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  1. I'd bet most Eagles fans would rather go 10-6 (or 10-7 I guess now) and lose a wildcard game with Buddy Ryan than go 12-4 (or 12-5 or whatever) and make the conference championship game with Andy Reid.
  2. I like to see Andy win almost as much as I like to see the Patriots lose. The only things I like to see more are the Eagles winning and the Cowboys losing.
  3. I think it's the northeast generally. Boston and New York are just as hard on their athletes.
  4. If we were outside the NFC East, I'd guess a good way to go is to fill other needs and give Hurts another season just in case he can improve -- unless a really good prospect falls to us. Now if I knew I had to deal with Eagles fans, I might trade Hurts for whatever I can get and take a QB because obviously most Eagles fans have written off Hurts and there is too much risk that the negativity will hurt his development.
  5. My first move is to negotiate a golden parachute and my second move is to resign and let someone who knows more than I do deal with this problem.
  6. We should pay the Cowboys to sign him.
  7. The Giants getting two picks in the top ten while the Eagles get none is my latest example that everything sucks.
  8. They do have the talent but only if they stay healthy. Suns aren't that much ahead of them. So if, say, Chris Paul isn't healthy in the playoffs, Warriors should be favored. It's always all about luck.
  9. It's the consequence of relying on so much ball movement to generate offense. Suns were able to cover Steph and take away passing lanes and Warriors had no answer. No one else could create their own shot. Maybe Klay or Wiseman will be the answer. But Suns played half the game without Booker and still did that to the Warriors, and at this point we don't know that Klay will even be as good as Jordan Poole. Warriors may just be an overhyped paper tiger. Steph can't keep running like that all year long and Kerr refuses to limit his minutes. Wiggins doesn't care most nights. The entire team except Iggy is scared of big moments.
  10. Warriors got beat. Steph was weak.
  11. I don't understand the whole "predict the future" thing at all. Do we get a cookie if we guess right? Is it a good cookie? I've had too many crappy cookies in my life. If I'm going to make-believe that I've got some kind of crystal ball and so I'm so awesome that I know what's going to happen in the future, at least I want a really good cookie if I do guess right. One of those that comes in the bag with the foil. Nantucket Farms or whatever. Big chunks of chocolate, soft dough, and no crystals of sugar so big that they chip my teeth when I'm biting through the cookie. For a cookie like that, sure, I predict that we're the sixth seed and we'll play the Packers. For a good steak, I'll predict how many rushing TDs Jalen Hurts gets. Got more from the "look at me I can guess" file. The NBA streaming thing just up a poll in the Warriors-Blazers game asking if those two teams would meet in the playoffs this season, and one of the options was "maybe."
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