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  1. @lynched1 did they charge you an admission fee or was he doing this public service pro bono?
  2. So you don't think there's anything he can say to the team that would move the needle with them?
  3. To me that's a clear sign that Ben was at least received as genuine when he addressed his teammates.
  4. Addressing the team is a good thing no matter which side of the Simmons argument you're on. 1. If he's ever going to play in Philadelphia again he needs to own his part of this mess and be willing to look his teammates in the eye and say as much. 2. If he's going to be traded there's an image rehab process that needs to happen. The entire ordeal for Simmons, up to this point, has been self defeating. He's tanked his own trade value and nobody is going to give anything of value for him. GM's need to feel some measure of security that he's going to be a good teammate and that he'll be respected amongst his peers. So in any event, I hope he gets right in the head and is able to restore even some of his value as a player. Leaving this in a state of permanent conflict is counterproductive if the goal is to win a championship. It may feel good to see Simmons reap the consequences of his actions but the longer this drags out the more it hurts the team.
  5. It's a little more nuanced than this. By asking for and documenting a specific medical condition, whoever is responsible for that piece of paper or digital record with your PHI on it is now governed by HIPAA guidelines and controls. If you wanted to ask someone to disclose their PHI then it needs to be done in a way that doesn't violate very specific rules on how their answer is shared/recorded. So I'd imagine that in some cases, rather than creating a vaccination process where HIPAA guidelines slows everything down, they create an environment where no PHI is disclosed and they can keep the line moving quickly. In other cases they might actually ask and at that point you just have to assume that your PHI is being protected.
  6. oh im not saying this is 100% on ben. but we've all seen this slow moving train coming for months. the sixers could have gotten out of the way.
  7. Real World Philadelphia. I'd pay almost anything to watch this actually happen.
  8. They brought this on themselves. All they had to do was accept any trade of value.
  9. Classic example of a narcissistic sociopath in their natural habitat.
  10. Trump is the embodiment of the shittiest/trashiest/dumbest rung of human society. Yet he's the role model for half of the people on this message board... and in this country. We're truly F'd.
  11. Be honest... what is a bigger deal to you? A black kid walking through a construction site or Trump supporters breaking into the Capitol building? I already know the answer but I am genuinely curious to read your response.
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