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  1. Whatever you do, don’t criticize Hart in here. Someone will get their purse wound up.
  2. National media? I’m not even talking about them. The local ESPN hosts in Raleigh. They weren’t getting their directive from Bristol or Philly. But they were slamming the guy before we played Carolina. Come on. Quit being so blind. This guy is a clown. You can still be a fan of the team and admit that much. Unprofessional? Since when is it the media’s job to lick the boots of a franchise. Howard Eskin notwithstanding. Hart is just meh. Nothing more.
  3. You just suggested pulling press member’s credentials. That would keep them from attending the press conferences, which would prevent them from asking anymore questions. All because of what they wrote about his silly BS today? That’s what you take away from today? JFC. That’s pretty delusional. Maybe not directly censorship. But f-ing ridiculous nonetheless. More ridiculous then Sirianni and his goofy analogies and stories. It’s not just the Philly press BTW. The local ESPN radio afternoon show, down here, makes fun of him as well.
  4. You can’t be serious. That’s the American spirit. Nothing like a little censorship to get this thing back on track.
  5. You don’t have to call me that. It’s awkward. 18. Why does it matter?
  6. Of course that’s it. But some people are so butthurt over Wentz for a myriad of reasons.
  7. I just had a terrifying thought. Say Howie does keep his job. And no other drastic changes will be made. Howie will be collaborating with Sirianni and Gannon for the draft board. Howie by himself is bad enough. Add in those two morons, good God.
  8. How do you know this? You’re just speculating. He dipped out on a fledgling franchise. He had a closer look at Lurie and Roseman and all of their f ups. The dude played hurt. Rushed back hurt. Played a few plays on a torn ACL. Wouldn’t call that soft. He had one bad season and reacted negatively to the changes. Did he hurt your feelings?
  9. That would be exactly something Lurie’s woke ass would do.
  10. And he deserves this today. Not just the flower thing. But bringing up his brother and dad again. And Gus Bradley. Did he talk to Gus last week? Before we faced his defense. Wouldn’t surprise me.
  11. Yeah. Admit it...you said/thought the same thing at his opening press conference....and then the rock paper scissors one as well....didn't you? Nope. The laughing and push back is justified. All of it. I'll say it again.......It's not his fault......It's not his fault.......It's not his fault......
  12. I have missed 1 game in over 20 years. 1 That was the game in 2007 we played against the jets and the Jets wore some silly uniform. I was flying back from my honeymoon. I wont miss this week or any for that matter. It's become a different kind of "entertainment".
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