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  1. That’s what you deserve for watching that instead of steph putting up 25 in the 1st quarter
  2. Welcome to realizing I have great taste!
  3. Just finished it in the fancy theater 20 mins ago. This was awesome. I’ve been seeing 1-2 movies a week for like 6 months now. Dozens at this exact theater. First time leaving the movie there are GROUPS of people standing around chatting. Like dozen plus groups of people all discussing after. Can’t remember the last time (def pre-covid) friends just chopping it up after watching a movie
  4. Looks like I will be attending Warriors-76ers Dec 11 in Philly. Bought tickets and then learned that a third might be joining us… so posted the tickets I bought for sale about 5 mins after purchase figure at best it’s just 2 of us and I remove the sale. At worst they sell and I have to re-buy tickets and end up paying a few extra dollars for them
  5. At raptors-wolves and Anthony edwards is pretty solid
  6. I can't get over the hump these part 4 weeks The late Henry TD killed me, then the hold on the Kick Return TD (would have given Tennehill and AJ some hope) and the 4th-1 fail by BUF was all another way to watch a victory remain just out of reach in the closing minutes. My line win is against that buster Redden tho. Pretty sure if your team loses to the only winless team in the league that should automatically get you kicked out for the next season.
  7. great example of a movie that is extremely fun and enjoyable on so many levels (like 8.5+ / 10 quality) and then gets to the final battle/CGI show that is like a 4 / 10 segment.
  8. So when I say Jeremy Strong gives one of the best performances current only TV, you aren't going to drag it out sarcastically for a decade like you do with Wedding Crashers?
  9. I think it was "Finding Giannis" but some special (can be found on youtube) and maybe the first game of his 3rd season he dominated and a light went off in his head where he realized "I can do this every night". He comments about how the greats (LeBron, probably mentioned KD) are that because they bring that 30/10/10 statline every night... not just once followed by 10 games of 8/4/2 like 80% of players in the league. Its playing at that high level every single night that makes someone "great" and its been awesome to see such a great human continue to tap into that. If I were to cheat on my Warriors it would be with him.
  10. I almost looked this up a week or so ago to post in here
  11. I for that Dolby cinema tickets for Thursday and it’s on HBO after so I don’t need no bootlegs either!
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