can go find it, but read where he is to speak before the verdict is read.
  7. He then repeated previous comments that he wouldn’t be getting the vaccine because "nobody knows what’s in it”. Last year, he told fans: "I ain’t taking no vaccine. You come at me with a needle and I will be in fear of my life. You know what I’ll do if you come at me with a needle. ‘Hi I’m from the government, this needle’s good for you.’ F*** you.” Oh Ted.
  8. I had to look see when I posted this. He's gone. So fast, I hope they find that's a blessing. I thought maybe they were taking the 2 weeks they said too literally. Two family members did drop what they were doing and made it out there to be with them. Hope we can get a break from death for awhile now.
  9. So what are you looking for absolution? You don't know either. You just said so.
  10. A 42 year old dying of natural causes. There was nothing, absolutely NOTHING natural about what he faced that day. He may have had an underlying and undiagnosed condition that led to his stroke. Like being attacked by a bunch of red neck so called Americans. You are pitiful Kz. And stop carrying on about the girl. She's dead and he's dead. Dead is dead. I'm hopeful this cop gets convicted. The absolute disregard to get off of him when he's unresponsive is his crime-in my opinion. Especially as there were other officers on the scene. Had it been only him possibly facing the bystanders, that would be different. Whatever sort of public official calling for possibly more violence should just be shot on site. The B needs to STFU. Hopeful I don't lose my country and beautiful cities to people who have displaced anger and just want to do harm, rather than taking the more challenging approach of fixing their own lives, situations, and helping build better communities to reside in. God help us.
  11. Need more time. If he said this in August, maybe he'd have a point. Everyone wants everything yesterday. Pandemics don't work like that.
  12. I just can't anymore with this guy. I used to flip back and forth to try a keep a sane perspective between these bias cable news people and their networks. (CNN & FOX) After the 6th Jan I no longer could watch Fox. Now I watch HGTV
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