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  1. Fletcher! Wow. 2 sacks in a row. Wentz sucks. Watching by myself again but it’s all good. Got my Flu shot at the Acme this morning and you get a 10% off coupon then another 5 for wearing the jersey. Currently waiting to put chicken with the special shake on the coals. Made macaroni salad and also a meat sauce to have on my pasta this week. Hope to see my son later told him to come eat and he never refuses. Have a good game all.
  2. I don't know about you guys but I've seen numerous headlines saying "they got him and hes going to jail"
  3. I got 2nd place at work today my fellow co worker won 1st. He had full gear all way down to the green socks with sandals. Pj bottoms and Kelly green jersey. Hat. I just wore Mr Di’s vanity jersey which is 59 the year he was born and his last name on the back. I started wearing it late season last year when our playoff run was on the brink. Guess I’m committed this year—although I did change into another short sleeve of my own gear while cleaning and eating. Here’s to a good game!
  4. Omg. I remember that. My pre game is the under on getting my floors cleaned before kick off. I purposely put the laundry on top of the bed so I would be forced to put it away to sleep there. I did clean the bathroom and dishes. Ended up at Wawa for a meatball sandwich.
  5. Her Majesty got quite the send off today. Since we don't have a monarchy, I do find it all a bit historically fascinating. It's been awhile since I've seen pictures of Windsor Castle, and the country road leading up to it. She had a tremendous turn out of people on all of her journeys starting with the farm tractors lining up all the way to the lady who was in the RAF and was the last person thru the line this morning.
  6. Just charge them all for the I still use the EMB's #1 Cliche and drink it already!!!!!! There's probably a few sane people that will be left in Ohio, right? He's going to keep inciting violence, talking crazy, and continue being the delusional fool that he is. I fear what may happen when charges come. The finger thing is really messed up. For there to be so many of them at this point is concerning. He needs to STFU, hopefully permanently. (Can't edit this post-weird)-I did not type that but that's how it came out.
  7. Hopefully things won't go from bad to worse. No one is really talking about this. If a strike happens, it will be bad. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/12/large-rail-labor-unions-move-closer-to-a-strike.html
  8. Listening and was watching some of the procession and service from Scotland. Prince Andrew being stripped is wearing a suit whereas Princess Ann and Prince Edward are in uniform. He stood out. What a shame. Well, actually what an idiot.
  9. First year ever not having anyone over Sunday. I was going to go to a friends house, but he caught covid this week. So unless one of my other friends reach out, I'll be watching alone. At least a few of you may be around here, so there's that. 2.4.18 What a game!
  10. Doing my channel surfing CNN is covering the Queens death and Fox had a reporter on a beach stalking young girls asking what fascism is or who is the current Vice President (which they don’t know) and then you know Tucker came on crying about something that doesn’t remotely effect any of us. Take your pick.
  11. Last photo. Appointment of her 15th Prime Minister on Tues. 9-6-22. Her 1st PM was Winston Churchill.
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