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  1. You’re so damn insecure and redundant , it’s comical .
  2. QBs I like heading into the season Ward Rising Levis Hall Jurkovec Rogers Rattler
  3. Truth hurts , you could always blame it on the supply chain .
  4. Tampa is fine along the OL , they like their depth .
  5. And you’re childish , it shows each and every time you post .
  6. It’s still early but two rookie WOs looking good so far , London and Pickens .
  7. Bucs used a 3rd pick on a center last year , Hainsey from ND . He was set to start this year prior to Brady coming back and recruiting Jensen to return , if Brady didn’t return Jensen wasn’t .
  8. From Quinn Ewers to Manning , TX is set at the QB position
  9. They have Brate and just drafted Otten this year , and they also drafted the best blocking TE in the draft , Ko Kieft but Gronk is a big loss
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