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  1. No trade down. Get the blue chipper. Cohiba you freak Please don’t bring that waste of sperm in here. Unoriginal and just not humorous.
  2. MVP debate is easy. Put Mahomes on the Eagles, are they better? Most likely. Put Hurts on the Chiefs, are they better? Doubtful.
  3. We have a pit at least once a weekend. I smoke cheap cigars though.
  4. Hey sport. Settle in. I wanted the trade down with Chicago I think. I do like the guy though. Howie has been on a slight role. I have always been a big fan of his. 🙂
  5. PM @TorontoEagle He'll unconfuse.....or at least he'll do his best.
  6. F Dallas....and people who compete in video game competitions.
  7. I'm sorry, why are you taking predictions on this crapfest tonight?
  8. No TJ is a JAG. Nothing more. Someone has to play MLB. He just happens to be the guy. Not awful, but not a good player either. So no, he’s not underestimated.
  9. Well, it’s part of the reason why there is so many transfers now. These guys thrive the attention. They all miss being recruited and they want a big deal to made about them, every year. Not just their senior year in HS.
  10. It is showing the Eagles players that are in the top 10 in each one of their positions.
  11. That generation continues to just one up themselves on being soft as F
  12. Maybe there was rumors he wanted to squelch. Not to mention there has been an exorbitant amount of players went wrong the portal the past week. Pretty odd thing to be bothered about.
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