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  1. For the spatchcock chicken fans. Smoked pollo asado. I cooked it outside, because I heard If you cook it inside your house will self combust.
  2. I doubt very seriously they take draft pick trades into account. They should. But that’s too deep for them. Yep. He tries too hard.
  3. Super Bowl winner against the most popular team in the country? It's not about respect, Mr. 😁
  4. Pretty sure if anyone is going clarify something for him, it’s not gonna be you.
  5. Let me guess, your connecting the dots that Hurts will have the same jump as Allen.
  6. I agree it's not like the 2007 roster. But it's a bit of a stretch to say they won't make the postseason next year because they did this year, like in 2011/2012. Harper is still in his prime and will bounce back provided he stays healthy. Castellanos can't be any worse than he was this year and he's 30, not like he's falling apart and 38. They have two young pitching prospects. They need to answer a few questions in the off-season. I suspect they'll be buyers again.
  7. I never knew Wolfgang was as good as he is. Crazy. He looks like his mom, before Jenny Graig or whatever it was.
  8. Yep. Powder Blue Chargers are probably the nicest non-Eagles uniforms that I can think of.
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