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  1. This came yesterday, and the tone of it I thought was good. Don't tell people to be patient, let them know you're committed to working and solving the problem. It could be worse, we could live in Brazil. I know many of you are distressed and disheartened by the availability of COVID-19 vaccine. I realize you may even feel as though Penn Medicine has let you down. Penn Medicine’s mission has always been to take care of people, especially when they are at their most vulnerable. It is at the center of everything we do and everything we are. We have the plan in place, the staff, and the lists of patients who are currently eligible to receive the vaccine in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. All we need is the supply. The truth is, our ability to take care of you is at the mercy of the vaccine manufacturing and supply chain processes that we have no control over. The Situation Most of our patients live outside of Philadelphia; they travel into the city for care or get care at one of our sites close to home. Because the rules for administering vaccines vary depending on where people live, it has created a lot of confusion and made it hard to provide vaccine to patients who live in counties surrounding Philadelphia. At our Philadelphia hospitals – where we are normally able to treat all patients, regardless of their zip codes – we must follow city of Philadelphia guidance, which allows us to provide COVID-19 vaccine only to those who live in Philadelphia. For our patients in New Jersey and the Pennsylvania suburbs, the vaccine process is regulated by the states, and that supply is very small right now. New Jersey’s focus on using six mega-sites around the state limits our vaccine capacity there. Pennsylvania’s focus on distributing through hospitals and pharmacies to-date has limited our ability to vaccinate in some counties. What We’re Doing About It We want to protect you against this horrible virus. We want to give you the ability to see your children and grandchildren. And we are going to continue doing everything in our power to make it happen. Every day, we are calling government officials to ask for more supply and more places to administer it. In addition to providing vaccine at our Philadelphia hospitals and regional hospitals (Chester County Hospital, Lancaster General Health, and Princeton Health), we have submitted applications to open vaccination sites in Radnor, Valley Forge, and Cherry Hill. We are also committed to vaccine equity by increasing vaccination rates among people of color by educating and meeting them where they are. We have been collaborating with community leaders in Philadelphia and started setting up vaccination clinics at local churches and community centers to try to close the gap. Our Promise Our staff continue to amaze us. Despite the long working hours and all they have endured this past year, they are still giving their all. Sign-ups for volunteer events, such as weekend vaccine clinic shifts, fill up in minutes. As soon as we get supply and open more vaccine sites, you are in the best possible hands with our team. While we have provided twice as many doses of vaccine as the next highest vaccinator in Philadelphia, we are not satisfied. We expect that in the next few weeks, supply will ramp up, and when it does, we have a strong process in place to expedite vaccinations for even more patients throughout our region. No matter what, we are here for you. We will continue pushing for more vaccine until we are able to provide shots to every single patient who wants them. As always, thank you for putting your trust in Penn Medicine. Sincerely, Kevin B. Mahoney Chief Executive Officer Penn Medicine
  2. The City is ordering doing their own thing, not relying on the State. As are providers, like Penn, who I'm willing to bet got their supply thru the city, and in turn they are only giving patients in the city proper vaccines. Nothing yet out here in the surrounding counties.
  3. Not defending him, but there had to be a place for the recovering, still sick people to go so the hospitals would not get overwhelmed. He failed in the reporting. Hardly a genocide, you're so special.
  4. I really could care less, but what always gets me in ALL these cases is the timing. OK? I'm a woman, and if some boss, governor, I don't care who the f you are, harasses me, I'm not going to stay quiet about it for 3 or 4 years. I don't get this part. How do you even investigate it? It's he said, she said.
  5. Yes I meant to say both Mfg and distribution. I heard Canada is a hot mess as well.
  6. Well the media is telling us how many millions of doses are being shipped everyday. While I don't doubt your statement is true, then it only compounds that the distribution is totally f'd. I still need to know how Montour county was already alloted more than their total population. Something is really really wrong here.
  7. Well seeing how there was a census in 2020 you would think the State knows where the population densities are and send them more product. It's absolutely ridiculous -you taking your mother on a 4 hour tour.
  8. Yes we know and my friends mother is over 75. From the article I just posted, this is just laughable: County Montour Population 18,259 Total Doses Delivered By State 44,585 Doses Per 1,000 residents 2,442 Rank 1 Montour County, you've got to be kidding me? You see the problem but what is being done to fix it? "Emails to the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Delaware County Council seeking comment were not answered." "I couldn't even imagine and I wouldn't even guess how potentially this could have an affect on the senior citizens that haven't been able to get a vaccine out because we're not getting our fair share"
  9. https://6abc.com/health/data-show-philly-suburbs-being-short-changed-on-vaccines/10381423/ Like I said, hopeful these numbers begin to change, soon.
  10. No appointment yet, but she's still trying. Demand too high and supply is way short. Hope by the end of March these numbers improve. The county it seems is only receiving 1/2 of what they are requesting.
