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  1. Bears quoting even though there are other conversations going on. Unbelievable! Hopefully it's better starting from scratch.
  2. Being an old lady (almost) now, older people DO pay more. Remember just the art of aging is increasing your risk of multiple health issues. I have spent/paid ALOT on medical. This is my 1st year of opening an FSA. Never had to do that before.
  3. People who pay premiums and never file a claim, yes I feel they should be rewarded. I think one auto insurer does this
  4. This I believe could work. I do pay higher premium for life insurance since I cannot stay smoke free for an entire year, which is when you are considered QUIT
  5. I try not to get into these discussions. While I totally get what vikas is saying, why reward folks that made bad choices with getting vaccinated before someone else? But the thing is, it is their choice to make. Or do we just eliminate fast food, soda, alcohol, and tobacco and all things that are so bad for us? Good luck with that.
  6. Thank you! Sent this info to my daughter. She's an educator and will be up next even before me, so I can't say I did it so can you! She's just afraid of it I think, so thank you for especially for the Emily Oster article that explains how the mRna works.
  7. Covid after effects? I think maybe he’s trying to MC and not act? He seems depressed. I don’t know.
  8. Foo Fighters!!! Times Like These.
  9. She was excellent. Can she be a president? I ponder. Hunt is going to go crazy over her. Mark my words.
  10. Then why aren’t more of these so called intellectuals running for public service? I agree they ought to. This old fogie is tired of taking care of and coddling the children. That’s why we have settled. Soon enough these millennials will be forced to run things and actually think for themselves. Thankfully I’ll be long gone by then.
  11. 17 executive orders signed. First presser at 7pm. We’re rolling. Joe says Trump did leave a letter. Called it generous. Ha. A historic and productive day. This American wishes him and everyone (even kz) well. Let’s go!
  12. Ivana would have made a good 1st lady. You can't make it up can you?
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