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  1. yes. I was at the Packers game where him and Sproles went off
  2. I think because it was so lackluster, its easy to forget Goff player against Brady in a Super Bowl. That's like the one matchup in the past decade that I struggled to remember recently. Not that Buccs-Chiefs was "competitive", but KC defending and failing was memorable in its own way.
  3. I got my grandmother a free iPhone 8 3ish years ago by adding her phone onto my contract plan. She can text and send pics and take pics and upload to her socials this whole time and no reported issues yet. My guess is when people use the devices 5+ hours a day like many of us are guilty, it wont cut it. But when its getting like 1-2 hours a day of use, max, those phones seem to have some legs.
  4. I will be watching Interview with the Vampire in a few months because of the Breaking Bad universe void!
  5. Very solid start. Enjoyed seeing some former Eagles in coaching positions (even tho we’ve seen 22 behind the scenes with the Eagles rotating our RBs). Him and the D Coordinator going at one another throughout practice/scrimmage was entertaining
  6. I am hoping to make it through the back half of Prey before bed. Like it so far but started to late last night and started to nod off tho I’ve been enjoying it this far.
  7. I think I have a western digital slim 5TB plugged into my ps5 with all my past ps4 games I’ll never actually play saved onto it.
  8. Or someone with normal size pockets!
  9. I’ve had the last few versions of the pro. More powerful, better camera, etc. I don’t like Max because the physical size is just obnoxiously large, and the screen on the regular Pro is plenty big enough and in al honesty is probably twice the size of what all of thought was "huge” 5-6 years ago when phones grew but still had physical buttons taking up space on the face of the phone.
  10. Oh, I watched the bullet train the other day. Maybe yesterday even. It’s a movie. It’s watchable. You shouldn’t go out of your way for it.
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