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  1. "I'm wondering what went wrong in our society/culture that a word's definition was totally changed from one thing to another and it's a sad commentary about our society/culture that it did". Guess I have should have typed it all out to begin with. Understand now?
  2. Tell that to my BFF, who is a single mom of 2 teenage girls and a former bartender and used the word 'toots' often. A story she once told me was she was bartending and a younger couple (in their 30s) came in and she called the guy 'toots'. His reaction was to call say to her "What's up, hooker?". Her reply to him was "Well, I've been called worse than that, and some of it's true". The rest of the night he was like: "Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am". When I was a kid growing up if you looked up the N word in a dictionary it basically said "an ignorant person" and had NO mention of it being used as a racial slur. Today, the only thing it means is a racial slur. I'm wondering what went wrong. I tend to look at humans in 2 different groups: decent humans and a-holes/dbags.
  3. Fidens has been around since 2019. Some brewers are just good and know how to brew good beer. The Seed has been spot on since they opened and I love that they do more than just IPAs, Stouts, and fruited Sours (don't even think they've done any), but they also do great UK, German, and Belgian style beers. Their diversity is unparalleled. And they do loads of collab beers as Amanda and Sean have cultivated relationships with other brewers for years since they opened their own brewery. A great way to get your brand out there. Troon hasn't been around that long, but they knock it out of the park. I consider them the best 2 breweries in NJ, with Icarus being 3rd. Not every brewer has the financing to have a brick and mortar building, and that's where 12 Percent comes in with their brewing facility in CT. For brewers who can brew great beer, but don't have the resources to have their own brewery, they can brew at the 12 Percent facility (who in turn distributes their beer for them) and kick out great beer. Breweries like Marlowe, Tox, Skygazer, and others.
  4. Depends how you use it. I'm an Anglo file and totally understand UK culture. In that culture the C word has no sexual connotation and it's literal meaning is the "the most vile creature possible" regardless of gender and is used vs men even more so than vs women. I know here in the US to call a woman the C word is extremely bad and harsh. I use it more like the UK version, or like how Karl Urban uses it in the TV show The Boys, which is more than any Guy Ritchie film (if you've seen most of his films then you know and understand how this word is used) and that is a big task. I use it more in reference to men than to women, especially towards my main owner/boss, who is huge C word. I often refer to him as Veruca C-hole, in reference to Veruca Salt, because he is the closest thing to the real life Veruca Salt I've ever met IRL and he's a giant C hole. One day he is going to replicate Henry Ruggs and I'm going to find out who that family's attorney is and tell them everything they need to know to get the biggest lawsuit possible because he's a big spoiled C-hole. Even in Ritchie's best film 'Snatch' where the character of Brick Top says the following: "Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by a horrible C-word. ME!". No sexual connotation, just the most vile creature possible. The difference between UK and US culture and the US is lagging behind, IMO.
  5. Sir Saint George Carlin once referred to comedians like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy using the N word and getting away with it because they were N words themselves. I liked Carlin for pointing out the truth and hypocrisy of how we used language incorrectly. For instance, the overuse of the term 'pre'. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. There's only 2 states an oven can exist in: heated and unheated. HEAT your over to 350 degrees. He's absolutely right.
  6. Holy ish. WTF happened to him? That's like the difference between Haden Christensen and the guy Luke popped out of the suit in ROTJ.
  7. All very nice, yet not entirely what I expected. Instead of the usual citrus/tropical hop forward bombs, these were more stone fruit and melon. The last one, Socratic Questioning 40, had a bit of orange and papaya.
  8. I've heard of Mortalis and had a couple of their beers at a beer share once. Believe they are most known for their fruited Sours and Stouts, some of which get insane ratings, though they also do IPAs. They are about 20 minutes from Other Half's upper NY state location from what one of my customers who made the trip was telling me. Fidens is trying to stay a beer unicorn and keep to their plan of being smaller while making beers that sell out in just a 12 hour weekly sales window. Troon in Hopewell, NJ is like that also where their crowler releases sell out in just a couple hours after they announce them. At least you can go to the Brick Farm Tavern on the same property to try their beers on tap as they always have at least 2+ of Troon's beers available. Wild how some of these nano/micro breweries operate. If you brew really good ish then people will seek it out. We had a couple collab beers with Fidens being the other brewery. Would love to see them and The Seed do a collab.
  9. He's back. I thought maybe you OD'd on Claws one night. Either that or you crawled into @hputenis chimphole and got lost. Glad to see you're still Clawing and posting wild funny ish. Just as long as you don't post pics of your Clawed up face. Your face! Rocky Becker!
  10. I'm going to be drinking well tonight. Three nice IPAs from Fidens outside of Albany, NY. All are rated 4.40 or higher on Untappd. A good craft customer, who happens to own the Chik-Fil-A across the parking lot, was up in the area and stopped at the brewery to pickup some beers. He gifted these to me today. He said they don't even have a tasting room, they are only open Thurs-Sat and from 4-8pm each day, but they sellout of whatever beers they have. Like Treehouse, which he thinks they are copying their business model, they have a list of beers and how many cans of each you can buy. Every customer was walking out with 2.5 cases and paying around $300 for it. Fidens (f'ing autocorrect on my phone) doesn't seem to have core beers, though, and their lineup is different all the time. They tweak their recipes so it's never really the same beer twice. I'll post pics of each one after I've cracked each one open.
  11. Those couple pics make me wonder if either her next role is playing a pornstar or if she just likes dolling herself up like that. NTTAWWT
  12. I'm guessing even in a clean version that the visuals are supposed to be dark along with the story to help the overall vibe/feel so a bad cam version will make for a really dark picture. I saw it available and gave it a try, but I'll watch it again when I can view a good version and see what I missed out on. Most of the bootlegs are actually pretty good.
  13. I tried watching The Batman online, but it was a cam version. Sometimes the cam versions are really good, but this was not a good one. The picture was dark and the audio wasn't clear so I missed out on a lot of things as it was hard to follow along. I could tell it wasn't the usual Batman type of movie, though.
  14. Some of Ever Grain's beers are available in NJ from the same NY based distributor that also has Other Half, Industrial Arts, and Toppling Goliath.
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