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  1. One could say the same about Zelensky in Ukraine.
  2. My hope is that Jason Kelce would take over for Stoutland at some point. He would make a great O-line coach.
  3. Minshew deserves a legitimate shot at the starting job. I don't want to see him move on and have success starting for another team. I hope someone in the front office has the sense to see this.
  4. I hope the NFL is forced to release all the emails. This should be interesting.
  5. Good. Glad Siri has some balls. Tough love is sometimes necessary.
  6. I want him to play lights out for the rest of the season. So we can get a decent comp pick after his ass is gone.
  7. Agreed. In my opinion, defensive end and secondary are top priorities for this team. I also think that a three year term is perfect. This gives the Eagles some flexibility moving forward.
  8. Have to agree with this. We just don't have the funds to extend him. Better to get a pick we can use on a young cheap player.
  9. I fully support Hurts at this point. I hope he runs away with the job. That being said, a lifetime QBR of 93.1 over the course of 23 games is not insignificant in my opinion, especially on a bad team. I believe the competition with elevate both of their games.
  10. Mailata at left tackle. Dillard at left guard.
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