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  1. Lane Johnson: Jalen Hurts Has Already Proven Himself as Eagles' Long-Term QB | The Rich Eisen Show
  2. Lane Johnson: Jalen Hurts Has Already Proven Himself as Eagles' Long-Term QB | The Rich Eisen Show
  3. I expect Hurts to have a very good season, but it won’t be enough. The Eagles want a high end passer, Hurts doesn’t have the requisite talent to become that.
  4. Between him and Strong, this will be the most competitive Nasty Nate Award in some time.
  5. It really can't be understated just how astonishing Mailata's rise is, it's surreal. From never playing football to a top 5 and climbing LT in the NFL. Wow.
  6. Dillard was the right pick, wasn't mad about it then, not mad about it now. Dillard was a consensus top half of the 1st rd pick, and Peters was on his last leg. It made all the sense in the world Mailata becoming who he became was not something the Eagles could have or should have counted on. Dillard would be our starting LT for the next decade if Jordan hadn't had his miraculous rise.
  7. As insane as it feels, it's Jamarcus Russell. The man threw a 70 yard bomb while on his knees.
  8. I highly doubt Lurie believes what he's selling. There is a reason Eagles tried to trade for Russ/Watson and have draft picks lined up to go get a QB. He's just selling hope to the fanbase.
  9. Allen had prototypical size, A+ arm, great mobility. Hurts only has one of those things, arguably the least important of the three, or at best 2nd. Allen was worth it to wait a few years to develop due to his ceiling, Hurts is not. It's this year or bust for him. A guy like Anthony Richardson is in the Allen talent mold. Big, tall, A+ arm, excellent mobility. A talent like that you can justify being a little more patient for, not Hurts.
  10. I don’t doubt Hurts’ commitment to get better, nor the time and effort needed to accomplish it. I just have doubts as to whether a level of improvement is possible that can overcame his deficiencies in talent.
  11. Game recognizes game. As good as AJ is and will be, Smitty will be better. And if he ever gets a top echelon QB, watch out.
  12. There was a report a while back that Julian and Alec Halaby, the Eagles analytics czar, were very close. Safe to say analytics will be a bigger part of the organization.
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