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  1. Great game from Giroux. Finally. I’m convinced that he meant to shot that one puck off of Laughton.
  2. Why bother? He’s a child. F em all! But F him twice.
  3. Wow. What a win. Gutsy. Glad they didn’t listen to me and pull Elliott.
  4. Don’t know how. But either way. He’s in.
  5. No ish. But it’s been something teams have been doing forever. Change in goal to send a message. Not that I think Hart is much better. Because he isn’t.
  6. Crosby is playing and assisted on the 2nd goal.
  7. Put Hart in. Switch Elliott to defensemen. Can’t be much worse than what we have.
  8. This is when you need to drop the gloves. But the NHL has changed for the worse.
  9. And Crosby back after missing one game. Yeah that doesn’t sound suspicious at all. FML!
  10. Only 3 wide receivers? Why not draft more? Hell, we drafted 3 this past year.
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