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  1. Not even close. We got a 3rd and potential 1st. That’s hardly comparable to just releasing a guy.
  2. I can’t wait to hear from the political pot shot, Ben apologist, self righteous windbag head coach. I hope he tells us about the treasure we have in Philly. You forgot soft, immature and all about the social media.
  3. Embiid is so hurt he couldn’t make free throws. He shouldn’t have been on the floor!!! Aarrrgggggghh!!
  4. Guess Ben didn’t get a talking to at halftime. Because he can’t give a ish.
  5. WTF kind of play was that?! JFC. That was terrible.
  6. Can’t wait for Doc to preach to us fans about the treasure that is Ben, after this game.
  7. Embiid can’t do it all himself. Simmons is a waste of space in this game now. He should be off the court.
  8. Yep. And get Ben off the court. This is ridiculous.
  9. He’s terrible. Now he’s ishing on himself and turning the ball over. He looks like complete garbage.
  10. Embiid has missed a few in a row and HE HAS NOT HAD A DUNK YET!!! Get him out of the game!!!!!
  11. Or Sean Considine trying to tackle someone’s ankles. Like Van Gundy on Alonzo Mourning.
  12. Rubin. Sorry. And hard to ban him. He’s a co-owner. Bob Craft? I don’t mind him. Old rich guy who likes to get a rub n tug. Good for him. Maybe he can go talk to our wack job owner of the Eagles and get him a rub n tug. Ya don’t say?
  13. That Italian mfer is a dirty player. Watch him. Always taking stealth shots at players. Shoulders, elbows, the extra push. Yeah. Cool. More foul shots.
  14. Dude had 21 rebounds on Monday. Of course he could dunk. FYP
  15. Dwight Howard must be hurt. He can’t dunk.
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