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  1. Big jojo fan , care less about his age , top cover backer , probably top instincts too , stud
  2. Bucs played 4 TEs twice Sunday , both times for TDs , I expect to see more of that , and more hurry up ….Perriman can run by the CB , so can Miller , Johnson plays more in traffic , nice route runner ,If Fournette is healthy , he should see 20 touches
  3. They would send a safety and drop a DL , they weren’t bringing 8 , just some creative pressure .
  4. Mayfield Murray Mahomes Goff burrow even played in some air raid influenced offense . The system Strong played in , is a little different do to the pistol influence , but still air raid bias
  5. Strong has the best deep ball in the draft , he is just a statue back there though , I don’t see Lock , I said months ago , Bledsoe would be my comp .
  6. Take a shot on Coan or Zappe , very least you get a backup , and zdrafy one 2023 i have been Zappes biggest fan , question mark with him is , level of competition , which he had his way with . I think senior bowl helps him . Coan big smart football player , nice arm and mobile
  7. I wouldn’t want my QB in that stance pre snap , RB fine , but not when I’m trying to teach him to be a QB , waste of time prior to the throw , resetting feet , that stance screams run the ball
  8. Show me the blows to Godert knees ,? It was a low blow and players don’t appreciate those types of hits
  9. I would take Ravens backup , Huntley , over Hurts like AF said , they need to get Hurts with a QB guru this off season . He is so far out of wack for the position , his mechanics are bad , his anticipation is off , his processing off , no wonder he throws so many under thrown balls , he is late with his throws, he’s back there in a RB stance .
  10. I doubt it , coaches love him , Brady probably has 1 more year , wouldn’t shock me if he called it a career after this year. , it depends how season ends , what players will they lose , if they lose leftwich .
  11. 6 dbs a lot , whitehead played some ilb in place of David , and keep them fresh Davis and Dean only ones to play the whole game , Vea played 40% of the snaps personally I don’t think the Eagles coaches used the WOs correctly , no creativity at all
  12. Kind of hit that will make players lose respect for you , wrap up when you go low , don’t throw a shoulder into someone’s knee , he didn’t want any parts of trying to wrap up and tackle Gronk there was a blatant helmet to helmet that wasn’t called on Darden , ref right there , officiating needs fixed
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