  11. Geez Talking!! Can’t recall who suggested this, but have you tried logging on really early (like 4am). Sometimes as the open up slots and you’re up at the hour, you could score a time! Good luck. Keep trying. Ugh.
  12. I agree. But warmer weather is coming and peeps are gonna be like been there done it. So stupid. I really think we are leaning towards a disinfecting lifestyle. Especially at peak times. Maybe like another flu, hopefully not so deadly, but it will be several years to be totally gone. If ever?
  13. I too think mask wearing is one way to slow spread of this disease and whatever new one is to come in the future. Get used to it. In public places at least. I’d like to see this years flu numbers come June. I bet they are way down. Let us not forget. There’s a whole lot of dead people-still dying due to this particular illness. It’s always going to be out there. At least for the foreseeable future. Do your part. Take care of your elders, and don’t think just cause you’re vaccinated absolves you. Not now. Too soon.
  14. Passepartout would not be proud of me today. I'm toast before 2pm. Oh well. Deed is done. It was hard but it's done. Mind you I also had to call the landlord and tell him the sewer tank alarm was going off this morning. Someone came, no idea what happened, but I know something is still wrong. Tomorrow is another day. /end this thread. Can't make this ish up.
  15. Making record time. Almost done. Mr. Di was never techno so we've been pushing the paper and pen all these years. Last time I will doing it this way. Sad, but not too bad. Is it too early for a beer? LOL Thank you again for helping me keep my head on straight. Married was definitely the way to go. Refund will pay for my MRI with a little extra.
  16. More good news. Philly has more pot holes on their streets than covid cases!
  17. That's what you get for vetting your tenants. I've always felt I am a good one. We never bothered with anything and did most things ourselves. I do have some neighbor horror stories from over the years. Now, this guy (landlord) has let the Mexicans in, because they pay cash and right on time. I have no problem with them, it's just their culture is different. If there is a downspout that has blown off the connector to the gutter, how hard is it to go out there and put it back on? They also seem to hold on to their trash and take it to the dumpster once a week. One time when Mr. Di was spewing curse words in the house to me about another one starting their suv inside the garage causing the alarm to go off, I had to calm him down and explain. They don't have garages in Mexico so they probably don't know any better. Go over there and tell them to keep the door open, or pull it out if you're going to leave it running. Landlord has told me they don't call when there is water leaking either. So, yeah. I don't feel sorry for him at all. I have to play nice for now.
  18. Glad to see all is going well, and you and bink are actual owners that take care of their stuff! My latest experience in renting a vacation home was thru VRBO. We were going to go to Cape May after XMAS thru New Years. The owner was very responsive. I ended up having to cancel on Dec. 23rd thanks to covid19 and he totally understood. VRBO refunded me (in full) right away, and I didn't have to file the insurance claim. Still worth the loss of that fee to me since I did break the agreement. A super house that I could tell he took great pride in and was involved in the rentals. I have been a tenant all my life. Even my parents charged me room and board after I graduated hs. I have lived in the same place since 1986. Mr. Di would do maintenance when requested at the property, and later on, while the landlord spent the winters in his FL home, we never paid a rent increase in probably 10-15 years. Two months after he's dead, bam! Pay up *itch. The relationship quickly soured. He asked for his increase WHILE I had reported the sewer gas odor that was happening. He's a slum lord. The place is a wreck. I have a laundry list of things wrong. Main ones are OK at the moment. I'm safe. I looked into other places, one of which is brand spanking new, but at a hefty price which I'm afraid if I go there I would have to give up the beach cottage as I wouldn't be able to afford both. I'm staying put for now only due to still sorting and finishing things, and it all takes time. With any luck I'll check out of life before I am forced to move or make any decision of the like.
  19. My daughter is a reading specialist K-2 and while apprehensive about starting hybrid, it is going well. Being an interventionist collecting the data from assessments is part of her job, and sadly her district's children have regressed. The amount of time and effort all of them have put in between planning for in person, planning virtual, has been a complete nightmare at times. She is burning out, quickly. Last night she told me she may not do summer reading. Of course that may change. She also signed up for another course (ESL) which was super cheap, and will put her at masters + 15 when finished. Next step on her pay scale. Don't you think that's disgusting? LOL
  20. This guy is just getting worse by the day. Cannot stand him. Fox is getting harder and harder to watch. This clown will be out of job soon if he doesn't STFU with his nonsense. Yes, the kids need to be back in school as they are suffering. Blaming the teachers, or having the audacity to say THEY DON"T WANT TO TEACH causes much anguish in me, infuriates me, so much so I must come here to tell you what an arsehole he is!! https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/tucker-carlson-disgusting-teachers-could-literally-care-less-about-your-kids-video/ar-BB1e0xNM?ocid=msedgntp Is anyone actually listening to his BS? #Fire Tucker
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