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  1. I've watched it at home once and the special features/behind the scenes once at home. While was v enjoyable watching at home (this is after 2 theaters viewings and plenty of youtube rabbit holes the firs week after the initial watch), the action set pieces which are really well done, were so much more immersive in the IMAX theater. Most people missing out on seeing there is the worst part of the pandemic with regards to the film industry.
  2. Forgot to post last night after the buzzer, but WARRIORS!!!!
  3. Some of you still come in the male!
  4. I love the wife character. Has a great on screen presence and manages to be a strong, confident, intelligent woman without them having to do any of the corny tropes film and tv rely on to deliver female empowerment. what’s even more wild is her age! She matches Daniel soooo well and puts him in his place, yet she was like two years old when the first movie was filmed
  5. The issue with ww84 and justice league (and even the last straw wars IMO) is you have these films guaranteed to generate a billion at the box office. As well billions more in merch. Then add in home video sales and what tnt and/or streaming services provide in revenue for showing it. so guaranteed billions, yet the quality of the films (script, dialog, CG) are the quality of a student film seniors at USC could throw together between rounds of binge drinking and trying to nail chicks at the beach. even more embarrassing when A24 and these other studios are killing it in story, performances, cinematography, directing, etc on like $2M budgets with casts you’ve never heard of. these films should be far better with the level of resources of revenue that they have attached to them
  6. Saw him a week ago when I rewatched the film!
  7. NOTW - this is not directed at you, but a thought in response to your bday post. why is it that Star Wars fans get all up in arms when the "woke” left makes the main character a chick (Rey) or has a barely noticeable kiss (or was it a hug) with some lgbt people in the background of a scene... but had zero problems 40 years ago with a black man stealing a white character’s lines?
  8. I mean he was part of an elite CIA "on the ground” ops team blending in with Ukrainian swat team and ready to take cyanide pills and doing 100ft off the ground pull-ups inside a windmill lol
  9. Michael B Jordan to direct Creed 3
  10. the kitchen fight was still great by JDW tho!
  11. I think ps5 is where it did work. Meaning the latest gen consoles and PC are the only devices powerful enough to overcome its brokenness
  12. $30 today for any masochists still out there. Also, life hack: if you’re one of those noobs that buys games somewhere else (aside from digitally) buy Best Buy’s and just return their unopened game to whoever you bought your broken $60+sales tax copy from
  13. Agent23

    Nintendo Switch

    bought a Mario Kart bundle that I saw sitting in Target on the 22nd. Figured (while late for X-Mas) maybe someone I knew would be interested. The one I was most counting on bailed, so I listed on FB Marketplace for $350, (note: while Switches still can be elusive, I swear I see them 80% of the time I'm in Target or Best Buy, even if just 1. Last night at 6pm I saw a MK Bundle at Best Buy (store closed at 7pm, console was gone at 11am store open, even if it was up front from an online "in store pickup" order... then the neighboring Target I was at today had 1 all black and 2 blue/red consoles) since the huge markups on Switch are not what they were this summer when you might see one online or in store for a total of 30 total minutes each month. Listed with the caveat of swapping my cartridge MK8 for the digital voucher, that way I don't have to worry about swapping it in whenever I want to play (since that's the spur of the moment game I own if/when a friend wants to race each other). After getting at least 15-20 unique inquires the past 3-4 days, made the exchange with a guy during Q1 of the Packers game today.
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