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  1. Establishing a zero trust security posture inside your network is the only thing that is going to prevent a future compromise of any organization. If you aren't doing it or aren't willing to do it, it's a matter of when, not if.
  2. One is saying that cops shouldn't be called to knife fights at all, which is absolutely bat sh** crazy. The other is saying cops need not show up to a knife fight between two people with the intention of spraying first, which taken at face value, is maybe something a normie would think.
  3. I'm just responding to the context of the tweet... Responding to knife fights is a legit thing we should expect cops to do.
  4. Ever wondered what a whacked out, far left co-opt of the "Don't Tread on Me" movement would look like?
  5. mayanh8

    EDP is a pedo

    He was featured in "Maybe Next Year"
  6. In case you were still confused about his motivations... Snowden (while "hiding" in Russia) thinks we are all better off with Russian malware in the critical IT infrastructure and businesses that run our country and employ most of us.
  7. You can't win an NBA championship with just 4 players on offense.
  8. Dude tosses himself like a ragdoll at every cross with zero regard for his own wellbeing.
  9. Fox video of one of the officers and what might be the suspect being put in the back of an ambulance. The suspect appears to be lifeless so consider yourselves warned.
  10. "There are unconfirmed reports that one of the officers had just walked through a building that was under construction so..."
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