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  1. I’m more worried about our Eagles. We’re not ready to compete in the NFL. So who cares about the NFC East. F the rest of those teams.
  2. I am usually not live due to pausing the game for drinks, pissing, anal, snacks. You know. So I fast forward.
  3. Don’t forget our old friend Corey Clement. The hit on him is what started it. I like fights.
  4. I don’t know how people have the time to post during games.
  5. Damn. His wiki page already has him as a free agent. Wow.
  6. Maybe in his mind, he was throwing to a make believe Jalen Reagor. Out of position and on the ground (out of shape). Hurts is a gamer man. Adapts to his teammates.
  7. I called someone delusional yesterday. Their feelings got hurt. I’ll be 1% better today. Tomorrow? Skies the limit.
  8. Yeah. No ish. The Giants reached for him. He was not slated to go that high. If we traded down to around 20 and picked Toney, I would have been livid.
  9. Yeah. Hardly. Like he was the only player they did that with.
  10. Love it. Wouldn’t be a bad thing if it happened at novacare. So long no one gets hurt.
  11. Another thing I am not shocked at. Add it to the ITYS list.
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