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  1. Result of Ukraine's strike on Russian airbase in Crimea yesterday.
  2. I believe they knew at least some of what was still there after they visited in June. That's why they asked him to secure it. They gave Trump the rope to hang himself by not turning it all over.
  3. This thread keeps delivering. @Seventy_Yard_FG please keep posting.
  4. Let's get one thing absolutely straight... you'll be defending Trump because you're a f'ing lunatic cult member, not because a state is making something other than gold and silver coins. Only a lunatic cult member would say something that batshit crazy.
  5. Wait wait wait... Are you advocating that we go back and imprison people for breaking a law that was written AFTER the fact?
  6. Is Joe Biden the best president we've ever had? Just asking questions.
  7. You've dug yourself quite a hole over the last few pages. It's probably time to put the shovel away.
  8. At the very least, Trump's attorney's have seen it... if they don't already have a copy.
  9. It's looking more and more like the FBI/DOJ set Trump up to screw himself when they visited in June. Either that or they think it's possible he was letting other people look at the documents/take them.
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